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Date: November 22, 2019

As the last spurt of my cum exited my cock I felt the vibrations created by a groan deep within him. As the groan rose in volume I looked into the mirror on the dresser. I could see the tip of his cock peeking out past his heavy nutsack. He appeared to have stopped stroking his cock but was now rhythmically, very firmly squeezing and relaxing his fist. At that moment I saw cum shoot from his cock. The first rope of it went all the way up to my ass. The remaining two shots and subsequent drips all hit the bed between his knees. He pulled his finger out of my ass, sat up, wiped his mouth and lay down to go to sleep. “See, I told you you would like that”. When I arrived at his place after school on the fifth day he was setting on the couch in his underwear.

A substance used by many men including me. D’s erection bothered a few people, primarily women. If any place should allow a man to have an erection in public it should be in a nudist environment, here, where all nudists feel that the human body is beautiful in all of its states. It is interesting that no one is offended when a women walks around nude with the string of her tampon showing. Another unsolved issue. Anyhow, D would emerge from his vehicle, pumping his cock which is required to keep the solution circulating. Again, it is a very nice cock which I enjoy immensely and my lady acknowledges and accepts. Any way, what is more beautiful than a very nice rock hard cock, regardless of its size or state of flaccidity or rigidity. Again, the double standard. We have no idea as to what is the state of a woman’s pussy, wet or dry or ?

It seems some problem existed in the hospital so the ended the day early. The unfortunate part was she found me naked in the back yard masturbating. She was a little shocked and taken back. I was embarrassed but she came to me and said I was not to worry I was doing what everybody does – including her – and masturbating when the urge was there. She said I am a little embarrassed at seeing you but not offended – I will leave you to finish it. I said there was no way now I could take up where I left off. She smiled at me moved over closer and said I think you could, and took my now flaccid penis in her hand and stroked me and had it erect in seconds. The feel of her soft hand and long fingers on my cock was amazing as she stroked it as well as my little Japanese girl.

In my eyes, he was a stranger. And I don’t give contact details to foreigners I don’t know inside out. How did he know it? He could be a spy, or he could be a thief. I have my faith pinned on Julie. She could never betray me on this, not even when presented with a big check interchangeable with piles and mountains of dollars. Two, how did he know I was working on an assignment? Does he have Superman eyes—eyes that allow him to look fixedly at my window from far there and still be able to keep track of every small act I am undertaking? I could be downloading porn or sex-ting some alien guy I don’t personally know on Twitter. I could be playing one of those erotic games where you have to peel off a woman her clothing, bit by bit. How come he is so positive that I am sweating on a goddamn assignment, and not browsing through an infinite list of YouTube videos?

“Faint heart never won fair lady. John kissed her again and they stayed that way until they ran the rest of the way and said goodbye till the morning. John would wait for her call. John got the call around ten that morning. Kamala said that her Dad let her hang around the house today. She had talked to Jane last night and she called Joseph so that he wouldn’t wonder why John wasn’t going to be there. John went to her house and she let him in with a quick kiss. She was dressed in jeans and a tank top but she went braless. Her hair was out of the ponytail and spilled over her shoulders beautifully. It was a nice house, there was a curry and incense odor that lingered there but it was nice and comfortable. She gave a quick tour ending in her bedroom which he had pictured before it was very similar to his imagination: bookshelf, bed, dresser, and desk. It was quite tidy though not in a sterile way. It fit her. He told her so. “I like it.” Kamala replied, “I’m glad you’re in it.

I merely wanted to worry them. Since they went home, I had an idea, I’m not sure how you will take this, but I have to try. You are my sister and I have all my brotherly love for you, but I’m human and I admit that I have often wondered about your body. You might consider getting your fun with me. “Shall I leave then sis? “No, don’t leave. I think I want to do this now because my knickers have become wet. “Can I go and have a shower now? It took fifteen minutes to uncover and marvel at her flawless breasts. I cupped them; I fondled and gently kneaded them as I kissed my way down from her neck over her soft proud breasts to her nipples as she moaned softly. Taking one hard, erect, nipple between my lips I nibbled and pulled it as the fingers of my other hand were rubbing the tip, which was her undoing. She began to gasp and shake as I molested her breasts until eventually, she pleaded with me to stop.

By some miracle, I had gotten to where I was semi hard, and I did that on purpose, I wanted her to see me get harder for her. She looked up at me and watched me look at her naked boobs as I stood up straight and as she glanced at my bulge and bit her lip. “Is it my turn? ” I asked making her sit back and moan as she looked up at me with glassy lust filled eyes. “Yes daddy, I wanna see it so bad.” She whimpered making Allysa gasp and whimper as she started taking more photos of her. “God.” I sighed as Haylee hooked her finger in the waistband of my shorts. “Mmmm, can I really see it now, please? ” She whimpered as she pulled my shorts down farther and bit her lip. “If you want, and only if you want.” I sighed as she began to moved her hips forward and backwards.