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Date: December 2, 2019

Samantha now had other plans, other desires. She quickly changed transformed her, and her husband’s, sexual routine. The sophisticated socialite, top manager in an important corporation became, in secret, a true slut, a high-class sybarite slut bitch slut, literally spending a fortune on designer clothes and dildoes. Now on most Saturdays you can find her doing extremely nasty things with special participants for select audiencesof men and women. Whenever Samantha has a swinger friend over making videos, they like to take time out to put on a show for her fans, and her real swinger colleagues. Perhaps some of you may find what they’ve read so far a little disgusting. Well if so, you are in the company of an exceedingly large mass of people. You are also missing sensual and sexual pleasures of a quality and quantity found only in a truly liberating sexual realm that are enjoyed by a correspondingly small number of human beings. Samantha was very sexually active since a very early age. From that moment on she sought sex. She was never easy, but knew that a big bulge in a man’s trouser meant heaven!

I went up the stairs and quietly opened her door. There she lay. In her pajamas with the top buttons open. The sight of the top of her chest shining from the Vapor Rub. Her breathing was OK and she had a glass of water by her bed. At that point I started thinking about her phone because I saw it was sitting on her nightstand. I grabbed it and took it out to my laptop. The down loadable file was already in my email so I hooked up her phone and transferred the reader to her phone. I set it to record everything sent to her and from her phone including passwords and log in information. A guy at work had mentioned he had put one on his ex wifes’ phone and it had saved him “big time” on his divorce. So now all I had to do was wait till she started texting tomorrow, or accessing her email. I finished checking my mail.

Could half of Christian men have a problem with porn, as so many of the statistics say? 12 billion… 50 percent… half. My eyes glaze over at numbers like this. Are we supposed to buy into the idea that half of the men in the church are porn addicts? Maybe its just more sensational rhetoric meant to rouse us for battle against the culture. Certainly half the men in my church couldnt have a problem with porn. Most the men in our body of 600 are in their late 30s to early 40s, married, and the father of little ones. They have successful careers making good money and are involved in ministry. I couldnt picture so many of these men I sit next to every Sunday leering at porn. Wanting to prove the numbers wrong, in the spring of 2004 I approached the leadership of our church and asked if we could survey the men on the topic of pornography. Our numbers will be different; “half” cant be true here, I thought.

It turned Horse on to sense the pain that he was inflicting on the teen girl. It was a delicious spice that added flavour to Horse’s favourite dish. Horse liked to use his sexual potence as a weapon against Chloe. The whole process of penetrating Chloe, through to marking his territory inside her, was all part of his domination of the girl. It was not so much the pain itself, but the feeling of absolute control and domination. Chloe’s body jolted as Horse continued to pummel her from behind. Every so often he gave her a hard smack on her arse cheeks, until there were bright red finger marks all over the spongy white flesh. The fatty flesh wobbled on Chloe’s arse each time his groin smacked into her rump. When Horse slowed down to compose himself for a few seconds, he admired the light brown skin around the rim of her anus; naturally smooth, soft and hairless. Perfect. The thought had crossed his mind to graduate to anal sex, but he knew that her back entrance would be way too small to take him.

Jamie let out a soft moan as Janette slid her hand in. “If you ask me, I think she likes it” Marie told Janette. Janette leaned in slowly and gave Jamie a slow passionate kiss. Suddenly to anyone’s surprise, Jamie lifted Janette’s shirt and took it off. By this time, Jamie’s shorts were already down by her thighs as Janette slowly fingered her. Her hips began moving in a circular motion as Janette inserted one, then two fingers inside of her. Jamie was totally exited and any little rubbing would make her go off in a second. But she didn’t want that. She knew that the her friends were far more experienced than her and she wanted to last for them. Jamie pushed Janette off and stood up. She took of her shorts and her shirt, showing the off her firm D cup breasts that she was so proud of. She walked on over to where Marie was sitting and pulled her up to her feet.

But what really turned me on was his smile. His smile just did something to me. It was weird, I had never really saw him the same way that I now did. He had always been very nice to me, and would sometimes give me a piece of candy if Mr. Gibbs wasn’t around. “ Jenny you sure are getting cute, I bet you are driving the boy’s wild.” Said Roy. “ I don’t know, I just now started to notice boy’s.” I said. “ Well you are what 12” “About to be 13” I quickly corrected him. “Well at almost 13 you will probably have a boyfriend soon.” he said. “ It doesn’t seem the boy’s my age are grown up enough for me. “ You mean hurt me with this.” I said as I reached out and grabbed his dick through his pants. “Jenny you are to young to be doing that.” he said.

“Bon appetit, monsieur” smiling, and turning back to our table leaving him to his furious wife. “OH bonjour” I beamed as I found the lovely waitress standing beside Alison watching the little incident, and obviously looking down her dress. “Hello again” she said “I didn’t think I would see you again so soon. I have only started my shift, so I am delighted not to have missed you. Is there anything I do for you now that I am here.” Her beautiful smile took my breath away. I apologised, realising that the kilt was up to its old tricks, and had ridden up, when standing up from our table and bending over to pick up the napkin. I pushed my skirt down with both hand, hiding my near-naked bum and suspenders. “No need to apologise to me, it was a charming view, much appreciated by me and a few others as well. Hehee, It has quite made my day, and only sorry that you hadn’t stayed longer in that position.

This is why I like doing this. The work day is so much fun when you can bang your coworkers. If you can get away with this, I highly suggest it. If you work in an office with cubicles this can be good. Be warned, it can be easy for your neighbor to hear if you are breathing heaving and so forth. Unless you have regular asthma attacks, this isn’t for you. I have never got into this kind of sex. I think that the cubicles are so small, it is too hard to enjoy myself. Most of us drive cars. It is how we get from place to place each day. Why not enjoy that car a little more and have sex on the hood of the car? This can be a great deal of fun if you are the outdoors type of guy. Make sure the car is in park if you choose to do this. You don’t want to be banging the old lady while the car slides down a hill. This is probably my second all time favorite place to have sex. It is kinky as hell and it reminds me of super man. All men like to feel like the man of steal while having sex. Sex in a phone booth can be great. It doesn’t matter if it is the kind with a door or not. I would suggest that even if it has a door, keep it open. It is easy to get hot in such a small area. The only time you want to be huffing and puffing is after you are done, not in the middle of sex. If you are into having sex in public areas, those are some of the best tips I can give. Sex in these areas will please you and your partner more than you can ever imagine. Break out the condoms and enjoy!

“So do you remember when I asked you if you were married when we first met? ” She asked making me grin. “I do remember that, so like, you have a girlfriend and a wife now.” She said as she looked into my eyes. Let me guess, Haylee is my little girlfriend.” I sighed making her bite her lip and nod her head yes. “And that’s not cheating? ” I sighed knowing what she was going to say. “Of course not baby. This is a different situation because we’re keeping it all in the family.” She sighed as she grinned. “I was not expecting any of this, holy god.” I sighed. I wanna fuck you so bad.” She hissed as she ground her slimy and drooling pussy on my dick. “So fuck me then.” I sighed as I thrusted my hips to help her slime my cock. “Mm mm, I wanna see our little girl make you cum.” She sighed making me moan and press my cock against her pussy hard. “It may not take too much, I’ve been rock hard since you two have been home.” I sighed making her moan.