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Date: November 27, 2019

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He kept making out with her as the Octomom reached down and began to stroke his exposed and rock hard cock to the cheer of the audience. Soon Nadya had wrapped her broad thighs around his body. The rock hard porn star lay back on the bed as Nadya straddled him, eagerly riding him through waves of pleasure. Her abdomen was pumping him, milking his cock as she bounced up and down upon the bed. Her silicon-enhanced breasts jutted out defiantly, her nipples standing at attention. The porn star reached up to grab them. Sure, they were fake, but it didn’t make it any less fun to play with them. Nadya threw her head back, letting her long brunette hair fall behind her as she arched her back. As she moaned in pleasure, the Octomom could feel the first stud shooting his juices deep into her well-used womb. She sat there for a moment, literally glowing with pleasure, but she knew that she didn’t have a lot of time to enjoy the moment. She couldn’t let herself fall behind.

Time seem to stand still for the moment. I decided it was better to retreat before I really fucked up. Reggie nodded. I turned toward the door, but then turned back and said to Katie, “I will see you in about an hour, Honey. She could see that I was really hurting; but she couldn’t think of anything to say that would ease my pain. She just smiled and nodded her okay. I knew she didn’t mean to hurt me, but she apparently couldn’t get enough of the wonderful orgasms Reggie was giving her. With that, I was out the door. Katie turned to Reggie and said, “I really do love my husband and I don’t want to jeopardize my marriage, but I am not ready to leave without experiencing more of those superb orgasms. I truthfully can’t remember ever having orgasms like these. “That’s how I really feel,” she confirmed. Reggie said, “Okay Baby, go start us a hot shower. I will join you after I make a quick phone call.” Katie smiled and dashed to the bathroom.

This time when she’s going to sit on me, I suggest, “Other way around?” So she turns around and gets into a sixty-nine position. Of all my favorite things, this may be my favorite, especially when Kiki does it for my benefit. The one drawback to sixty-nine is getting distracted. It’s difficult to both give and receive at once, so we’ll designate one or other party as the beneficiary of the act and they’re free to be distracted, and not feel guilty about doing a poor job on the other. This was for my benefit, a blowjob to get me off. I really like a pussy in my face while she’s doing that. I licked at her, but I don’t think I was doing such a good job, because I was distracted by the blowjob. Kiki is very distracting when my dick is in her mouth, she seemed to be in a hurry, so was extra distracting. It didn’t take me long to come. As I was coming, I tensed up, grabbed the back of her head and rammed my dick as far as it could go into her mouth.

Coach Parker was giving his usual start of season lecture. “Listen up girls,” he said loudly, standing in the middle, “I want you ladies to pick up your game this season and go farther than we did this past year, which by no means was a success of any kind. We will be training long and hard this year and I don’t care if you drop dead because of all the training and practice hell that I’m going to rain on you. We have 24 qualifying games and we need to win more than we lose in order to qualify. For the next two hours, we did different exercises and sprints. Coach definitely meant business this year around. I went to the showers and took a cold shower before going back home. Liam and dad were watching a movie on the telly, while mum was in her bedroom reading a novel. Evie was out with her friends partying someplace. I sat down on the couch in the living room and started watching the movie with Liam and dad while eating a BLT sandwich. The movie was quite boring but there wasn’t much on anyways. Dad went off to his room around 10:00 pm to sleep and Liam was also feeling tired now. I went to my room as Liam turned off the telly and went to sleep. I laid down on my bed and started browsing the internet on my phone. Pretty soon I was sleepy so I put the phone on charging and changed into my sleeping clothes. I laid down in bed wearing black snuggle shorts and pink Henley short sleeve shirt.

But it is much harder to talk than think. I want to know how much memory I’ve lost. But I simply ask what day it is. I turned 82 in 2085, and 83 last fall and remember nothing about it. The Phoenix process takes about two months before they wake you up. But around fourteen months seem to be missing. Some time during that year I apparently decided to go ahead and pay for the operation. I meant to ask why I was now a woman but that wasn’t necessary. Max knew what I meant. I managed to squeak out. I nodded, but he still gave me the cook’s tour. In fact, I actually didn’t really know how the process worked. He didn’t either. But he knew a lot more than I did. This probably included your brain which is why you like the result. I’ve been told that men who change during the process are the most female of females when they emerge. They become every man’s dream girl. We try to keep this out of the general public knowledge to protect your privacy.

Jennifer then pushed him back in the chair and stood up. She started unbuttoning her blouse and then she let it fall to the ground. She then reached behind her back and undone her bra and she let it also drop to the ground as well. The look on Roy’s face was unforgettable, I knew that he was going to love those tits, and I honestly was again a little jealous. Jennifer then undone her short skirt and let it fall to the ground showing only her thong panties. She then walked back towards Roy. She put one knee on one side and one on the other as she straddled him with her tits at his face. She then took hold of his head and guided him to her tits. Roy wasted no time latching his mouth around one of her nice tits, sucking on her nipples. I then stood up and took off my clothes and went to the back of Jennifer and rubbed her back. I then reached for her head and leaned her back and kissed her. I could tell that she was enjoying the nipple sucking that Roy was giving her.

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Would Mr.D have had sex with us both? I thought I would enjoy watching him fuck her. Karen was a “hot” girl and I enjoyed the glimpse I got of her naked. My fantasies revolved around threesomes. I found myself thinking about sex so much those days. One particular night my friend Anna and I were bored. We drove by a theatre that played XXX movies. Anna asked me if I ever saw one of those movies and I hadn’t. We ended up going in to see the movies. That really opened my eyes to “wild sex” and stuff people did. The movies had a little bit of everything. When the threesomes scene came on with 2 girls and a guy…well….let’s just say I was very turned on. I pictured Mr D., Karen, and myself in their places. The position where the guy was laying in the bed and the two girls were facing each other, one riding his cock and one riding his face I found particularly exciting. The one girl getting eaten by the guy was sucking the other girl’s tits.

They would use trained dogs to help find and chase the girls down as they would in regular animal hunts! The dogs during the hunt were trained to go for the girls bottoms thighs and breasts and especially their pussies by nipping licking or actually biting them, but were trained either to bite hard! Their job, the dogs and the training was for the most part to tree them, so that they could be shot with a combination paint ball and tranquilizer gun. When I was just out of Marine Corps boot camp and stationed at Camp Pendelton in 1959. Myself and six others enlisted rented a limo and were taken to bars it Tijuana Mexico. Along with all of the topless bars were a lot of white girls who lived in the US San Diego and Chula Vista that regularly went there to dance. At the time it was not legal to do so in the US and was still several years away from the Go Go Dancers of the mid 60s!