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Date: November 22, 2019

I grabbed him and pushed him on his back, I then grabbed his dick and started playing with him. I got down closer to his dick to get a good look at it while I jerked it. As I was jerking I saw a clear liquid at the tip of his dick. I didn’t know what it was, but I had a strong urge to lick it off. So I bent over and used my tongue to lick it off. James moaned and his back shot up a little as he grabbed my head. “Please do that again, it felt so good.” he begged. I took my tongue and liked him all over his dick. He must have really liked it because he was moaning loudly now. I then thought about the girl in the porno movie, she had put his dick in her mouth and closed her mouth around it while she moved up and down.

I asked my parents advice about what to do when a guy asked me to go on a real date? We talked about that a lot and they suggested that I let the relationship develop slowly. Kiss him goodnight after each date but stay out of sexual situations for as long as possible. My parents did suggest that when it looked like a situation was becoming seriously sexual, that I stop, stand up and tell my date that we have to have an important, private discussion. Depending on his reaction I should then explain that I am a Hermie and have a penis as well as a virgina. Based on my prior experiences, his reaction would be “OK prove it” to be followed by a show and tell session. I am now 16 and have been dating guys for over a year. The most interesting guys were all two or three years older, have cars and plans to attend college. Two of those relationships reached the sexual stage.

I gave her a minute then I leaned back down and ate all of her white stuff. I have to admit that it didn’t taste as good as the male cum, but something inside of me wants to eat it. I guess I am a little weird. “ That was great Jenny.” She said and she leaned over to kiss me again. “ I really liked it too Mrs. Stevens.” I said smiling. “ Call me Jennifer, I think after having sex Mrs. Stevens sounds a bit too formal. “ I hope so too. I had a lot of fun with you, and can’t wait to do it again.” I reached out for her and gave her a big hug. “ Jenny, I want to show you how these dildos work. Can I use one on you and show you? “ Yes” I said excitedly as I laid down on the bed and spread my legs. “ Have you and Roy already have actual sex where he puts his dick into you?

Reaching J’s buttocks, we have him flip over onto his back. We again notice a continuing change in the size of J’s cock but continue our massage. My lady again beginning her massage at his head and me at his feet (I’m not a foot person but) again progressing toward his middle – I noting his now very prominent cock. It didn’t take me much longer to reach his middle as I kept eying his continuously growing cock. From the time I started massaging his feet and legs, his cock kept growing and growing and growing. I could not help but to take hold of this magnificent, gorgeous now very hard cock. It was the most amazing cock I’d ever seen let alone touch. It was hot, hard and tremendously long. His cock was at least 8” long, straight as a arrow and at least 2 inches in diameter and uncircumcised.

He still had a couple of hours, with any luck, he might finish the third year Ancient Runes textbook before the meeting he was beginning to dread. Not that he didn’t believe McGonagall, but he didn’t relish the idea of having to tell someone else about his humiliation at the hands of his relatives. Minerva was the one to tell Harry that their guests had arrived. Sirius, they had decided, would be best to stay out of the way for the time being. They would meet with Amelia later, but while Ms. Welding was here, it would be best to not inform her of the situation. Minerva queried, knocking and opening the door hesitantly. Harry looked up from his book, and Minerva smiled, seeing how studious he was being. It looked like he had blown through the Runes textbook. She would have to test him later to see how much he had understood. Harry nodded, marking his page and setting down the book, before joining Minerva for the walk down to the sitting room.

“What’s happened in the past is gone. I’m starting my new life fresh without any baggage. When I step out of that fucking Jacuzzi tub in a few minutes I’ll be a new woman. My bald pussy will be the sign that I’m forever changed. Is there anything else you desire of me? I will do whatever you want because I love you and will do anything for you no matter what is and no matter how crude or demeaning or submissive or sexual or whatever. They kissed long and passionately as they caressed each other. Bridget got Dewayne rigid before dropping to her knees and engulfing that stiff cock into her waiting mouth. Her spit glistened his warm cock. She rubbed herself, making a special effort to feel her pubic hair that soon would be gone. “Let me eat your hairy pussy,” Dewayne asked. “All this nasty talk gets me so fucking hot. Getting into their favorite 69-position, with him on bottom and her on top, they started each other’s juices flowing.

I decided that since I had to “kill” a couple of hours anyhow, I might as well get a couple of my weekly chores done. They built a huge concrete deck around it, and built a roof over maybe the first ten or twelve feet out from the house, so we could use it even if it was raining. They had a huge enclosure built over the entire thing, completely screening it in, with several sliding glass doors into the house, one normal door into the garage, and two screen doors leading out into the yard. So, I decided to get these chores done, (vacuuming and sweeping), and pulled off my tee shirt. Do people really do all this stuff? My mind was anywhere but in the present as I opened my dresser drawer and pulled out a white “summertime” bra, and matching white panties. Not exactly see through, but almost. The dark area around my nipples was pretty clearly visible, and although the few hairs surrounding my pussy were too light colored to show through, my slit was pretty clearly outlined.