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“Excuse me, will you for a minute,” Samantha said. The gentlemen excused her while she went to check on dinner. Seconds later Samantha announced that dinner was ready. The dinner was Cheese Enchiladas and French wine. During dinner Douglas made a bet with James concerning Samantha. The bet was that Samantha wouldn’t have sex with anyone of James’s race. James counters the bet by betting that she would have sex with a man of another race. Listening to the bets that her husband and James made, Samantha spoke up. “Douglas, how dare you make a stupid bet like that? “Samantha, I was just making some conversation,” Douglas answered. “Well, I am,” Samantha said. “You really want to make love with me? ” James asked Samantha. “I really do want you to fuck and screw me,” Samantha said. Dinner was over shortly after what Samantha said to Douglas and James. Clearing the table of the dinner dishes, the three went upstairs to the Silvertons’ bedroom. Douglas sat down in one of the armchairs to watch, while James and Samantha had sex.

Suddenly your blindfold is removed, the intense light forces you to keep your eyes closed. ” you nod your head. ” again you nod, “Very good, alright these are your choices, but before you hear them understand this! You will not be released until we are happy with your, shall we say progress, remember that when you choose. Option one, you can elect to have the old men suck and fuck you in all your holes to continuous orgasms, you will be forced to swallow there cum. The constant use of your surname keeps the proceedings in a very formal, matter of fact and detached atmosphere, this you find most unnerving. ” you nod your head. Elly and the old men are beckoned away as the assemble crowd take there seats and begin to watch. Jen I think yes lets get a little more personal shall we? Derek please forgives me, stop them! Thanking the man for his kind efforts, you make your way as directed, whilst fumbling for you phone to tell hubby of the change of plans, only to be frustrated by a flat battery.

Her nipples were extremely hard and pushing against the thin material. Making me realize she was really turned on, which happened after I told her she may find out how big that bums cock was later. The big fat hairy man sitting behind the counter saw us, gave me a big smile, “Nice to see her back so soon,” He laughed. When we were here last night the counter guy had slapped her butt when she didn’t follow his order to do something. He had told me he saw women like her in here before and offered to help train her, which was what I was going to talk to him about. I told Kathy to go looking around and see if there were any movies that excited her and to double check the dildos maybe she could find a better one, more lifelike would be nice. She turned to go to the movie section but I had one more thing to tell her and called her back.

Every room would have at least one and they would be able to transform her into a reality show. And John already had many plans on how to make money with her, lol. Jane was feeling like a whore, standing alone at a square, using high heels in a Sunday morning. Her mind was running but she was not certain of what she could do, she didn’t have much money, so it would be difficult to negotiate and it was clear they wanted to blackmail her. Than a car stopped and she heard “Concert Girl, get in”. She opened the door, entered and looked with an angry but scared face to John. She was about to start to ask what the hell was happening when John spoke. “Jane, we have photos and videos of you having sex with 8 guys during the concert, last night. We have your mobile, with all your contact list, I loved the notes you attach to each one, describing your relation with them and details like ‘office gossip girl’ lol, loved it. From now on you will follow our instructions if you don’t want us to ruin your life and your career, understood?

Mason with his magical desire, lust, and complete adoration of me was beginning to restore my self-esteem as well as my confidence. “What is pornography when I can have something so much better standing right in front of me, and she is real! He paused for a long moment, simply staring at me in a way that made me shiver with excitement, my pussy got that familiar hot tingle I loved. He looked at me like I was the most fascinating and the most desirable woman he had ever encountered. “Is Phoenix actually getting shy? “Wow now that’s a first! “It’s extremely hot today and I am simply flushed from the heat! He started laughing and I joined in, both of us enjoying this moment of closeness. “I think I’m in love with you Phoenix! “Kiss me Mason, please kiss me right now because if you don’t, I fear this perfect moment might become lost to us both forever! He walked over to me, pinning me against the wall. “Those lips of yours, especially your top lip, the way it curves up slightly when you are horny, as if you automatically know that your sexy smirk seals this deal!

