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Date: December 4, 2019

“Are you kidding me? ” She sat up and turned to me, “other than cumming in my eye (which she had already wiped out) that was amazing! No guy has ever gone down on me that well before! I was a little thrown off by hearing that she’s been with multiple older men, but I was also pretty proud of myself. We laid there, talking and laughing for another half hour before we finally got dressed, and she took me home. We made out in her car for a little bit in my driveway, I asked her if she’d want to go out again and she said yes. But she also said that next time she was going to Fuck my brains out, so I needed to ‘get over it’ and get ready to lose my virginity. When I walked in, mom was sitting on the couch watching TV. It was 1145pm, and my curfew was midnight, so I wasn’t in trouble.

“Oh yes sis, do that with those soft hands. Make your brother cum all over the bed,” Ray said. “I will big brother,” I replied. As he was on his back, he moved my bra a little so one of my nipples was showing. He gave it a few gentle licks and that titillated me. “Hey no fair, I’m trying to pleasure you right now,” I said. “Well I wanna do something for you too Jennifer,” Ray replied. “If you say so,” I said. So we both laid there on the bed and pleasured each other. Eventually I took off his boxers and he took off my bra well. He licked my nipples really slowly and that made my pussy get very wet really fast. We both started breathing in and out a little slowly and couldn’t help but let out a couple moans. “Yes Ray just like that, fling my nipples with your tongue and make me have a huge orgasm,” I said slowly.

We have to be open and honest with each other. When John is away, I masturbate and use all kinds of toys. I have a video that shows a virgin woman having sex for the first time and loving every second of it. Her first orgasm is so great it makes her faint. Will you watch it with me? Not now Lisa .. I feel so full .. It is so big .. Deeper .. Faster .. I .. I .. Going to .. Its Ok Lisa honey, your body just told you what you have missed all these years. Lisa, you a very curvaceous and beautiful body. Removing that thick patch of hair will make you sexy. Mary, that feels good! Now your ready for something ‘special’. They quickly dried each other off and Mary led Lisa toward the Harness that was dangling above the floor in front of the mirror.

Whines become more pathetic as she tortures herself, somehow thinking she deserves this punishment even as she hates this sadistic Master. The waterslide of emotions overwhelms her, but slowly, reluctantly, her cunt lubes up in anticipation of the beast. Hours pass. His voice repeats every single nasty detail of what Khan will do with her. Whatever remnants of her sanity that existed before, are now gone. Her only image is Khan, a Siberian husky making her a dog bitch. Feasting his eyes on the sweat-covered form before him, her body speaks volumes; trembling with fear, heart thudding loudly with anxiety, her sex seething with arousal. Startling her with his cold fingers, he pulls the plug from her behind. Anguish from long-term sensory deprivation has hopefully left her more compliant. He gently kneads her buttocks, pressing his fingers deep into the well-defined mounds, pulling them apart to expose her hidden openings. She knows what is coming.

For a moment, he just watched Chloe laying on the couch, panting for breath. Tom then got off the couch and put his dick next to her mouth. “Want to clean Daddy’s cock, sweetheart? ” He already knew the answer. Without saying a word Chloe took Tom’s cum covered dick into her mouth. It was at that moment that realizations came to Tom. First, he thought of some of the possibilities that could happen with Chloe. The role-play, the sex positions, the fantasies, the endless nudity, and fucking a beautiful woman who would never tell him no or judge him. Then, Tom’s mind started running with other scenarios. There were so many women that he would fuck if given the opportunity. Now, he could or at least models of them. Porn stars, actresses, fictional characters, women from his real life he never got in bed with; the possibilities were endless. Tom smiled at the young woman with her mouth around his cock. This is going to be the time of my life Tom thought. I wonder if this story will go like Detroit:Become a human.

They left her twisting and pulling against the bonds that held her arms out of their way, making it easier to ravage and maul her hot body. She was one fine sex toy! She never realized her lovers left her to go claim a snack of crakers and cheese as well as wine to celebrate their conquest of Maria. She only knew had wonderful she felt. Carlos returned to the bedroom to see his slave holding her legs together in a vain attempt to keep his sperm locked inside of her cunt. He could see the exposed lips of her pussy now laid open for all to see. She could never pass for a virgin again with her sex showing itself as it now did. Maria turned to him and said in her teen voice, “ I enjoyed making love with you Mr. Carlos. “No Maria baby. My wife went over and got your school clothes from your mom before you got here.

Granny’s a slut. Mom’s a slut. Now, I’m a slut that just got fucked by the Big Bad Wolf. Does anybody mind if I sit here and try to sort this out? Liz handed Red a hand towel to wipe her crotch. As the teenager cleaned herself, Ed and Brenda separated and took two more chairs. When Liz told Harry, “You’re welcome,” Red twisted to see that the wolf was chowing down on a full package of brats. She took the remaining seat and popped the top on a Shiner Bock beer. After taking a long swig, she smiled at her pretty (just been fucked) granddaughter, “Honey, we have a lot to tell you. Today you will learn many secrets, secrets that you can never tell anyone. Liz took another big drink of the smooth brew and stood. She took Red’s hand and led her to Ed, who still had a boner as hard as any piece of hickory he’d ever cut. Brenda walked around the table and scratched Harry behind the ears.

Her long black hair spilled out of her hat and tucked into the back of her coat. As he took her offered hand, she looked directly into his eyes. It was then that something very strange began to happen. At first it was the observation that he couldn’t seem to decide what color her irises were. As soon as he was about to settle on blue they would suddenly seem brown, or even violet. As he puzzled, a powerful wave of something like pins and needles swept across his body. It started at the points of contact between their two hands and radiated outward. He felt like something intense and relentless was infusing itself into his veins. Strange, sensual imagery flashed before his inner eye. One terrifying second later and it was over. A peculiar warmness lingered across his skin in the wake of the sensation. The numbness in his gloveless fingers was completely gone. “Ooh, cold,” Betsy smiled.

James said that he had had this fantasy for a long time about watching Mary with another man and had been trying to talk her into being a hot wife for a while. Sue told how much she enjoyed getting fucked with a new different cock, and how much it had spiced up our sex life. James then brought out his list of desired photos and we talked about them. With the drinks and sex talk it was getting hot in the room. They suggested we show them the card game and how to play it. They got a deck of cards and we started. A short time later all of us were bare of clothing. I was enjoying looking at Mary’s body. I noticed a heavy sheen of moisture on both girls pussy. Both James and I had a hard on. Sue was comfortable as she was used to being nude around others for a long time now. The game is designed of course to get everyone high and nude. Once everyone has lost their clothes the fun usually starts. This time at the beginning the directions were mild.

I was just so horny, all I could think of was going down on the girls. However, before I got to them Kiki spoke. I got myself onto the sofa, and Jade came and knelt between my legs. I wasn’t really thinking of her as a her, not as a porn star, not as a girl. I just needed to get off. She took me into her mouth, and that was going to do it in a hurry. It did, I grabbed the hair the back of her neck, and pulled us together, thrusting my dick into her mouth. I could only manage a few hard thrusts, hitting the back of her mouth before blasted my cum in to her. I let go of Jade, and relaxed back onto the sofa without a care in the world. I found myself being hugged by Kiki, that was nice, and around the knees, I assumed by Jade.