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Date: December 2, 2019

The English seem to have very heavy teas, we were stuffed and went back to our room to recover. Finally, much later, the tea had settled and were hungry again, time for dinner. We considered going to the fancy French restaurant on the 23rd floor, but felt like something simpler. We decided on the burger place down on the strip, in the hotel’s retail frontage. It was run by a celebrity chef, and did gourmet burgers. I wasn’t sure how you made a burger gourmet, but it sounded tasty. While we were walking through the ground floor lobby, Kiki met someone, and started talking to them. I hung around and Kiki introduced me to the girl, Lisa. Then Kiki asked, “You don’t mind if Lisa comes to dinner with us?” I didn’t, that was usually the way Kiki introduced me to a new porn star we were going to fuck.

I justified it by horrible headache. It was third time within the week, when I tried to find some reason not to fuck. I thought to myself, how weird situaton it is: I have young girl in home and I have to avoid her. Amanda was every time sad, when it happened. Finally she now asked: „Am I not attractive anymore? „Oh, no,“ I sighed. Amanda was desperate. She never thought about possibility to reduce her sex habits, but instead of tried to figure out, how she can have more sex. I had already said to her, that I do not put obstacles in her way, if she wants to fuck with other men or boys, because we are not married couple. „But you have to come back, because I promised to your mother to take care of you,“ I added. Later, when she went to the bedroom and I stayed at living room to watch football from TV, I thought about Amanda and was worried.

Mike stood over us watching still masturbating. After I had completely spent myself I lay back gasping for breath, she was only inches away and said – you and I are going to have to have a talk young lady – you are no novice. You were fantastic. You and I are going to have another experience before you are much older and you can se how I enjoy it too. I already have – remember – I have been watching the two of you for months – I have watched you cum dozens of times. That is however the first time I have ever imagined doing anything with you, I always watch you and then go try it myself. My only problem now is that after next week it will all be over. Somehow I don’t think so. I don’t think he is going to be the only part of this family you have anything to do with next week or the weeks after, you and I are going to make it so much more interesting. When we have our weekends away, that’s only other men – no girl/girl stuff.

“And when she and her daughter start making out, touching and licking each other.” He said making me gasp a little. “Oh my god I know, mmmmm, I thought I would be the only one who liked that kind of stuff.” I said making him nod his head no while he started to breath harder. “No, I watch it quite a bit.” He said making me bite my lip. “I watch a lot of step daddy and step daughter porn too, I love it.” I sighed. “Yeah, I watch that sometimes too, we watch a lot of the same porn don’t we? ” He asked making me kind of whimper. “Yeah we do, that’s just another one of many reasons that we’re perfect for each other.” I said making him look at me after he stopped at a red light. “So fucking true.” He sighed making my whole body so hot for him, right before he kissed me five times, with his tasty tongue and all.

As they watched, Samantha panicked and she grabbed at the shaft in her anus with her hands. This proved to be uselessbut highly entertaining. She began to sink on the unforgiving steeland it steadily worked its way up into her as she slid slowly but steadily downward. Charlotte was not sure what time of day it was. She had been kept below decks for more than three days and was completely time disoriented. Day and night rolled into one as she had been taken from event to event with what seemed to be as little as one hour sleep in between. She had been in a state of high sexual arousal most of the time, as she had been a part of sex event after debasing act after gross debauchery feat. She had watched a pair of mature women being forced to have sex with a pair of runting donkeys, whose mammoth organs were hopelessly too large for the big bitches’ pulsing vaginas. The two cunts had succumbed to the gross bestial degeneracy,but not before giving the spectators an incredible show with their hopeless naked struggle.

I closed the door behind me and breathed out. I’d had a long day and was glad I could finally relax. I put the suitcase on the bed and plugged my phone into charge when there was a knock on the door, I walked towards the door and opened it, a blonde girl was stood there breathing heavily. If it was anyone else at the door I would have told them to piss off but this girl was so polite and had a pretty smile so I agreed. I walked down the stairs and caught myself staring at the girls butt, shaking my head I forced myself to look elsewhere. I got to the waiting area by the lift and there stood a woman about 35, blonde hair and green eyes and a nice but average body. There was 4 bags so I picked them up, the woman introduced herself as Anne and introduced me to her daughter Holly before saying how grateful she was for the help.

“You cannot tell ANYONE about that day! JESUS, HAVE YOU ALREADY TOLD ANYONE! ” The sudden accusation made Manny jump. …no… I haven’t told anyone! “Okay…okay. I’m sorry. Its just, you shouldn’t have seen me like that…” Nicole buried herself into her hands. “Its okay Ms Sawyer. It can be our secret. I’ll get out of here.” Manny stood up to leave. No. Its okay…Jaci. Jaci says you… you are too big.” Nicole tried to recompose herself. “Thats normal. She’s a small girl and her first few times will be painful, but it will get better. But DO NOT force her into sex! “Yeah, we tried that already. “Oh…are…are you sure you are… hard enough? I can get hard…I mean I think so. In sex ed, he says the penis should point up when its hard. Mine…mine mostly hangs down. Could….could…could I just show you? ” Manny asked fearfully. Nicole’s head was filled with klaxons, whistles, and warning alarms. “I uh…I uh…uh, yeah…but this is strictly medical!

It’s now early Sunday morning in the beach front hotel honeymoon suit, where last night; Grace, Brad’s stepmother joined in with him and her daughter Alyssa for a steamy, but unexpected threesome. Now Brad lays awake staring up at the ceiling with his arms folded under his head. Alyssa’s laying beside him sound asleep. He cant sleep, the idea of how and why his stepmother, just suddenly decided to forgive him for seducing her daughter. Then of all things, she joined him and Alyssa for a sexual threesome, before leaving them alone. Although he did enjoy every taboo second of having his fantasy fulfilled, with his attractive forty year old stepmother. His mind is suddenly riddled with guilt, he thinks to himself. “My god, if dad finds out what we did. He thinks to himself. Thoughts of the events leading up to what happened last night, before Grace dressed then left them alone come to mind.

No one ever knew about the family’s secret life. Jenny and Max seemed to have no need to tell anyone and were not in the least bothered with keeping their shared secrets. Instead, they grew up realizing how privileged they were to have each other, the type of spouses they attracted, and especially having the parents they shared. They exclaimed “we do consider ourselves married! We just both enjoy having another spouse along with our sexy parents! It’s like ‘having our cake and eating it too! Where did that take the four of them and their new young families? By a country mile far! So were their spouses. How do I know? Well, there was this club where people met and did stuff together! I’ve been telling you about. I’ve got one more incest story along with some further insights on keeping secrets that I’m saving for another story. I might get into it if more of you start voting!

Apparently my wife knew about Todd’s career earlier in the week, much earlier than I did. Laura shot back and my wife laughed easily. What did my wife mean by that? So it had been a plan, my wife had come down here knowing what would happen, she had worked it out with her sister in advance. I felt used, I felt betrayed, I felt broken up inside, and for the first time that week I wasn’t aroused. My hard-on had completely gone away, nothing about this turned me on anymore. I had to know the full extent of the betrayal though, so I kept watching. My wife was anxious, trying not to look at the fence, “Are you sure they’re watching?”, she asked back. My wife bit her lower lip and dropped her eyes. Laura asked. “They’re harmless”. My wife crossed her arms over her chest to hide her tits.