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Date: November 27, 2019

As he finished in the bathroom, it occurred to him that just down the hallway was the cure for his morning wood. As he washed his hands, he saw that a box of condoms had been placed next to his sink. He grabbed one and headed out. He bent over and kissed Michelle on the cheek and whispered in her ear, “I’m going to go take care of business with Nicole, okay? Michelle stirred and nodded. Todd headed down the hallway, entering Nicole’s room. Nicole was still asleep, in almost the exact same pose as her mother. It was startling just how much the two of them looked alike. Nicole was clad in a tank top and sleep pants, which accentuated her sexy figure. Todd absent-mindedly rubbed his hard on. He was surprised by Michelle walking in behind him and wrapping her arms around him. “Well are you just going to stare at her, or fuck her? “I’m not sure.” Todd confessed.

She was so beautiful, and her mouth wrapped around my dick was one of the best things that I had ever seen. She caught me looking down on her and pulled my dick out again. “I want you to cum in my mouth.” She said as she paused for only a moment before putting my dick back in. She was starting to moan a little bit now, supplementing her purposeful stroking and sucking. The sounds of her slight moan and the sounds of her mouth’s suction on the head of my dick filled the room. I let myself relax and let the feeling rush through me, and I could start to feel the cum ready in me. I pulled my dick out of her mouth, grabbed my shaft, and let a massive load of cum go right in Jenny’s mouth. It was more than she could handle, and cum dripped over her lips and chin landing on her lap.

Once they were both comfortable again Miles continued on with Kristen and their therapy session. Kristen said, “Well, I thought I had everything planned out but Mr. Bowen or should I say Sam took over. How great was that? My mouth actually watered wanting it to slip into my mouth and I spit on the long part of his thingy. I began to move my hand up and down on his long hard shaft. I was just much more experienced with sex than his daughter and Nicole put together and I wanted to show him that I could do anything he wanted me to do. It took me a few bobs of my head up and down on his love torpedo then I opened my mouth and relaxed my throat then swallowed all six thick inches of him right down to here. He went all the way down here Doctor Spencer. It me made so excited the way his penis just slid in and then down my throat.

Who now even more so after not, having sex for over a week hopes, that he will not stop! Almost a full hour passes quickly as this battle continues. Mike and Bryson watch in awe as orgasm after orgasm occur and the young virile Randall matches her pussy humping down, with his hard black cock thrusting up! Mike with Brysons help has pulled Mich who is a bit unwilling to let go, free! She has said nooo! Then, have forced her down on her knees in front of Randal’s, still incredibly hard cock ! Now all three have their cocks out, Michelin takes turns on each of them and finally settles down on Rand’s black cock! Randall with the pleasure of it all, is face fucking Michelia’s red lips forcefully! Having only thought of her as a straight laced naive young woman, one that would never do anything like this, especially something so perverted and dirty only adds to the incredible sex that has gone on!

“ Yes he did. His first load I completely swallowed. What you got was from his second load. Remember when he said, “ keep going, keep going “, that was right after I swallowed his first load. God that guy can squirt a lot of sperm. “ Yeah, he sure is a shooter, we’ll put him on our “ friends list “. “ That’s for sure Gary, that’s for sure! Wanna screw me before we leave? “ I thought you’d never ask Barb. We both got undressed and when I slid my cock into her. Barb’s er pussy was soaking wet. “ You know your pussy is so wet it’s almost dripping? “ Yes, I know, does it feel good to you? “ It does feel great, I like the feeling, I’m thinking that someone maybe like Roland just finished screwing you and I’m getting those sloppy seconds you talked about. A few pumps later I pulled out and squirted my sperm on her stomach and chest. Barb reached down and just smeared the sperm around then put her hand up to my mouth and I licked it clean. “ I liked that Gary, thank you. I think there is going to be a lot more to come. “ I hope so Barb. “ Not to worry dear, it’s going to happen, you can count on it! Besides, we have those pictures to use in our ad in the “ Cocoa-‘N-Cream “ magazine.

