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I’d always thought I was a little different, always being very horny all the time and thinking of both sexes in my imagination. I got through high school with all its pleasures and sites by masturbating atleast once a day, and by the time i was in grade 10.. i was a pro. Ofcourse by this time in my life I was also very fascinated by porn, needing to see atleast some everyday. Back then, I had a friend by the name of Jeremy, who also talked about sex alot. A few months after the masturbating nexto each other, we had progressed and jerked each other off a few times, but nothing more than that. But on this nite, that was all to change. I agreed to sleep over Jeremy’s house on a hursday nite of the summer holidays, knowing full well that I was going to be jerking him off within hours.

What really shocks me is that he never complained about paying me. Me and Mallory was still going strong. I really loved her. She was my lover, my very best friend. Every month we have just gotten closer and closer to each other. 7500.00 then what she made when she came with me to visit Eric, but she never wanted as much sex as I did. I just couldn’t get enough. Jennifer had gotten a fast divorce from Michael and she got the house and 2 years alimony along with her SUV and Mini-Van. She moved in with us as soon as the divorce went through. Jennifer continued to have sex while pregnant at the strip club until she was 7 months along. Most of the guys loved being able to have sex with a pregnant female and were gentle with her. Three months ago we welcomed a new addition to the family.

Bully clearly decides he wants to fuck again. As he gets up, he jostles the bed and seemingly wakes Jessica up from a light sleep. She groggily lifts her head and sees him standing over with his front leg . He then begins nosing and licking the back of her neck. Jessica then slowly raises herself up. Bully slowly back away as Jessica raise herself up onto all fours. All Robert heard was the soft gentle rustling of the sheets. However instead of staying on her hands, Jessica straightens fully up onto her knees. Bully then show his dominance. He grasped her hips, and forcibly pressed his chest against her back, pushes Jessica down onto her hands and knees. Bully quickly mounts and immediately begins fucking her. Bully snarled and yelped as he humped. For Robert, Jessica was the mother of his kids. But for Bully, she was just a bitch in heat to be bred.

He had just consummated his love with his best friend and now his new; well he didn’t know what they were yet. And now here was his brother fucking it up for him. “You can’t tell asshole! ” Sara begged “You can’t Jake! “I can do whatever I want.” Jake said waltzing into his brother’s bedroom. “So what will you do for me if I hold my tongue? ” Jake said smirking. “What will you give me? John and Sara looked at each other uncertain what to do. What did he want, did he want in on his brothers action. There was no way John was going to let Jake get in between Sara and him. What did he have to placate Jake? The few possessions he had were in that room and he doubted if anything he had would do it. It was then that a wide smile crept across Sara’s lips. Was she thinking of sleeping with Jake to stop him? Would she do it if she had or was that smile the sign she wanted to. The thought of betrayal crossed his mind for a second, had what they just done mean nothing to her that she would sleep with the next guy who walked in the room. But again his fears were unfounded. “I say we give him Ms. S.” Sara said seeing the implication awaken in John’s eyes. “What are you talking about? John turned to look up at his brother, a new twinkle in his eye. Jake turned and clicked the play button. He stood there and watched for a moment and then the realization came to him.

His exploring fingers soon found the rough, bean shaped area of Lisa’s illusive ‘G’ spot. Michael deliciously began to massage and caress the hyper-sensitive tissues and Lisa’s hip bucked and jerked wildly. She screeched in ecstasy as shards of joy exploded across her sex. A third finger joined in on the manipulation of Lisa’s excited ‘G’ spot and Lisa’s body exploded with its first orgasm. Michael didn’t stop his massaging fingers or the deep suckling of Lisa’s engorged organ of joy. Michael knew he could coax another orgasm from Lisa’s flailing body. Bright flashes of orgasmic lights flashed across her mind and eyes. Her thick vaginal juices gushed outward past the thrusting fingers drenching the folds of her labia. Suddenly, Lisa broke out of the orgasmic freeze and her wail echoed around the room. Lisa’s jerking body slumped onto the bed and she moaned a the delicious aftershocks rippled across her body. Michael withdrew his mouth and fingers.

