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Date: November 27, 2019

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She finally talked with her Psychology Professor, Richard Thompson, who explained that, most men, and many women have sexual problems. He suggested they go to dinner so they could discuss it further. The dinner was set for Friday September 2nd at the “Cest La Vie” restaurant in Laguna Beach by the ocean. She was very impressed when he picked her up in his Porsche. As Linda was only twenty, she couldn’t have any alcoholic drinks, however she had a cup of coffee. Their conversation went on for several hours and she couldn’t believe how much she was drawn to Richard on an intellectual level. Due to his enlightened background on almost everything, Linda became almost possessed by an unreasoning passion and attraction to the older man. It was nine o’clock when they finished dinner and he suggested, if she wished that they could return to his condo to talk further. At his apartment, he poured each of them a glass of wine, followed by a second.

Monday brought more changes to Rachel’s life; her class load was like any freshmen’s, heavy and long. Her first class was at nine, her last started at three in the afternoon, five days a week. Once a week Dan would visit her mother; always arriving with bags of groceries he had purchased from Rachel’s list. She never asked about her little girl, but Dan knew she heard regularly from her via the cell phone he had provided. She just serviced his cock and silently urged him to leave as quickly as possible. The routine was acceptable to Dan because he drained his balls nearly every day, yet he still felt that there should be more drama in Rachel’s life and that he would have to be more inventive to fill that need. He would call some of his friends and see what he could set up. The first Friday in October he told Rachel to dress up for him before they went out.

“You are on your own with John? ” Maria asked with concern in her voice. “How does that work out? “It is kind of awkward, he seems to think our incident with him was not an accident and that I want to do it again,” Ronja admitted with a deep blush. Some part of her screamed at herself for ruining the moment, but she hated keeping secrets from her girlfriend and felt an urge to take the opportunity to give even more hints about why things were so weird with John. ” Maria mumbled. She looked around and decided the restaurant was too crowded to finish that sentence. “It must be horrible. “No worry my love. I can manage my brother,” Ronja lied. “Seriously I mean it! Ronja hated how the dimples spots on Maria’s cheeks had disappeared as the discussion had turned more serious. “No, you don’t have to force yourself to do that just so I can avoid John,” Ronja said.

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In this final chapter of the epilogue, David realizes his master plan as he creates a farm designed to train young sex slaves. This final series will focus around David building towards the life he always fantasized about, where he and his sex slave mom and sister would live in unbothered harmony. This is the final chapter and serves as an epilogue to the “Playing Dare with Sis”, “Training my Sister Kayleigh” and “Making my Mom my Slave” series. In this final chapter, David realizes his plan as he created a farm designed to train young sex slaves. 2: Themes of this story revolve largely around humiliation, sex slavery, and cruelty. If you are not interested in these themes, please do not read. Of course, in real life much of what is portrayed in this story is despicable, and should not be tolerated under any circumstance. Hence, why this is a story of fantasy, and should not be taken seriously. 3: While themes of the story certainly can be dark, I do try to keep things light with a certain “comic book” style.

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Think what you will, I’m glad she chose stranger rather than some male, female or me and with me she still has her virginity. If Pauline tries to seduce you, I really believe you should let her. I probably will have sex with Pauline but I do want to do this with you again Brenda, soon, and probably often. Not occasionally Brenda, regularly, I promise. I will have Pauline and I think it would be fantastic if we can get the girls with us for a regular foursome. I’m beginning to get turned on by the mere thought of that happening, it does sound exciting. She was gone and Carol came downstairs with her clothes off and a tube of lubrication in her hand. As she spoke she was undoing Brenda’s blouse, that accomplished she removed it then cupped her mom’s breasts and gently licked her nipples until they were erect and Brenda was moaning softly. Next, she undid her mom’s skirt and removed that then quickly slid her knickers over her hips and down her silky smooth legs.

“What are you doing in here? ” he practically yells at her. “I wanted to ask if you can come with me later, so I can go look at new cars.” She says while here eyes are still covered. “That’s fine.” Tim says. “Just let me take a shower and get dressed.” She turns and walks out of the room, her face as red as a cherry tomato because she was embarrassed at seeing her dad naked, and what he was doing. Her father has always been very open sexually. When she was growing up, if she was curious about guys, orgasms, dates, condoms, birth control etc. she always went and asked her dad. She didn’t have a woman to ask these questions to since her mom ran out on her and her dad with Tim’s best friend when she was 2. So, Tim raised her as a single dad. He had a couple girlfriends over the years, but no one stuck around for long.