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Date: November 29, 2019

Jane and Joseph walked, talked, looked at porn or made out. Kamala and John would run stopping at the same post to make out, or else stopped to look at the magazines and get excited there. John still wouldn’t push the relationship, showing Herculean restraint. Kamala occasionally brought his hands to her breasts to let him play there. Though she was reassured that he wasn’t after the “one thing.” They still connected and were able to talk about any number of subjects and their running went farther and faster. They both thought that cross country team might be a fun thing to try. Kamala by this time had started golfing more with her dad to see about broaching the subject of joining that team. They went running as usual one night and stopped on the way back to make out at their usual fencepost. They walked up to it and John pointed out the side where there was something odd.

She was orgasming already! Jen had mentioned that Steph would probably be in a heightened sexual arousal due to her fertile time and all the alcohol she had consumed. Knowing that he had a good chance to impregnate the lying bitch spurred him on. He pulled out almost all the way out of the unwary beauty, then pushed back in. She continued to gasp and grunt, her orgasm amplified by his movement within her. He increased his speed. Jen was on her hands and knees now, getting a tremendous ramming from behind. Dave hadn’t cum yet, as she had stopped sucking him off in order to get him inside her. Despite getting pregnant from it, her unprotected sex with him had been the most erotic experience of her life. The feel of his unsheathed penis within her was incredible, and she could feel her orgasm approaching. Stephanie was at least partially awake by now, as she had crossed her legs behind Ken’s back, urging him deeper within her.

A few seconds later, they reappeared. A tall brunette, in a white, strapless dress was behind them. Gerald’s eyes met hers, he started sweating more now, his heart beat racing. The woman said nothing, her jaws clamped shut with anger and confusion. She didn’t look at Gerald. Gerald glanced at his mother, his nostrils flaring, his breathing erratic. Gia was glaring at him, facing away from the casting director so he couldn’t see her order Gerald to stay quiet and stay put – all with her eyes. Gerald backed away, wanting to stop all of this. His mother lunged at him on the couch, grabbing his face, kissing him hard on the mouth, leaving him breathless. Gia watched the casting director and his assistant talk among themselves. After a moment, they smiled, stood, and told Gia and Gerald to wait right there for a moment. Gia hissed at Gerald. Gia rubbed her temples. Gia grit her teeth. Gerald obeyed his mother, watching her rubbing her temples.

Bridget restrained herself and settled for sucking even more on hairless cock. Feeling Dewayne’s fingers and occasionally his tongue invade her, Bridget often repeated the same phrase, “Oh my little fucking pussy loves to be eaten by a hot tongue. Anticipating an even wilder night of action and not wanting to get too sunburned, Dewayne felt it best to leave. He wanted time some sexual frustration as a way to help fully recover before the possibility of fucking Janelle – and doing it in front of Bridget. In all they stayed at the beach less than two hours. But they accomplished their main objective – fucking in public – anally at that. As they pulled into one of the sex stores near their hotel, Dewayne suggested they buy a toy as a present for Janelle and Kent to thank them for upcoming dinner and for paying the entrance fee to the beach. Bridget found a pair of clear platform shoes and a couple of chokers. She also found a pink sleeveless top that was a size too small but had “Easy” written across the bust line.

She panted, massaging the creamy mess into her tits. And then a new movie played. A man and woman kissed before a bed. I shuddered, eyes locked on the screen as clothing came off. The woman slipped down before the man, her tits exposed, and pulled his cock out of his slacks. He wore no boxers beneath. “Oh, wow,” I gasped as the woman practically inhaled his cock. She bobbed her face so fast, sliding up and down his shaft. I squirmed worse. My pussy grew hotter and hotter. My breathing quickened. My nipples ached. I wanted to free my breasts and play with them. My hands, resting on my knees, gripped them, palms sweaty. If I let go of my knees, I was afraid I would start masturbating like the gentleman I saw. The woman sucked harder, louder. She bobbed her mouth, saliva dripping down her chin. Then the man seized her hair and fucked her mouth hard.

Unfortunately, she was forewarned about what will happen and right now, this minute, she is terrified. This is what he does best; keep her off guard, never allow her to get too comfortable. And providing constant reminders that he owns her, that he can do anything he wants, anytime he wants. He can make her willingly do unspeakable things … simply because he wants it. The pain was startling, awesome, exciting, and then the burn set in. He rears his arm back and again, the split leather slapper cuts through the air and lands across her backside. Her flesh disperses like violent waves in all directions from the repercussions. Her eyes tightly close as she tries to ride the tempest blazing between her thighs. Passion is near bursting from the gates of her soul, needing to be set free. Her body bucks and jounces even as his strikes against her flesh become more brutal. Logically, she should be sobbing and begging for him to stop, but she is so sexually charged that each strike of the slapper sends her closer to an orgasmic experience where she will cross into a different universe.

Kate didn’t even bother to read the rest of the article. She angrily threw down the magazine and then went to grab her cell phone. If that was the sort of game that the Octomom wanted to play, then she was going to respond in kind. Only Kate knew how to play the media better than some random slut in California. She had her own TV show for crying out loud. Nadya Suleman was quite satisfied with herself. She’d already done a couple of photo suits in her bikini, and she had more planned for next week. She also made sure that she went down to the beach and got photographed by the paparazzi showing off her cleavage in public. Those pictures should have been making their way onto the internet or, better yet, TV any time now. The Octomom lay back on her sofa and relaxed, clicking the remote and turning on her TV.

In the office was a rail of clothes, the desk full of make up with a mirror and a few toys on the coffee table. “ Right, I will leave you with Bernard! “ Yes, right, start with your make up! Bianca sat down, looking at the bright colours and started to apply. Bernard stood with a hanger which had a fishnet dress hanging from it, she stood up and put it on, no bra or knickers she might as well have been naked. Anthony came in saying he needed the key and Bernard left the office running to accommodate. She looked in the mirror, barely recognising herself with her new hair. She walked towards them, they cheering and laughing in excitement as they checked her out. Bernard took Bianca to the front desk and asked the lads to stay quiet as the shoot began and they will be called in when needed, they went to the corner still close enough to watch. She sat on her seat and Bernard stood just out of shot as the camera clicked away taking pictures.

I think I was the sluttiest with him when it came to cock sucking. He kept calling me mom, and it just hit something dark and lustful inside of me. I took his cock into my mouth, sliding it as far back as it would go. I slurped away on it, my tongue running all over it. Very slowly I licked his shaft. “Mmmmm, good job mom. “Anything for my son. I want him to know he is a good boy and mommy loves his cock.” Oh god, I could not believe I had just said that to him! I sucked on his cock switching between hard and fast and then slowing down, allowing my tongue to work around it. When I was using my tongue, I talked to him, “How is that? Do you like having your cock sucked by your mom? Is this what you always wanted, your mom to suck your long cock? The way he said it, I knew he was not lying.

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