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He loves it, i can see it in his eyes as they starr at my boobs. I do it gladly for him and the neighbours. All went very normal, like living in a nice neighbourhood (sure is my first but i imagined it this way and happy that it came so) since last Friday. My lightbulb in my living room burned out. So i had no light at evening, luckily Robert was just in stairway so i called him. I could not chang the lightbulb by my self because i could not reach the bulb fitting from the table (notice to me, buy a small ladder or call Robert again, giggle, soon you will know why). It was the first time i let him in my flat and even closed the door, didn´t want to let it open other neighbours don´t have to spy through the door in my flat, it´s my privacy.

I decided to ask. “Joan, I wish I could go to the swingers club with you and dad. Do you think that is possible? She hesitated as if in deep thought, then continued, “Next Saturday we have invited another couple and my very good friend, Joyce, to our house. She and I were best friends in school and now she is divorced. She could be your date. I might add, the couple we are inviting are swingers and Joyce is interested in getting involved in the life style. I think you will like her. Then I started thinking about the swingers club dad and Joan attended. I wondered if I could go. But how would I get invited especially when single guys were not allowed. I decided to ask. “Joan, I wish I could go to the swingers club with you and dad. Do you think that is possible? She hesitated as if in deep thought, then continued, “Next Saturday we have invited another couple and my very good friend, Joyce, to our house.

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