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Date: November 28, 2019

It zipped up in front from the crotch up to the neck. Greg was grinning ear to ear looking at my wife as she stood there in his suit with her perky tits still showing. Greg asked if he could take some pictures of her. Both of us agreed and she posed for some really sexy pictures. Unfortunately it was summer time and the suit was hot so she didn’t wear it for very long. She was getting very turned on as she was receiving all of this attention from Greg and me. So she went over to the floor space in front of the couch and coffee table and pulled off her panties. Greg had a bean bag chair that I sat down in and he went and sat down on the couch. Teresa lay down in the floor in front of us and started to rub her clit.

On arrival back at our trailer, it was obvious that we were tired but not that tired. We all crawl into the large bed but did not go to sleep. It was time for both SCD and me played with my lady and each other. Being that both SCD and I are bi, it was also time to suck a little cock. Not a little cock but a big cock including my lady as she also enjoyed a nice hard cock in her mouth. But it was really now time for us guys to enjoy sucking each other and ultimately end up eating a very nice pussy. Her pussy was already wet, its labia swollen and its vaginal opening wanting for more cock. We positioned my lady between us, SCD in front of my lady and me behind her. I helped her left her leg and placed it over SCD’s hip, her pussy now totally open for access from both sides and that is exactly what happen.

The colors fit her red hair perfectly. Considering that Maria almost never used any makeup it was obvious she was making an effort for this date. The result was simply stunning and Ronja was amazed how good her girlfriend looked. Ronja felt a tingle inside her as she imagined making love to her girlfriend while she still wore the makeup. “I learned about the place from the paper and the review said that this place had very french service in every aspect of the word,” Maria said with a giggle. “Good that you speak a bit of french then,” Ronja suggested. “Not by any means good enough to dare to open my mouth around a french serving personal,” Maria answered as she faked a scared face. Ronja laughed and put her hand on Maria’s hand. She saw Maria take a deep breath as they touched and then Maria beamed at her. “I know that you said you would pay the tab, but I actually have some cash right now. Peter are on a visit to my stepmother and left me some money to buy food with,” Ronja said.

I couldn’t take that and carefully felt her tits in return. Soon I felt her feeling my bush and one of her fingers traced my wet slit. I went for it and now I found my hand fingering her slit. I said to her out of breath, that Ben must never know about this, and we slowly laid on our bed. Every afternoon after school we played with each others bodies. I just let it happen and we went further each time. We advanced and now got into a 69 position and found ourselves licking our pussy‘s until we both orgasmed. We were both in girl sex heaven. We still had girl sex, but told me she wanted sex from Ben real bad. I told her I’ll just stay out of it, and let you guys ‘handle it’. I had to find something to take Millie’s aim off of me and onto a boyfriend or something. She was already masturbating, I could hear her do it!

Girl cum dripped down Mary’s slit, Kimberly drank it all down. She looked up at Mary with a loving smile on her face, whispering. “Can you do me? Mary scowled, laying her hands on Kim’s head. “No you’re not done,” she pushed Kim’s face back down. “Now finish me.” Kimberly shrugged off her lovers humiliating reply, then began licking her once more. Inserting one then two fingers deep inside Mary. Feeling fingers shoved deep inside her sex, Mary covered her mouth catching her moans with one hand, using her other hand to force Kim’s mouth tighter against her sopping wet snatch. “Ahhh. Yes Kimmy. You know just what I like girl.” She began thrusting her crotch into her submissive lovers face. Knowing exactly what Mary likes. Kimberly began stroking two fingers deep inside, while licking and sucking Mary’s clit. Doing this, she made Mary cum. She forced Kimberly’s face down harder between her legs with both hands on the back of her head. She came and she came hard, forcing more pressure to the back of Kimberly’s head. With her face being forced in between her teenage lovers legs; a little too hard. Kimberly feels as if she’s suffocating.