I felt her damp pubic hair and her pussy was soaking wet. I felt her playing with my bush and feeling my slit. Who would go first, and start licking the others pussy. We couldn’t see so together we started licking our pussy’s together at the same time. Oh god…her tongue went straight for my clit, circling it around and around. I stuck my tongue in her pussy as deep as I could get and let her juices flow on my tongue. I slipped her clit in between my lips and sucked on it firm. She shook and tried to moan quietly, but no use as she let out desperate sounds of desire. We started getting out of control and fucking each other face. I had my arms full of her legs and pulled them to me hard. I felt her pussy squeezing and dripping on my face. I felt her tongue sucking on my clit as she had her fingers deep in my pussy, massaging my G spot.

He whispered….(“ it was a little noisy in here last night, miss sweet tits.”) Lisa smiled and they talked one on one. She said: “I have so much to tell you, I squirted for the first time last night. It was heaven, so intense.” Brad said she would have to show him how to make her squirt, that sounds so hot. It was major hot, Brad. Mom seems happier than I’ve ever seen her, you make her happy now, and I love it. She is so wonderful Lisa, she really knows how to turn me on, big time. Just keep fucking her Brad, she deserves a good fuck, it’s been years, you know. About Crystal and Jen. They know each other, and she said that Jen fucks her dad over there too. Brad said.. No shit! Yes, she and bi Crystal have had sex many times too. Wow..the things that go on around here…Brad said, and they both laughed. Brad told Lisa, he has a little place set up for him and mom in the garage, so stay away if the door is locked, that means were fucking.

She has natural beauty. I replied…..Ok bro, I told you all this before and that is why I am continuously attracted towards her. Jonny….So, when will they start their love? I replied…..I don’t know, but they usually do after midnights when they get assure that I am sleeping. Now we started talking about other topics. I went downstairs for enquiring whether they went to their room or not. Dad went to bedroom, while mom was just about to finish her kitchen works. I came back to my room and provided all current information to Jonny. I know that within half an hour mom will be in her room. So I told Jonny to keep patience for sometimes. He was so egger because I discussed lot of things about mom. After an hour we went to momma’s bedroom. Room was locked from inside. Window was also locked. Now days I used to watch their sex from top of the ventilator, which was in back of room.

She couldn’t get herself off. “So what did Mallory do? “She ate her pussy, and has been for the past three to four weeks. She had to get her off, she was too uncomfortable.” I said to her. “Oh Wow…. Lucky Carrie, Mallory and you are both very pretty. “Can I tell you something? A little secret…” I said. “ Me and Mallory honestly want us all to have sex with each other. We were both very happy sexual kids and we want to make this house all about us all having sex anytime. What would you think about that? I might have said no till a week ago, but seeing Samantha and Rachael suck and have sex with their brother, kinda made me want to have sex with Nathan. I didn’t really think about any of the rest of you, but honestly I loved eating Jasmine and I think I would love having fun with you and Mallory and Carrie too.” She said quite certainly. “Can I kiss you then?

Gail turned to me and smiled. “You’ll make a little girl very happy” and she hugged me too. I hoped she couldn’t feel my cock starting to grow. Everyone took an age to get organised, but eventually all the cars were packed up, ready for the long journey to the coast. I sat on a stone bench in the front garden and watched the final bags being stowed away. I had seen Alice skip down the stairs earlier following the news of our plans. She had squealed with delight and had thrown herself into my arms. “I can’t wait” she whispered, before softly kissing my cheek. She dropped back to the floor and added “I’ve got so much to do to get ready. She turned and had run up the stairs two at a time and disappeared across the landing. I sat on the balcony in the warmth of the sun, wondering what lay ahead.