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This place is very crowded, and very cutthroat. In order to survive, you can’t even let it be to allow your stories to speak and breathe for themselves. You can’t just pen erotica. You have to become an erotica writer, and be a name on this website yourself. Walls’ you’d get where I’m coming from. You can easily compare and contrast these writers, and what’s more, if you’re familiar with any of these names, you associate them with something, more often than not their style or their most successful story. If you’re really obsessed with reading erotica, you might be able to answer a short list of attributes about them. Well, let’s replace that window with a mirror – let’s take a look at you today. You, the budding erotica writer or household name among this site’s community. Knowing what you write is very important – it helps you understand your priorities as a writer, and will help you get better as you learn your strengths and weaknesses. Get out a notepad and get ready to take notes on the most interesting character you’ve ever come up with – yourself.

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“ How did you get my house number? “ Ha ha, I have the keys to your apartment and cameras around everywhere, why are you surprised that I have your house number? “ Did you send me this parcel? “ Ah, you got it. “ Yes, one of your fans did it for me! “ I don’t know how to wear this! She did not know how to get in her bosses house, or his bedroom! She jumped in the shower, quickly put on her Monday outfit, a pair of really tight jeans and a low neck tight top in red. She felt better that her legs were covered, although the jeans were very tight, her ass was very exposed, but still felt better, the 3inch red heels were not comfortable. She obviously didn’t realise it was chosen to keep the Clit Tickler in place! ” He said as he walked towards her “You are wearing jeans? “ Erm, yes I am! She sat at the desk, the library was already busy the male to female ratio at 9:1 making Bianca very aware her “fans” were in. She looked around, maybe it wasn’t Anthony maybe it was a student?