He lunged for the ball as it came back to his side before Danny or Trent could get to it. Based on the rules of their game, he could throw again. This time, he wasn’t aiming for one cup in particular but instead he was hoping to just come close to hitting anything. He performed his next throw behind his back and saw the ball grace the edge of one of the middle cups before bouncing up and over the rim and into the same cup. “Nothing but a lucky ass shot,” Trent said. Nick noticed a girl walk up to Danny and whisper in his ear. The girl was considerably shorter than him so he had to bend down to hear what she was saying. Danny began to walk away from the table and the girl stepped up to take his place. “Hey, no celebrities,” Mari said. “Danny is going to be indisposed for the moment,” the girl said.

I agreed and she turned to the man sitting on the stool next to her and asked him if he would like to dance. They moved to the dance floor and began dancing. I could see her talking to the man and he began to smile, pulling her closer. Then his hands began to explore her body and he began to kiss her neck. His hands were squeezing her ass when she looked at me and smiled a cautious smile. She brought him back after the dance and introduced him as Shane. She said he was very willing to participate in my birthday special request but that he wanted a little “romance” time before retiring to our room. I readily agreed. They then returned to their drinks and continued to talk and touch. I became excited as I watched him touch my wife in ways only I had ever done and her responses to his touches were an even greater turn on. My wife was a virgin when we married and up until now I was her only partner. Shortly, Maria turned to me and said, “we’re ready” and started for our room with me trailing behind.

She remained looking out of the window for a few more minutes. She then went to have a shower at least she could make him a decent breakfast when he came home. Danny was now getting very wet as the morning rain storm changed into a full blown winter storm. It was also trying to snow a little bit, he was very cold as his jacket was a summer jacket and not really meant for this kind of weather. He continued on with delivering the papers, he had nearly finished the first round and was hoping to be back home after about another an hour or so. Joan in the shop was also looking out of the shop door at the whether she felt very guilty for sending him out in this bad weather. Diane had finished her shower and now just dressed in her dressing gown was pacing up and down and kept looking out of the window. She had some milk on the cooker on low ready to make him a nice hot chocolate when he came home.

” Aiden shouted. Haley wasn’t sure should would be able to come again. She was so turned on though she thought maybe she could pull it off. Aiden’s fingers were smaller so instead of just putting a few in he stuck his whole hand inside of Haley’s dripping cunt. His little tongue was licking hard on her clit as he fisted her. Haley screamed, she didn’t think it could get any better, but it did! Landon was sucking on her raw nipple twisting and pulling the other with his hand. Parker was giving her the most passionate kisses she had ever had. Their mouths were crushed together and he was holding her to his face as she moaned into his mouth. Little Aiden was resilient as his whole arm fucked Haley only getting faster and better. He bit down on Haley’s clit and it sent her over the edge as she had her third orgasm. She screamed and Aiden continued to pound into her until she stopped moaning. He pulled his hand out and licked it. “Mmm Haley, you taste like candy,” he said sucking on his fingers. Haley sighed. Her pussy was raw and she was fully satisfied. The boys cuddled up next to her and she held them all. Her boys she thought, they were just nymphos who loved to please her!

Salman is my twin brother. Most girls find him attractive, even now that he’s married. He’s six foot tall, dark, handsome and twenty-eight. He’s fourty minutes older than me. But we’re not identical twins. I’m much better looking. And Sana is such a knockout you wonder what she’d see in either of us. Then again, there’s probably not a man in the world that could match up to her looks. And by the way, did I tell you she’s also unbelievably sexy? You wonder why such a sex goddess would let herself be tied down to one man. And perhaps the wrong man at that, since we all know she fell in love with me first. But I have this allergy to the word marriage. I don’t ever intend to let myself be tied down to one woman, even the most beautiful Helen the world had ever seen. Anyway, Salman was madly in love with her so why should I break my promise to myself and make life miserable for all three of us? Actually, maybe I’ll get married in my fourties, to some gorgeous twenty year old.