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And they danced like nobody is watching. Jake looked at Chandra, who was totally in the sound and beat. He was dancing with eyes closed and hands and feet moving in synchrony with the effects in the tracks. During the dance, Jake started to feel better and more at ease. Soon, he lost all sense of time. Only when the Cd ended, he understood that he danced with Chandra for an hour. He was all covered in sweat. His breath was rapid and heavy. The cheeks burned. The legs felt weak. The mouth was desert dry. “Do you want something to drink? ”-asked Jake the Thai boy. He looked more attractive now with sweaty black hair, red cheeks and large wet spots on the back and front of the shirt. “Water. Only water”-answered Chandra. Jake went into the kitchen, took two glasses from a shelve above the sink and a bottle of water from the fridge.

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Cindy let Sandy in on the fact that I enjoyed her flirting and teasing other men and even sleeping with them. They often would go out together and Cindy would end up having a little fun with a guy, but Sandy never batted an eye. She became a sort of wingman for her during her quest for other cocks. Cindy would talk to me about Sandy and she seemed to believe Sandy was open to having fun herself. She also thought that many times when they were changing clothes to go out that Sandy was more than interested in checking out her body. We would even talk about the possibility of getting her into bed with us. The first time anything happened with Sandy, actually involved both her and her boyfriend Don. In a small town north of where we lived, there was a drive in theater that actually showed xxx rated movies. Cindy and I had been to it a few times, and she had told Sandy all about it.

He takes a short view of my cleavage show when I lean in front of him. One day while we were watching TV, I was wearing a low cut sleeve less top which was skin tight and exposing the giant curves on my chest. I had wore a Knee-length skirt and my nicely shaped legs were also exposed. He was enjoying the view. There was no sex scene in the movie, but I saw his hard on. He was gazing me every minute now and then. I asked casually “Monty, dear are you comfortable? I rose and sat on the Sofa besides him. I slid my ass more towards him and almost pushed my body on him. “Why are you having an erection ? “No you are lying. Are you aroused, may be by looking at me. “Well, frankly speaking, Mom I think I am aroused after looking at you. That’s wrong from my part. “Oh Monty, don’t feel sorry about that. I am your mother, but I am a woman too.

If it gets cool in the evening, people wear clothes outside. One sunny afternoon, sitting beside the pool, I got into a conversation with the man next to me. After a while I needed to stretch, and it was past time for my walk, so I invited him to join me. By myself, I usually walk around the populated parts of the grounds. The volley ball and tennis courts, picnic areas, pools, saunas, bath houses, and community rooms are spaced out enough so that you can walk several miles, just visiting all the facilities. I like doing this and casually looking at all the people. There’s something about seeing everybody naked. All you see is them, not what they happen to be wearing today. People are friendly and want to introduce themselves. You quickly meet most of the hundred or so people that show up most summer weekends. The other reason I like staying where the people are is that maybe some of the people are looking at me.

I started to think you didnt have the balls to say anything. If you would of said something earlier, I would of let you bend me over the fresh produce and rail me in the middle of the store! That was the first time I had ever been speechless in my entire life. I just looked her up and down and up and down and she stared at my cock bulging in my crotch and licked her young light pink lips. ” I quickly said ”oh im sorry, im Robb.” We didnt say another word, we didnt checkout, we didn’t buy anything. She grabbed my hand and we just walked out of the store together. Our full shopping carts just left behind for someone else to deal with. The cashier yelled to us but we heard nothing. In the parking lot she told me to follow her to her place, she then quickly got in front of me, and bent over showing off her black and pink lace panty covered ass and pussy. I jumped into my truck and again I was following her. It was like three miles until we pulled into her upscale apartment complex.