John joins The World for the first time. This is my first writing attempt so I happily welcome all constructive criticism and comments. I intend to explore many taboo and sensitive topics through out this story so be prepared. This is just the start of many chapters so stay tuned. If you like it please leave comments or support so I know to keep bringing out more content. John had watched the video dozens of times, probably close to 100. It was the top trending news article and online topic, the most talked about item, and basically a global viral hit. The game had mysteriously hit the market about a month ago. Strangely it had come out with no warning, no marketing, not even a media leak. Unheard of in the tech world. It was the creation of an odd pair. Naturally the face of the New World company was the richest and most prolific porn developer, Augustus Black. He was the first to crack the holy grail of high quality VR porn. And naturally had predictably made an unearthly fortune. His partner was a failed game developer.

Forcing his lips onto Adam’s, Harry took the opportunity to gain full control of the situation. Harry removed his hands from Adam’s face, and then while kissing him deeply and passionately, grabbed hold of Adam’s gorgeous, smooth, round buttocks. He played with his ass for a while, massaging the cheeks and kneading them like dough in his hands. Adam gave in with no fight, trusting his lover, giving him total control over his body. Adam felt Harry’s hands loosen on his bum and smoothly slide up over his hips onto the sides of his stomach. Harry took full advantage of his dominance and gently pushed one side of Adam’s warm stomach while pulling the other side towards him. Their silky-smooth, sexy, hairless bodies somersaulted and rolled over each other putting Harry on top of his partner. Their throbbing hard-on’s rubbed together, oozing pre-cum. They glanced into each other’s eyes momentarily as Harry got to work on lubricating Adam’s boner with his slippery saliva. He flew down the bed as fast as he could and plonked his boyfriend’s bulging cock head into his hungry mouth.

Despite Danny’s apology to Mitch that afternoon, there were some tense moments between the two for the rest of the day. Danny suggested an afternoon of playing Super Smash Bros as a good way to lighten up and resume their friendship again. Mitch was hesitant initially, but later agreed. “So your parents don’t care that we’re drinking beer down here? “Don’t be such a nervous Pervis,” Danny said. “My dad probably won’t be home until 6 and if my mom says anything, I’ll just tell her to stop using coke. “Aren’t you worried about her at all? That’s pretty serious,” Mitch said. “Yeah I used to be when I was younger. At some point, though, you realize people never change. They can say they want to change but they never make changes,” Danny said. “Damn, that sucks,” Mitch said. “Hey can I ask you something? “I know this sounds ridiculous but I kind of want to talk to Lizzy and see if she wants to work things out again.

With all the money Eddie spent, he’d probably be pissed if I didn’t let his customers use his new ordering system. With a wince I dab a little lubricant on the dildo and work it up into my decidedly un-aroused vagina. I then strap on my skates, pull on a halter top, and scoot back out to the customers. “Well boys, do you see anything that looks good” I ask, doing my best to mimic Silvia’s easy going style of flirting. ” the taller of the two replies scanning his eyes up and down my mostly naked body. I can feel the heat going into my cheeks but I force myself to smile. “My name’s Tina, what do you guys go by? “This is Brad and I’m Tom.” I don’t think you’re serving up what we want so what do you recommend? Tom asked raising his eyebrows at me. I was going to continue but get distracted as Silv comes up behind me and puts her hand on the small of my back.

“Who do you think told her to ask you? I love you so much and I love her. She and I try not to keep secrets from each other. Yes I kept Hiro’s abuse a secret, but I was ashamed of that. Ever since she moved in we share everything thing. I told her how special you make me and how when we make love it is the best feeling I can ever imagine. I figured she would try to watch sometime and I knew she was there tonight. I didn’t say anything to her. I thought it was hot being watched. “You thought it was hot she saw us? “Yeah, and don’t worry I’m not made that you had your pants down while she played with her pussy. Like she said, ‘I never got off so hard’ and just so you know I took a page from the Akira play book” Amya then removed the cover and showed me playing with her pussy. It was really wet and shiny. Clearly she has been fingering herself. “You know AJ that I have been cheated on and I do not want to be cheated on again.