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Her mind was running wild with thoughts of Kevin and Mrs. Estevez getting it on sexually. She considered Mrs. Estevez to be a very attractive, seductive looking woman and wouldn’t have thought for a minute that she would fuck around on her husband. Kevin on the other hand was a great looking guy and like most guys wouldn’t turn down a piece of ass for anything, least of all a good looker like Mrs. Estevez. She admitted to herself that she wouldn’t mind fucking Kevin even though she would prefer to play with Mrs. Estevez. She preferred pussy to cock but considered herself to be bi-sexual not gay. The rest of the day went well for Kevin and he finished the video rearrangement before leaving for home at 4 P.M. As he drove home he kept thinking of the good time that he and Mrs. Estevez had had that morning.

The last girl before her was the black Amazon dressed in a leopard skin two piece outfit. She strode onto the stage to a heavy jungle beat; immediately she owned the crowd. Her tits were real, her ass was overpowering and she shook both with a vengeance. Her snatch was covered with a well trimmed patch of black curly hair that she parted to reveal her pink insides. The heavy beat continued throughout her performance and her quivering ass never stopped moving. The audience loved it! Rachel could see that she would have a disaster on her hands if she didn’t let her hair down and go for it. One last shot of the tequila and she was on. Dan gave her ass a hard swat as she walked past on her way up to the stage. Two steps up and she froze, closed her eyes and waited for her first song to start. She had their attention, as a demure, young, white blond standing on the same stage as the big assed black girl she stood out.

So, I figure for a few minutes on my back they would give me pretty much anything I wanted. Actually, they just wanted to be seen with me in front of their business buddies at like different functions and all. It sorta boosted their middle aged egos or something like that. The only thing was Adam took our alone time for more than what it really was. The first time we were ever alone together he told me that he loved me. I mean how sad is that? Well, we’ll have to look into that in greater detail later. Okay, let me try this in a different way, so, why was Sal in Los Angeles on that fateful night? Tom asked, “Why would Sal need a private jet for? Tom shook his head and thought, ‘damn how in the world did he know that? Adam is friends with this movie producer guy who wanted to buy a new jet and wanted to sell his old one so he could use the money as a down payment. Adam brokered a deal for Sal to buy if from him.

Now most guys including me have fantasized about their wives or girl friends being a topless dancer and even a porn star. The thought of this happening was always quite a turn on for me, and the thought for her was equally so. Key word here thought. She had given just enough thought about this, to where she had found the perfect place. I had told her that she would never go through with applying for a job like this let alone actually dance topless in front of a bunch of strange men. This comment only seemed to make her want to prove that she could do it. When the day came, she had bought some very sexy red and black Lacey see through underwear. She said, that she did not want to go by herself, and to prove that she had actually gone, had asked me to take her to the audition.

“Pah, who do you think you are talking to? ” he joked, puffing out his chest and punching himself in the peck king-kong style. “I am a rock! “That’s ok then, as long as it’s not one of those droopy soft rocks” I joked back. At that moment, a hand appeared on his shoulder, snaking its way under his arm and around his front as Chantelle appeared behind him. “So, are you joining us Jim? “Not tonight I’m afraid” I answered with a smile. “That’s a shame, the more the merrier” she responded with a wink that only I could see. “Promises promises,” She flirted back with another wink before turning Jack back towards the bus, his booming laugh filling the air as he they both bid me goodnight. “well that sounded like an interesting conversation” Tiff said suddenly from behind me, I turned to find her and Rachael smiling at me.

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