“Porn star, not only do you get paid for having sex. You get paid to have sex with extremely attractive people and indulge all your fantasies. “holy fucking shit.” I yelled at the screen. ” I asked incredulously. “not my baby.” Slipped out of my mouth before I could stop it and immediately I had a flash back to all the times my mother had said it. Luckily my attention was grabbed by a little orange envelope. Grateful for anything to derail that train of thought I clicked it. “dam baby you’re so sexy I have no doubt you’ll be a star.” The message read. My mind connected dots so quickly I didn’t stop to think about if I wanted to see what my daughter sent him. I just clicked the link he replied to. There she was sitting in the same computer chair I was. Raven hair pulled into a ponytail her emerald green eyes looking directly at the camera above a mischievous smile. Her left arm was wrapped around her chest covering her breasts her right was extended off screen.

Diane now went into the bathroom and quickly stripped off all her clothes, she then got into the bath. The hot water felt absolutely wonderful on her tired body and she soon relaxed in the hot water. In fact she was so relaxed that she fell asleep in the bath. Diane had been in the bath for about 20 minutes. Danny now needed to go for a piss he knocked on the bathroom door. But there was no answer. He waited a couple of minutes more before he was so desperate that he went into the bathroom. Danny tried to piss into the toilet as quietly as possible. He had seen his mom relaxing in the bath surrounded by bubbles and was trying to get in and out without disturbing her. Diane was awoken by the sound of pissing. She opened one of her eyes to see her son pissing into the toilet. Diane was now very surprised by the size of the cock that her son was holding while he pissed into the toilet.

Her tears came down her face again and Mike went over to her. He bent down and licked the tears as they flowed down. Taylor looked at Mike and knew that he loved her. He was just doing what he had to do, and she would just have to endure these times. He then bent down and attached a clamp onto her clit and tightened it up. The clamp had a chain on it along with a hook. He grabbed another 3 lb weight and attached it to her chain. He dropped the weight and the full force jerked her clit straight down. Once again Taylor screamed in agonizing pain. Mike gave her a moment to recover then he added another 2 lb weight to her nipple chain. She begged him to not drop it, but it went on death ears. Mike released the weight and once again Taylor screamed in agonizing pain.

I wanted some of that feel action, but Ken took my hand and pulled it over on is dick. I got chills down to my toes. Lynn had one leg lifted up and Jen and Lynn both, had fingers in Lynn’s pussy. Hands and fingers were every where. It started to feel wild and crazy. I was feeling myself and my son Ken‘s boner. Lynn was feeling herself and her daughter Jen‘s pussy. Ken and Jen were feeling each other and their mom’s. We all were gasping and panting and moaning. Ken and Jen foreplay was massive now and they started to tremble and moan loud. Then out of the blue, Ken and Jen rolled over which put Jen next to me and Ken next to Lynn. I had never before in my life felt an 18yr old girl. Lynn froze as Ken’s butt pushed against her pussy. She too had never felt Ken, or an 18yr old guy.

Despite this he was a nice man, and my sister and I used to tease him terribly for perving on us. My dad turned, walked toward and past me to his work bench, so that his back was to me, to put away some screwdrivers Pete had obviously just returned to him. ‘Yes, Lucy, what you want, and don’t let the reply be money! ’ He said sternly. My back was now to Pete and standing behind my dad I sensed Pete was looking at my bum and legs in my new skirt. ‘Well, I just need £10 as Jay has invited me to the cinema.’ I said in a begging manner. I turned to check on Pete and caught him crouched down, about two paces closer, looking up my skirt! I pulled up my skirt over my bum and with my knees and toes pointing together bent over slightly and wiggled my bum at Pete. I didn’t have to look to enjoy the near heart attack he would be having, it pleased me enough just to know. ‘There is no way I’m giving you anymore money Lucy!