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Date: December 2, 2019

I took his cock into my mouth once again. I sucked on it really passionately for a minute and I put my hands on his butt. I began to deep throat him and he let out a huge moan of huge pleasure. “Oh fuck yes sis! I mean damn, seriously, you are the best sister in the world, don’t stop, don’t stop until I cum like a fountain all over your tits,” Ray said. “And that’s why I love you so much,” I replied. I sucked on his cock as passionately as I could and then he really started moaning really loudly once again. Then I back away a little bit and let him cum all over my boobs. He stood there breathing in and out really slowly and he shot at least 4 good shots of cum on my boobs. Then a couple small ones as well. “Holy mother fucking shit Ray, you really love me that much? “That and then some,” Ray replied.

She brought her fingers to her nose and sniffed. Not bad. Her fingers went into her mouth to taste his sweet pre-cum. Not bad at all! Lilly watched her mother also taste Duncan and then cover his cock with her mouth, Lilly had tried to give Paul a blow job once, but he had pulled out quickly then shot his load onto her chest. Duncan didn’t look like he was going to cum too quickly, even as she watched her mother’s mouth caress his cock. Her tongue ran circles around the head and then back down the shaft before engulfing him in her mouth again. Duncan’s eyes closed in pleasure, but he wasn’t even close to cumming. He had a hand on Allison’s head and was guiding her gently. Lilly was watching in amazement as her mother brought Duncan’s thick cock up, and smeared her salvia mixed with his pre-cum all over her round titties, then gently brought her breasts together and stroked his cock with them.

Deepti was like a woman who had been in the desert for a year as her tongue went to work frantically seeking out every drop of dog cum mixed with Michelle’s juices she could find. Michelle arched off the chair towards Deepti’s skilful mouth, winding her fingers into her hair to give her a better grip to pull Deepti closer to her pussy. Grinding herself onto Deepti’s eager tongue Michelle felt her orgasm building and just as she was about to cum the screen on her desk burst into life. “No stay,” said Julie, “this idea affects you both so best you hear it direct as your workload is about to get a whole lot bigger. “Holiday dogs,” said Julie waiting for the words to sink in before she went on to explain her concept. For the next 30 minutes the three exchanged ideas and concepts, laughing over the idea that there could be a ‘dog menu’ to allow women to pick their ideal date.

After all, I did have fantasies of getting involved with another man too. I smeared a liberal amount on the toy, as well as my arse. “How are we going to do this? ” I asked unsure. “How do you want to? ” She responded. When I didn’t quite answer, she continued “Just lie across the bed on your back. This was the moment of truth. I must admit that I was quite excited and my prick stood testament to that. It lay hard across my abdomen. While stroking my rigid cock she placed the fake cock at the entrance to my arse, initially gently stoking it, testing. Slowly she applied pressure and pushed it in a little. Twice I lunged away with a flinge of pain. “Do you want me to stop? ” she asked, obviously concerned. We have come this far, I thought to myself. She has allowed me the privilege of expanding our sexual horizons. I can’t quit here.

With that we adjourned our meeting as it took all day. Roy left and I kissed my wife passionately our parents seen this and decided they should leave as well. Mary and I ordered take out for supper. It arrived and after we ate we made love and Mary said when we were done, ”How are we going to get through this? As I lay there caressing her beautiful body and we gave each other pecks for kisses we fell off to sleep. The next morning as I was waking up I felt these luscious lips sucking my cock. When I was hard she moved up and positioned my cock into her love hole and started riding my hard shaft. Just before the sleep moved from my eyes I heard her moan and then another moan with a different pitch along side me. My eyes opened and here was mom riding me and fingering Mary.

But as usual, the inevitable dicks in my pussy got most of my attention. For an initiation your significant other is never present. But during the rest of the week pretty much anything goes. The men rule and enforced only rules they like. We had arrived on a Saturday late in the afternoon, and the “cottage” was already available. There was still, fortuantely, time for the two initiations. Before the new girls get indoctrinated you’re still talking about “rules”. But after the initiations, they’re merely guidelines everyone wants to follow. Having the new girls get fucked, and more than fucked, by all the other men right from the start, pretty much clears the air. Afterwards, you just want more of the same from any one of those three or four men any time one of them wants you. Before your initiation it was a rule. Now it’s your heart’s desire! On Monday the men decided it was my turn for a round of special treatment.

Scooter asked. I ignored him and took Rita over to the far corner where no one could hear. I brought her out of her daze and explained the plan. She was more than willing. Rita at that point would have done anything with me standing in front of her nude like that. I whipped around, just in time to see Paul squeeze a tit which caused the owner to say, “He’s touching me again!” “Paul, stop,” I said calmly. He not only ignored my instruction, he grabbed started fondling the girl all over. The girl he was molesting was being to cooperate with his stimulation. Rita replied. “Go get him then.” Rita walked up behind Paul just as he started to move him and his now willing victim down to the floor. Rita reached out and placed her hand on the back of his left shoulder, moving it up his neck and cheek.

Some of it was really hot but most of it was just gross. Betty responds. You know teens whack off frequently, sometime multiple time daily. He is just going through the normal puberty stage. Their disks are hard constantly. All the guys gather a fair collection of porn. But it seems your son may be lusting after you? Have you been wearing that bra around the house? Mom says once in a while, but I never seen him notice. Betty says try it sometime with a light blouse and make sure you strut around the house so he can‘t miss you. My mom says Betty what are you suggesting? Betty says “Oh hell Eva, give the boy a thrill”. Now about this time my dick is dripping without stroking. I mean I’m rock hard and the tip is wet with pre-cum. I cannot believe what I just heard. I’m almost feel dizzy thinking about two women talking about my dick and sexual habits. On Thursday the bra is back in the hamper.

He shouldn’t do it. I am at the moment not ready and geared up to be rammed and rapped with that massive cock and dick of his into my ass. Not now; not any sooner; perhaps some time later. I scowl and make a face whilst Stian’s finger sports and fiddles and wantons about with my ass. Is he solemn and grave and staid on biffing and decking and walloping and whacking up that quarter and neck-if-the-woods turf of mine? I ask him straight away, “Are you also going to slide your stretched and giant John Thomas in there, Stian? “Not really. But I can do it if you want me to. What is your say on that? “No, no; don’t do it. He stoops and bobs himself down and first smells and gets a whiff and sniff of my ass before he proceeds on to lick and smack it with his tongue as well. The feeling is so bizarre and abnormal and of-the-wall and daggy-like.

Blood began to pour out of her chest as the monster grinned and enjoyed every moment of it. Its fingers sunk down further and Dana was in excruciating pain that was unbearable, and her loud yells echoed off the walls in the dungeons. It finally grabbed her heart, and with maximum force, the monster ripped it right out of her chest! Blood and gore splashed all over them while the monster roared loud, and Dana was in so much pain that she was absolutely speechless. “Si……sis……” I said, holding my right arm out, and shaking. The monster smiled, holding Dana’s throbbing heart in its hand. She went into an absolute intensified shock seeing that her own heart was ripped out, and her eyes were filled with a look so terrified that our own mother would have cats. The monsters roared while Dana started to become unconscious, and her eyes slowly fluttered, and then fully shut. The monster tossed her heart on the ground while the other ones discarded her body like a rag doll. My sister lied on the ground with lots of blood flowing from her, and she was now dead.