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Date: December 3, 2019

As Stacy screamed more and more, the Orangutan turned her to face him and shoved her on her back lying on the straw in the cage! He placed his nose in her cunt and took in a deep breath, smelling Stacy’s odor, he knew what to do next! She tried to kick him, but he grabbed her legs and spread them apart, her pussy wide open for him to explore! Spread eagle, Stacy was ready to be penetrated by the beast! She realized at that moment that the monkey WAS going to fuck her whether she wanted him too or not! He moved up between her legs and positioned the head of his penis between the lips of Stacy’s pussy and thrust forward, spreading her pussy lips open and plunging into her already juicy pussy with one thrust! He pulled out some and thrust back into Stacy and this time he bottomed out against her cervix as she screamed from the pain and pleasure! The Orangutan stepped up his humping Stacy and she actually was enjoying his cock sliding in and out of her pussy.

Later that night Raj called me for dinner. He had prepared Butter chicken and Roti among other delicacies. I could tell with just the great smell what was cooked without looking. Well, Raj is a chef by profession and is really good at it, at least that’s what I’ve heard. I will taste his food for the first time. With the first bite, I realized how good he was at cooking. “Tasty food bro.” was the only words from my mouth and then I focused on eating all up especially the butter chicken. This dish usually has a mild taste but Raj had done some variation to it since he knew I liked spicy food. After we were done I went to the washroom. Remembering the taste of the awesome food I ate, I was a bit attracted to Raj. It also seemed a bit weird that he didn’t say a word while having dinner.

After several weeks of lurking and sending a few messages, one guy replied and we started emailing. He had never had any sex at all and was looking to get his dick sucked and maybe more than that. He did say he was quite fat, but he sent some pics of his dick, which was big enough to convince me to meet with him. We would meet up at a park near my apartment, and then go to my place. On the night we were to meet I got myself pumped up by watching blowjob porn and jacking off while thinking about tonight. About 22:00 I took a prepared myself and took a shower, and at 22:25 I was at the meeting point. He would be there at 22:30, so I waited patiently for some minutes. After about a quarter of an hour I started getting annoyed and started walking around to see if maybe he had mistaken the exact meeting point. Around 23:00 I was about to go home when I decided to first check my email on my phone.

Brian appeared from behind the shelves. “Well, that was effective. “Yeah me too.” In fact, it had probably taken much more out of her. Even though Brian had a crazy aural capacity, he wasn’t even close to a full tank after just getting his magic back. She, on the other hand, was bursting with energy after all that dominatrixing. But even that was just about gone after a sleep spell of such scope. Time to fill them both back up to the brim. Sam released Esther, who was looking at the bodies inquisitively. “What did you do? “Sam played distraction while I set up candles around the radius of the room, then we spoke the words to set off the spell.” Brian explained while he took off his shirt. “Yep, we found a cool spell that puts people into deep wet dreams.” Sam added as she pulled down shimmied out of her dress and let it fall to the floor.

“Oh, wow. Oh, my, Daddy, that’s so sinful. His hand touched my knee, stroking it. I shuddered, his touch sending an immediate rush of pleasure shooting down my thigh. I groaned and squirmed. I bit my lip as his touch built the growing pleasure in my pussy. “Do you want to lick another woman’s cunt, whore? “I think I do, Daddy,” I gasped. “Does that make me even more of a sinner? “Oh, Daddy,” I gasped, my face contorting and my orgasm burst through me. My pussy convulsed on my fingers. Hot waves of bliss shot through me. My gasps echoed through the theater as I trembled. Hot, wonderful pleasure billowed out of my cunt. It was so sensual and blissful. My eyes rolled back in my head. I shuddered and shivered and shook. My eyes were locked on the screen. The woman on bottom was orgasming, too. The lady on top had her face buried into the cumming woman’s snatch, lapping up her juices. I bet they tasted wonderful.

Jessie waited a few seconds and then withdrew her wrist and squirmed it back inward. Dianne had never experienced such ecstatic joy. Jessie now varied her thrusts from fast to slow, all in and all out, part way in and part way out. Dianne’s stretching vaginal muscles were ecstatically clenching and spasming. Bolts of pure joy shot directly to her ecstatic mind. Her breath came in deep gasps and pants. Her thick vaginal juices spurted out past the lunging hand and wrist. Her head thrashed back and forth as waves of joy cascaded across her body. Dianne hips bucked and ground her enflamed sex onto Jessie’s loving and thrusting hand and wrist. Her spasming clitoris and bullet-like nipples felt as though they were going to explode. Dianne screamed and wailed in ecstasy. Dianne’ hips and chest thrust wildly into the air. Every nerve ending in her body was screaming for orgasmic release.

I never been in love but from the looks of it they were there or getting there. I don’t know, all I know is that I wanted that. The others started to stir and with-in 30 minutes we were all awake, except Kelsey. She was still passed out despite us all moving around. She didn’t wake up till after 10. “Ok we got to get up and dressed, mom said she would be here before lunch and she doesn’t need to catch us all naked.” he said laughing. We all got dressed and we got the place clean and straight. That is when I called you to come pick me up. Everyone was leaving… Are you mad at me? “No baby, I think you had a fun night. All long as you are safe and have fun, it is all okay. Sex can be a lot of fun baby, enjoy it safely. But let me know once you start your period, we will need to get you on Birth Control and condoms aren’t a bad idea if you don’t know the person well.

I continued to rub her smooth pussy, sticking a finger in every now and again. After a couple of minutes or so, she pulled my cock out of her mouth with a loud pop sound and began to beg me.. The only reason she stopped begging was to scream as I plunged my cock deep inside her warm wet hole. It felt like heaven! With my hands on the bed at either side of her face, I thrusted in and out of her, hard and fast! I could feel the inside of her pussy swelling and squeezing tighter on my cock. Her tits bouncing around all over the place from the violent thrusting. I couldn’t take it, it was just too good. Within moments I let out an animal like roar as I felt my cock explode with cum. Then she Jack knifed like crazy as she came, screaming with pleasure. We kissed, cuddled up and went to sleep.

The three girls stayed topless to my enjoyment, I whispered to Kati that I’ve watched before we had met and it’s very erotic. She smiled and kissed me on the lips as we entered the room. Judy has a California King Size bed which is as big as they get. Kati and I got on one corner to give the girls enough room. Judy and Aimee always like when I watched it made things more interesting. Kati was wearing a skirt and topless with no panties. Judy got on top of the covers as did Aimee and both girls removed their clothes, I was wearing a sweat pants with no underwear on. My dick immediately got hard and was bulging big time as I watched Judy and Aimee naked, this was new to Kati, but I could see she was very aroused by it. Judy lied back as Kati and I watch. She has a beautiful pussy with brown hair on it she is very pretty and her body is beautiful. Kati commented to me; she is so beautiful.

I had nearly a half bottle of it. I didn’t feel differently so I asked her, “Kelsey why don’t I feel any different? Are you sure this will work? She said, “Yes but it will take a little more time to work.” She poured another drink just in case. Again I drank a lot of it and still didn’t feel a change. I hope this works when we kiss. I didn’t remember Kelsey is only 19. We went back to my house to see if the drink will work. John is away for the next three weeks. I dressed in a sexy sundress. Kelsey wore a halter-top and really short shorts. We looked so sexy. I want to hug and kiss this sexy young girl. I suggested we go for a walk before we do anything we might regret. Kelsey and I met on a bench. I dressed in warmer clothes. After our walk we went back to the apartment I rented just in case John gets home early. If I did anything I didn’t want him to catch me.