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Date: November 29, 2019

My mom heard it and opened her eyes and looked down to the sight of me just pulling away from her pussy. “What the fuck are you doing? ” As she yelled, I slipped out the bathroom door, and ran into my bedroom, and started thinking of every possible excuse there was. They were all shit. She finally barged into my bedroom wearing a white bathrobe. She stared me in the eye and started to yell. “What the fuck were you just doing in there? “I said what were you just doing in there? “Nothing,” I said pathetically. “Bullshit. Now you tell me what you were doing in the bathroom while I was taking a shower. Wait, you had a camera. Why did you have a camera? She noticed the camera sitting on my bead. She reached for it and grabbed it. I tried to stop her, but she was too quick. She turned it on, and I sat there as I watched her appalled face, as she watched 2 hours of herself naked on film.

She then took some lube and wet the dildo. She then inserted it into my soaking wet pussy. She slowly starting pushing it in and out. It felt good. I was truly enjoying the feeling of having something moving in and out of my little twat. The fact that a female was doing it just added to the experience. I was well off my way to another orgasm and within minutes I was gushing juice out of my pussy again. I then recovered and we got dressed. “ Jenny, I want for you to talk to Roy and have him and you come and see me tomorrow morning before he goes to work. But don’t tell him anything other than I want to talk to him about what I saw.” she said. I then left and went to tell Roy. He seemed so scared, so I told him that I thought we were okay with her, but she wanted to talk to us.

“Did he touch your vagina? Again Cindy became bashful. What a brave girl she’d raised. She was proud of her daughter for not being shy about her curiosity and desires. “Cindy, I’m not at all concerned with anything you’ve told me and I know you and Daryl will probably just carry on with your explorations. Do you have any questions about anything you else you saw in the book? “Honey we’re both a bit uncomfortable but really, we’re so far into this now we really should just get everything out in the open. I’ve always tried to impress upon you that there is absolutely nothing wrong with any part of sex if you’re ready for it. Cindy looked at her mom and leaning in towards her, with wide eyes she said There were pictures of a girl and the guy had his cock in her mouth. She was apparently doing oral sex.

He was getting me ready I assumed! The nerves were not that bad though, as he continued to suck my cock from behind the whole time. I then felt my Cock pop out of his mouth and he slowly removed his fingers from being inside of me! He then whispered to me to get on his bed. The nerves filled me again. He placed me in the middle of his bed, on my hands and knees. I was very nervous now, I knew what was probably gonna happen, but I wasnt sure what to expect. At times it hurted a little but the pleasure outweighed the pain part! I questioned myself is that his cock? I realized it was his finger again. Only one. He pulled it in and out a few times and again worked it in a circular motion. Getting me ready one last time I assumed. Then I felt his fingers in between my ass cheeks, my asshole and cheeks felt very wet from the lube he had put on . I was filled with nerves. I had a pretty good Idea of what was probably gonna happen next.

Editor’s note: This is not my story, please understand that I did not write this story so I don’t take any credit. I had to translate this story into English so I apologize before hand if the story is hard to read, I did the best I could to translate it without any errors. I don’t know but some things are best left to your imagination. My name is Pilar, I am 47 years old, and I have to tell you that this sex stories website has fulfilled my empty sexual lifestyle. But I was burn out of all of that, I couldn’t take it anymore, I needed something “hotter” that I could put in my mouth. I assure you that I was absolutely desperate, alone and needy in that aspect. I don’t know, one of those serious topics, I’m not sure. His dad lives the good life! Well anyway, after I calm myself a bit I will tell you that that night I found myself alone in a well deserved session of relaxation. Having remembered what I had heard on the news I told myself “Fuck it!

She was also one of the two girls, apart from my sister, that I kissed, those times when we were fooling around at her place. These days, she talked big about sex, but as I sat there with her, and my sister, I wondered to myself if she’d actually had any. As often happened when Katy was around, the conversation got around to sex, and the girls started to talk about guys around town and at school that they’d like to go to bed with. We had a few laughs about that, and the girls started to challenge each other, asking how far they’d go with particular guys they knew, whether they’d just give head, or go all the way, and stuff like that. Now and again, they’d ask me if I’d screw a particular girl from school, but interestingly enough, they never asked if I’d go down on any of them. Tina and I left Katy’s place, and walked around the block in the dark, and when we got to our house, Steve’s Cherokee was parked in the driveway, behind our mother’s car. “Looks like they’re still here,” Tina said, as we got to our driveway.

“Nice to meet you too.” I let go of her hand. “Would you like to get your tour started? “Please.” She followed me out of the office. I took her to each of the buildings on campus, telling her the history of the building, what it was used for, when it was built. As we walked from building to building we talked about some of our hobbies. We both liked gaming, and anime, and even some of the same anime. I asked about her family, and she said they were in Canada, which it turned out she was from. She did tell me her father was originally from Mexico, and her mother was Japanese Canadian. Well that explains her height, I thought to myself. We finished the tour and I took her back to the admissions office. “Thank you. That was fun” she said with a smile. “You’re welcome” I said, returning her smile. The woman came out from the back with a stack of papers in her hand, and Morgan followed her back into the back.

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I figured she must just want the details from my first date, and I was right. “There’s my big boy! So tell me everything! ” I sat down next to her and told her everything about doing the 69 with Danielle, she was surprised, and also happy for me. “So you probably don’t want a bedtime BJ then? She got up and dropped to her knees in front of me and I pulled my dick out. She dripped saliva onto the head and began stroking it. I closed my eyes and leaned my head back as she lowered hers, taking my cock into her mouth. As my mom gave me head on the sofa I thought about Danielle, I wanted to have sex with her, and I knew that if I kept refusing she’d get bored with me. But I also didn’t want to embarrass myself either. I pondered this awhile, until my body was ready to cum. I emptied my balls into my mother’s loving mouth. She was still the best cock sucker I’ve had.

Laying on her back and side, Dewayne picked up her left leg and held it high. Again fully exposed, he slipped his manhood into her crevices. Some small particles of sand clung to the dick. But this acted more as turn-on to Bridget rather than an irritant. Bridget then lay on squarely her back. Dewayne began eating her pussy, while beginning to gently play with her ass. Needing no additional encouragement, Dewayne did as he was told. He inserted his finger into Bridget’s mouth. She began sucking it like a cock, getting it very wet. She knew it’s ultimate destination. Dewayne relocated the wet middle finger to her behind and inserted it gently. “Fuuuucccckkk,” Bridget said exhaling as Dewayne began gently massaging her ass with his finger. Bridget moved her hips in rhythm with his fingers. The pain and pleasure increased but Bridget was getting ready for the long awaited main attraction. Now 69ing again, both did their job.