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Date: November 25, 2019

The hands switched again. Now the left nipple received its due attention. The right hand slid all the way down until the warm fingers at last touched the moist flesh of her womanhood. Lisa gasped as two fingers slid down over each fold, while a third slipped between them, caressing the rigid organ of joy and then dipping into her warm, moist furrow between the swollen folds. Lisa’s hips jerked ecstatically. Lisa was awash in pleasure. She had not really known just how aroused she was until that first intimate touch. With a start she realized that she was close to having a minor orgasm. The fingers continued their relentless exploration of Lisa’s enflamed sex. The middle digit dragged wetly against her extended clitoris with an exquisite caressing action. Her hips rocked automatically with the motion, rotating her pelvis forward, trying to increase the sensations. Unconsciously her knees separated, giving her Lover more room between her trembling thighs.

The spikes were doing their job, holding her firmly in place. When her cross was hoisted into the hole the two muscle-bound naked women with the huge breasts faced each other from across the arena, with one of then upside-down, both with excellent views of the proceedings. Both of them were screaming harshly with more energy than had the young girls they had so severely whipped. These bitches were real pros. The voluptuous Lucrecia who had carried the soldiers’ big kit bag was now stripped naked by the costumed men. Her remarkable figure was even more voluptuous than the crude smock had revealed. A dozen steel wires with large barbed hooks of various sizes were lowered from electric winches attached to the ceiling. Three of soldiers held her while the other performed the delightful if painful work on the screaming Lucrecia. The final pair were dug into her upper chest between her ribs to catch on under her collar bones. Tony had to use control not the ejaculate prematurely at the sight of his beautiful sister being so horribly and mercilessly pierced by the vicious meat hooks.

Do you like public nudity and exhibition ? Her answer again was yes! As she explains, when I was 16 I first started to set myself up for sex challenges! I put on some gaudy lip gloss and trashy make up to make me look older and sexier.. Then got dressed up in a short tennis skirt and a t-shirt that came just below my tits with no bra! I put on a small thong with knee high stockings, I really liked dressing like this. Then I wore an old long mack to cover me, and went out of the city. To a park I heard about on the tele that said several young women had been attacked by a man with a big dog and that both had sexually abused them! This place had a large wooded area next to it. When I got to the park, in my haste had quickly dumped my old rain coat and set off into the woods!

It’s a subtle bit of fluff that looks better on a slim body like mine than on a sexy bombshell like Angelina. At nudist parties, the petite girls like myself look better than we do in clothes. In a tight sweater walking down the street Angelina is more of a knockout. But in bare skin, my delicately curved size B tits suddenly get the notice they deserve. Admittedly, Angelina’s pretty sexy in her birthday suit as well. Her waist is only a few inches bigger than mine. Some of the girls wear nothing but jewelery, which always seems to include a gold waist chain. But usually that’s just an impromptu outfit. Many of us try to come up with something equally revealing but a little more imaginative. The fact that my nipples were almost hidden was unusual. Of course, any girl with nipple, belly, or vagina inserts makes sure such rings, bars and beads are perfectly visible. Why else would a girl go to the bother if she didn’t take every opportunity to show off? I have a gold hood ring, belly beads, and cresents in my nipples.

Nathan moaned out and opened his eyes to watch his nearly flat chested sister’s head going up and down on his hard six inch cock. We watched as Nathan reached up and started rubbing her pussy. Nathan and Carrie was both heating up and that is when Nathan jerked and his cock shot cum all up into Carrie’s mouth. Carrie was a very good little girl, she swallowed it all. That got me and Mallory back hot again and this time it was my turn. I pushed Mallory back and got between her legs. I licked her and savored her taste. Again knowing that we was being watched got me horny as hell. I reached down and I rubbed my soaked clit while I ate her. Mallory was getting close to cumming, I can tell with her because she starts bucking wildly. She came and I was I looked over to Nathan and Carrie again.

She gave me her flight details ect. I had arranged for an airport shuttle bus to pick her up. It was the day of the expected arrival. I had the place looking sparkling clean. One thing I would at east get out of all this with Caraline is a clean house. I looked around and was proud of my cleaning. I showered, made a coffee and decided to get on the net.. In my email was a letter from Caraline titled “sorry”. “Oh, Ok” I thought. “This is interesting. Sorry for what”. I opened the email and it read. “Flight was late from San Fran. I just arrived in Sydney 2 hours late. Missed bus due to customs. I will be getting the next one. Leaving in 1 hour. I’m very excited. CYA soon. I worked out with the speed of the bus and time left, she should be here in 4 hours. Aprox 3pm. “Cool, lets just see” was my response in my head. I had become bored with the internet and went and had some cones.

My last story ended with me getting a morning blow job from my lesbian friend Judy. Let me give you a quick recap on Judy. Judy didn’t know that having sex with the right man could be so good; it was like a new sexual awakening for her. It didn’t change the fact that she still loves women but it opened a lot of sexual possibilities for her and as you’ll find out, for me too. Judy is ready to experiment with her sexuality. The three of us also had another threesome. One night Judy, Aimee and I were sipping on wine talking; we had a pretty good buzz going. The two girls were getting playful and, you know, feeling each other up, hugging and kissing. Hand; this time things were different; Judy let go of my hand and wrapped her hand around my dick and starts jacking me off as she smiled. I took my clothes off and smiled at Judy as she continued to stroke.