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Date: November 27, 2019

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Getting to breakfast, Dad was cooking waffles (my favorite), and Mom and Aunt Dee were sitting at the breakfast bar chatting. Mom kissed me on the cheek, and Aunt Dee got up and hugged me, and then kissed me full on the mouth, with tongues, before sitting down again. She’d never done that before; that got me hard. Dee is my favorite Aunt, or maybe that should be “Aunt”. She wasn’t actually related, though she was my godmother. Mom and Dad. Dee was an old family friend from way back, she used to be a porn star, ten or twenty years ago. She’s so hot, she could compete with any current porn star if she wanted to. She’s one of my favorite fantasies. She was one of Mom and Dad’s favorite realities; she stayed over a lot. There were a couple of envelopes with my name on them, one was a card from Mom and Dad, it was simple, “Happy 18th Birthday” in large bright neon colors.

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I reminded all the events that just took place and was very proud to use the moment rightly. This incident would add icing to my celebration. I didn’t realize I was standing in front of a class. Luckily, it was empty. As I stood up to see who it was, I was electrified…..It was the angel herself. She closed the door behind me and stood looking at my eyes with a strong angered expression. Rani:(sarcastically) No, just that one of my favourite student just put his hand on mys ass.. I was shocked to hear this from her and stood head down. Rani: Look at me, Anand, tell me. I need some explanation.. Me: I’m sorry ma’am. I could not control myself..I am extremely sorry and I assure you….This won’t happen again….. Rani: Ohh. so what if you lost your control and raped me..? Would you say “I’m sorry ma’am….this will not happen again”…..would you?

She had learned this amusing but disgusting trick as a teenager in her room, and she now performed like a professional sex entertainer. Jennifer was having a ball. By evening of that third day Jennifer was ready to move indoors into the show bar where special tables had been set up for the display nudes to lounge on top of them under tanning lights. Here she and the other women lay and posed naked, turning on the male and female customers who sat right up to the tanning tables. Although they were separated from the show girls by a handrail, the patrons were able to reach over and caress the supple nude bodies of the women at will. The gorgeous women were truly nothing but desirable sex objects, and Jennifer found this to be highly erotic. Soon perspiration slicked her visibly tanning flesh, and in the heat of the lamps and the inner heat of shamelessly exhibiting herself at such close quarters, her large breasts and open vulva swelled naturally.

A noble lady that could not afford a coach of her own, and had no servant on such an important trip as a temple visit. It sounded very promising. She surely behaved like gloom and doom awaited her. “I want you to follow that noble lady. Pay extra attention to if she makes an offering at Melhal the merchant god’s altar and what she actually is offering,” I ordered. “Okay,” Elenore said and hurried inside. Quite a while later the noble woman returned and stood impatiently waiting for a wagon to come and fetch her. That she had not paid for the wagon to wait for her was quite telling. Elenore came back to my side. “She spent most of the time by the altar of Ranulla the godess of death and judgment, but on the way out she offered a wooden coin at Melhal’s alter,” Elenore said. “Yes this is it,” I said and walked over to the woman.

Katie was looking thoughtful. “Can I read her message? “Sure.” He replied and fetched his laptop, waiting for it to power up before he opened the message, and then slid it over so that Katie could read it. She concentrated on the screen, reading Melanie’s message a couple of times before finally looking back at him. Dean put his hand over hers and gazed into her eyes. “Katie, any man who has a woman like you would be certified crazy to fool around with anyone else. That would be like….throwing fresh prime rib in the trash and then cooking hamburger! She gave him a quizzical smile. “That’s an interesting analogy.” She replied, to which he merely shrugged. “I think I need some time to think about this, is that ok? “Fine with me.” He assured her. “Look babe, I’m just trying to be honest here. I really don’t care about Melanie or anyone else that may contact me.

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The thought of you two sneaking behind my back to fuck, was actually a turn on….plus one tiny little fact….I was making it with your best friend Dan after I found out you and mom were having sex. I know my mom’s aroma, and it was a dead giveaway when I first smelled it on you, a long time ago. I knew you must be fondling her behind my back. She also smelled like your aftershave at times. When I tasted pussy and smelled her aroma on you, that’s when I said to myself, go for Dan for some extra sneaking thrills too. ….So Randy’s fantasy cheat turned out to be a real cheat with my mom….no problem. Now to tell my ’fantasy cheat’ and telling the ’disguised’ version of Dan and my cheating…. ….I slowly got the hots for my boyfriends best friend. I’ll call him Troy. He had a nasty girlfriend I didn’t like. We started lightly flirting a long time ago, and It got to me.

The tiny bathroom was overflowing with empty bottles, used condoms, dirty towels and cigarette butts. The bed’s old mattress sagged and was covered with two soiled, rumpled sheets. There were two grimy pillows lying on the dirty, worn carpet. “The total screwing that we are fixing to give you comes from years of watching you, dressed like a hooker, prancing around the house like a prick teasing hottie. So we are not going to put off sticking our dicks in you a minute longer. “So you are going to get it, right here and right now, with no if, ands or buts. Although she would certainly have picked a different place than this to get screwed in, Bob the motel clerk had been right, she wanted them to fuck her, right now, just as badly as they wanted to nail her ass. So she quickly resigned herself to the rauch of the room and was more than ready to give it up to them in this pit of squalor, like all the other cheap whores who fuck here.