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Date: November 21, 2019

“Please let me and my girlfriend free,” Ronja pleaded not sure what ghost she was talking too but there was no response from either ghost. “Please don’t abuse her, take it out on me,” Ronja pleaded. There was still no reply. “I would suggest the pair of scissors is a bad idea, go in and take advantage of your girlfriends position instead. That might please the horny ghost that has captured Maria so he releases both of you,” Ronja’s ghost commented. “Ronja, please help me now! ” Maria exclaimed in the other room. Ronja shrugged in nervousness, she was worried about trying to outwt the ghost that had captured them but she was also sure Maria would not accept her not trying free her. She walked back to the living room with the pair of scissors in her hand. If she could cut the cloth holding Maria she could hopefully reduce the ghost leverage to allow Maria to break free. ” Ronja began saying when she noticed a white blanket came flying towards her.

A few of my friends said they were jealous of me and wanted to know all the very intimate details and which boys did it to me and how. I told them as much as I could remember. All six of us girls were seen as an easy mark for a while and a few agreed to have sex with the guys who asked. We all remained friends and members of our team. A few guys called me a slut when I refuse to have sex with them. Maybe they were right but I was not going to perpetuate my shameful actions of that night again. My next fuck would be with the guy of my choice. As I continued to constantly refuse to have sex with any boy who asked me out I was soon ostracized and shunned. After many refusals I was never asked out on dates afterwards for a few months.

Bridget was amazed at the amount of money even rookie porn stars get for a 10 or 15-minute scene. Dewayne too became very interested in the money that non-actors in porn made, like photographers, film editors, etc. Both became intrigued at the stories about things that actually happened either on the set or in the dressing room. When the conversation turned to sex, they told each other their sexual fantasies in explicit detail. Both women wanted to be DP’d before the night was over. Dewayne said he wanted to see Kent fuck Bridget’s ass. He also made it clear he wanted his wife to watch when he fucked Janelle. Kent admitted that he occasionally had gay sex and would oblige Dewayne; that was not really his forte. They sort of agreed that once they got back to the hotel they would each get two wishes. One was to fulfill an individual fantasy.

Glad it was you and not me. I can’t believe you watched them though…you are such a naughty mom.” (More cute laughter). “I know, I know I am their mom and should not have watched…I was curious. I am more concerned about them using their laptops though. “Good point mom. Don’t feel too bad mom; I probably would have let my curiosity take over too. I have always wanted to watch a guy jerk off like that. But yeah dad will be pissed if he finds out. Did you say anything to them? “No honey. I would not know what to say to them. There was a moment of silence, and then Heather spoke up. “I do have a thought mom. There is an adult store up here on the way to my campus. You could check it out. Now, what kind of mother would I be if I got my boys porn to jerk off to?

His own perfect fantasy creation willing bent over to be used. After only 8 or 10 hard thrusts he lost the battle. John filled her womb with more cum than he had before. Not that he was a heavy cummer anyway but still more than usual. Giving the womans another appreciative squeeze he sat down behind her to breathe. She didnt move, somehow knowing his desire. He sat, slowly softening, and watched his cum drop from elven pussy for the first time. After a few mins she stood up and walked back into the column. She resumed her frozen pose like nothing had happened. John stood and looked over at the human woman he had made. He thought about using her as well before finally dismissing them to continue creating his male character. But he had another thought. He had always had a lot of taboo fetishes and fantasies. Almost nothing was off the table for him unless to physically painful.

I dressed for work, my usual business clothes. My skirt hem came just about an inch above my knees and my blouse buttoned down the front with a bit of cleavage showing. Nothing screaming ‘sex’, but enough that Jack thought I was sexy. Jack finished his shower and walked into the kitchen as I was pouring his coffee. He hugged me as he approached from the rear. I could feel his cock press against my ass as his arms were wrapped around me. We finished breakfast, cleaned the dishes and kissed as we went to our cars to leave for work. All day at work, I seemed to notice that Marcie was always being called into the boss’s office. She would be there for about a half hour each and when she came out, I noticed that she was either pulling her skirt hem down or smoothing it out. About 2 pm, two clients entered Bill’s office and after a few minutes, Marcie was called in with them.

Mark didn’t turn me on, but I’d be lying to myself if I said the sight of his dick barely contained in those briefs didn’t do something to me. Last night, and this morning, I had been hoping to try it one more time. I wanted to take my time and explore all of the things I imagined while watching porn. Mark’s arm came around my waist. His hand bumped the knob of my cock; then it was inside my shorts. He squeezed my shaft. “Ah, um, your sister,” I said. “She’s probably knocked out by now,” Mark said, “but it’s still exciting to think she’s right there while we’re doing this.” He shoved my trunks down. “You have a really nice dick, big, nice and big.” He stroked me slow with a loose grip. Despite all my secret fantasies, now that the high school senior was jerking me off, I was terrified.