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He wanted her to dress up all preppy; hair done up, glasses, long sleeved white shirt with a cardigan sweater and a long skirt that reached down past her knees. Underneath she wore a conservative white bra and panty set. White stockings and loafers would be the finishing touch. As they set off he kissed her cheek and swatted her ass, making her giggle. The drive was a long one that took them to a not so nice corner of L.A. Dan knew the reputation of the owner/manager and it was as bad as the club looked. He was known to use the girls as his privet harem as well as pimping them out for privet parties for anyone with enough money. Tonight, like every Friday night, he ran an amateur dance contest hoping to attract new girls to his club. Tonight he would discover Rachel. 100 for her entrance fee too. While she signed in Dan stood behind her more or less out of the way. No one paid any attention to just another old man as they checked out the new girl.

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Miles was real curious now as he was mapping out her stories trying to decipher whether they were truth or her creating a fantasy world in her own mind. A fight on the other hand seemed to be more plausible to the truth rather than fantasy, “What were your mother and father fighting about? Miles was really curious now, “What kind of sex? Was your mother or your father doing or wanting something that the other wasn’t willing to do? Kristen said, “Oh god no! Nothing like that Doctor Spencer. It was like way worse than that. My daddy blamed my mommy for me not having sex with him anymore. Miles asked, “Why would your father think that it was your mother’s fault and why wouldn’t you have sex with him anymore? Kristen said, “I have no idea why he was blaming my mommy. I was mad at him because he wouldn’t tell me he was sorry and all for putting his penis in my asshole and hurting me when we were in Disney World. ’t care he just kept pounding my virgin asshole until he emptied his nut sack inside of my eight-year-old asshole.

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“If I hand anyone locations that are west of the Mississippi, please set them aside and move on. Look at what I’m handing you right now and see if I need to give you a different set of 10 pages,” I tell the group. That’s wonderful. Thank you for your assistance,” Then you should hang up and move on to the next unit. “Does anyone have any questions about what they are supposed to be doing? “Yes sir, can Bobby and I make some phone calls to help? That is great of you guys,” I tell the two chefs. I see both CG boys and Allison not looking at me. I’m sure that Fred lit his nephews up and well, Allison, I can tell she’s nervous about what will happen. Aurora is just sitting there with her ten pages acting as nothing has happened. I’ll address this issue when things are much more settled down. The porn twins and Belinda seem excited to participate as they have note pads, pens and their cell phones plugged into the wall to keep them charged.