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Ginny was lying on her back in bed, note pad resting on her stomach. It had been over five minutes since she’d sent her last message to Harry and hadn’t received a message back yet. Thinking that he must have gone to sleep she rolled over onto her side. And that’s when she heard a noise just outside her room and the handle on her door began to creak. Lumos’ she whispered as a dim light appeared shining round the room. And in through her door stepped a very naked Harry. Stepping over a sleeping Hermione he climbed into her bed with her. Harry what are you doing in here? Ginny whispered quietly to him extinguishing her wand light. Well we best hope she doesn’t find out! I couldn’t resist not coming, I was missing you too much.’ he replied. Ok but that doesn’t explain why you’ve come naked? Well I did have other reasons as well.’ he responded, as he slipped his hand under the blanket to squeeze Ginny’s bum. No Harry we can’t! Hermione is right there asleep! Ginny, looking down onto the camp bed where Hermione continued to sleep peacefully.

Every year was the same, go to bed late, wake up and miss the bus and not get laid. For the most part of the year I was really quite and very shy, I would never talk to anybody i didn’t know and I had very few friends that were girls. Well after a couple months of high school my self-esteemed began to grow and i was alot less shy. Over the next couple of weeks we began to talk more and more. It was very easy to make her smile, but to make her laugh was awhole other story. One day we were talking as we normaly did, except this time her and Scott were talking about going to her house after school, I forcefully enter the conversation by saying “Can I come”? They both smiled and she said “Sure” sacasticly, but i was true to my word. Even thought her house was only a couple blocks away form the school, they took the bus while I walked.

One was Julie’s old boyfriend Carl, one was a woman that Julie used to work with named Kim and the fourth was a guy Kim was dating at that time in history named Adam. The tape began with a shot of Kim sitting on a couch between Carl and Adam. All three were naked and Kim was stroking their cocks while the guys were both playing with her tits and pussy. Kim was looking at the camera and while the sound quality was poor I could hear her say. Put the camera on the tripod Julie and help me with these hard cocks. There was a bit of camera jiggle as the as yet unseen Julie placed the camera on the tripod before joining the other three on the couch. My future wife then joined the group, she being naked as well. She did a cute little wave to the camera before dropping to her knees between Carl’s legs and taking his cock deep into her mouth.

She smiled quickly at him and then turned back to his cock, pumping it again to make the drop of precum bigger. When it was just about ready to slide off the head of his cock she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, licking up the drop of precum with the flat of her tongue. He moaned as her soft, wet tongue briefly caressed the tip of his cock, watching as she swallowed that drop as well. She pumped his cock again, producing more precum, and she licked it all up as fast as he could produce it. After several minutes of this she looked up at him, smiling. “Wow, Daddy, you make a lot of precum! ” she said, licking her lips. “I’ve never seen this much come out of a man before! “You saw the video, right? ” he asked, and she nodded up at him as she slowly pumped his cock, gripping it tightly in her hands.

The tickling pleasure in the groin became stronger than before. I caught my breath, feeling as my genital area prepared for an explosion. And it came a moment( or eternity) later. My dick twitched, releasing some hot fluid onto the palm of my hand. At the same, time an intense wave of euphoric heat and tingling spread from the crotch trough my body, tensing my thighs and loin. In less than a second the orgasmic wave hit my head, filling it with an all consuming yellow light. At that moment, I lifted the head and opened my mouth. Then the penis twitched again, I made a thrusting move into the sofa and lifted my head higher, feeling total ecstasy and seeing nothing but the yellow light behind my closed eyelids. This cycle continued for half a minute; during this time the jerking of my penis weakened and finally stopped. The same thing happened with the energy waves.

Dewayne could smell the odor on his unbathed wife. Most of it was the smell of day old spit and semen on her body. It was nasty, but he loved it. “I hope Janelle and Kent are listening. Let’s put on another show for them,” Dewayne stated. Dewayne went down on her. His fingers separated the mounds of womanly flesh to reveal the pink and her clit. His tongue played with her clit at first. Then he lapped the pussy flesh loudly. Tongue fucking the small opening for a few minutes, he felt her hands push his head even deeper inside. “You like eating my nasty pussy? ” Bridget said in a loud voice. “I love having my pussy licked. I enjoy a hot tongue fucking my horny twat. My cunt is so fucking horny. Eat that fucking shit. Coming up for air, Dewayne felt Bridget’s mouth make a “b-line” for his rock hard cock. She continued ceremoniously licking the entire shaft – one portion at a time.

Danny’s breathing became more ragged as he was closer to cumming. He pumped his dick faster from the very base of his cock, over his circumcision scar, and to his head. He focused more on the head as he kept stroking and felt the urge to cum, when suddenly the door opened. Danny threw the covers over himself and quickly removed his hand from his penis as his little sister, Leslie, walked in. Leslie was only 9 years old but was growing up fast for her age and was one of the taller girls in her class. “Danny, are you awake? “Yeah what do you want? ” Danny asked. The frustration in his voice was from being stopped just before his orgasm. “Mommy’s sleeping on the couch and won’t wake up and I’m hungry. Can you make me breakfast? His damn mother. She couldn’t even pass out in her own bed. She had to do it right out in the open where his innocent sister thought she was sleeping but was actually dazed in a drug induced stupor.

Some liquid courage, I figured it could not hurt. After dinner and the first porno was done, I got up to change the tape. When I sat down on the couch, his draw string was undone and his hand was done his sweats. Commenting on him being so eager, he said he was planning on cuming for sure with me tonight. That he really enjoyed doing this with me. I asked him what made it alright for him. Steve told me he had always loved seeing other guys’ dicks even though he had never touched one. I let him know that he was not weird for that. That he was normal, and he really appreciated hearing that. I was glad I could help you out Steve I told him. Do you have our towels he asked me. They were on the table next to the pizza box, so I handed him his. It seemed a little strange, but he set it beside himself and did not put it down his pants. Okay I had to see where this was going.

I was on his right side facing away from her. My heart was racing ninety miles an hour. I couldn’t relax enough to sleep. I tried counting sheep and counting backward from one hundred to one. Just as I began to settle down and fall asleep; Katie moved closer and her rear end was touching my rear end. My erection returned to its usual hardness with the anticipation. I lay very still, waiting to see she was initiating more sex, but nothing happened so I rolled over on my back and stared at the ceiling. Katie stirred again and pushed her butt closer into my hip. I couldn’t tell if she was sending a signal or if it was just wishful thinking on my part. I wondered if she was just experiencing restless sleep or was she having second thoughts about waiting until morning to have sex again. I lay there a minute and then thought what the heck and rolled over and pulled her into the spoon position with my arm across her waist. She pulled my hand up to caress her breast.

“I love a guy that loves to kiss, like you do and I’ve always wanted to be with a guy that kisses as amazing as you do. You’re the first guy that kisses so good that you make me all hot and very very wet. I like a guy that loves to eat my wet little pussy so I love that you said that you love to eat pussy. So we kept talking about sex and everything we loved in major major detail, and I mean we got so so graphic. It was so graphic that I actually started to ache for him again and I started to shake a little. “Mmmm, you’re getting all hard for me.” I whimpered with a smile while his dick started to get so big that he was running out of room in his pants. “Can’t help it, you turn me on more than any woman ever has.” He said making me smile. “You’re not just saying that are you? ” I asked while I reached down slowly, rested two of my fingers on his dick and started to scratch him really lightly with my fingernails through his pants.