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“Seems like it is our lucky number today,” Ronja mumbled as they stepped inside. The apartment had literally two rooms, a larger room inside the door that was a joint living room and bedroom. Behind this room there was a smaller kitchen without any doors and windows. “One single exit, sounds like the fire department should go nuts on this,” Ronja commented as they sneaked inside. “I think there used to be a doorway to the entrance hall also, but somehow they convinced the city department to look the other way when closed that entrance when they built the restaurant,” Maria said. “It goes to the same backyard,” Ronja commented when there suddenly was a great bang behind them as the door slammed shut. Both girls jumped at the sound and turned towards the door. “Weird, I didn’t notice any draft,” Maria said and went over to the door. She took hold of the doorknob, but it did just spin around without anything happening.

One in particular listened to my fantasies. And even told me several of his own. On several occasions we’d tried to meet with him, but either our schedules did not coordinate or I chickened out. Usually, it was me that chickened out and could not go through with it. He is a very busy man though and several times I assumed he’d given up on my fantasies and me. To my surprise, his patience never faltered. Off and on through the past couple of years we talked. He always mentioned meeting but never forced the issue. I hung out in the background watching interracial porn and reading all the stories of all these great adventures. I listened time and time again to several men tell me that I should just give into my craving. They would tell me, “You got a body made for the brothas.”, “Your ass is so thick, you could take my fat cock and I’d have you screaming in ecstasy.” , “You have a beautiful PHAT AZZ!

Barb started rubbing my cock and in about a minute or so I shot my load in my pants. She said, “ that didn’t take long, you really are turned-on aren’t you? I replied, “ lets continue this after we get home and you’ve had a chance to take a look at the magazine I have in the trunk. “ OK “ Barb replied. “ One of her other favorite things to do is to give me a hand job and watch my cock squirt the sperm into the bathroom sink. Sometimes I call her “ My Sperm Queen “, she has a true fetish for watching sperm squirting out of a cock. As for me, I’m straight, 6’ 3”, 205 lbs., but relative to this story that’s not important. After we got home I went into the trunk and got the magazine titled “ Cocoa-‘N-Cream “ and handed it to Barb.

She got all the attention in the family, and had nice growing tits and ass. I envied her and watched her get more than just attention from males. I would start with my brother and uncle. As a young girl these were the first guys I wanted to want me and have sex with me…. Next, the boy down the street, then two male teachers and a girl I got a sexual crush on in school. Yes, a girl. She was the first girl I got sexually aroused over….but ….my very first sexual turn on… was a boy I liked named Dana, who lived just down the street. He use to go by on his skate board and smile at me. Nothing ever happen…but I would change all that now. I would have him stop and talk to me. He would look all excited at my hot body. We would go in the garage and he would feel me up and kiss me. We would get in the back seat of my Daddy’s car and he would take my panties off and lick my pussy.

She smiled at me, and I put my hands on the sides of her head as I pressed my cock against her thick lips. She opened up and sucked me straight in. I could still hear her stream of piss as I thrust into her mouth. She hummed and sucked, and looked straight into my eyes as I started to fuck her face. She started to rub her clit as I pounded her throat. I was really thrusting and pushing and felt my balls on Maria’s chin. She kept looking straight into my eyes as she rubbed her clit and tugged on her big nipples. For the third time that night I blew a huge load of cum in Maria. I could hear my cum gargle in her through as she gagged on it, and her whole body tensed as she came again. My knees went weak, and I leaned back against the wall.

Vinny turned the engine off and asked Davine to take her blind fold off. At first Davine was very confused, she did not understand what she was doing here. Looking through the dark windows she could see that they were in some kind of disaffected car park, it was definitely abandoned, there was old cars smashed up a bit everywhere. After a good look she however noticed that there were some more modern cars with men that were walking around them. She kept observing what was happening and tried to understand what was going on. She could see the men approaching the cars and knocking on the windows, every so often the window was going down and after a while the door was opening and the man disappeared in the car. Eventually the women got the cock out and was wanking it making sure her mouth was wide open just in front of the cock head to take the sperm in.

She reached back and guided my cock into her moist, hot, vagina, and then she began moving up and down on my stiff cock, her breasts bouncing in my face. I captured one and guided the nipple to my mouth. Now Granny was squirming and moaning again, and this time I began humping as well, thrusting my raging cock up into her hot pussy. I rammed my cock repeatedly up into her until I could no longer summon the strength to lift my backside off the bed, but much as I wanted to, I could not climax. Granny could and did, loudly and forcefully, then rolled off me to lie beside me and pant. Reaching out she felt for and found, my cock, then said softly, “Here ends the first lesson, I think you could do quite a few things for me” as she gently teased it. We lay for half an hour then showered and adjourned to the kitchen for coffee and toast, surprised to find that it was almost midnight.

The theatre I was presenting was getting boring for me. I drank a cup of sake myself in the kitchen all alone. I had my Japanese house dress, over my slip. I would just sit there painting my toe nails. Asian women’s feet are a very sexual thing to us. Most Asian women’s feet are used as a sexual device. We are trained at an early age to use them. We keep them well pampered as you can see I am doing. We can and only if trained properly make our feet mold around any man’s penis. We can move them separately or together and make a man cum just as good as a vagina. As I painted my toe nails making fancy designs on them one of the players walked in. I knew he could see right up my house dress but I acted as if I didn’t know he could and let him take a good long look. Now the man walks over to me and touching my knee he smiles and asks for a glass of water.

Sex is an art practiced since centuries and is described in all the religions. There are various positions explained in kamasutra to achieve divine pleasure and enlightenment. Kamasutra is a holy book on love that describes a large number of coital positions. Sex is an art practiced since centuries and is described in all the religions and carved in various temples in Hindu religion. There are various postures and positions explained in kamasutra to achieve divine pleasure and enlightenment. Kamasutra is a holy book on love in Indian civilization that describes a large number of coital or lovemaking positions. The Kama Sutra manual has 36 chapters, organized into seven parts, each written by experts in the respective fields. In ancient time, these manuals were usually given to girls approaching puberty to prepare them for a full sexual life. Each posture is given a special name such as – conjunction of sun and moon; splitting a bamboo; position of a cow, a dog, a tiger, a horse, a monkey, a crab, a tortoise, an elephant. More than 200 different positions are there in which lovemaking is possible. Many of these positions differ so slightly one wonders if they make any difference.

“Well damn Michelle, don’t you look hot! ” Michelle was my mom’s name, Lyla poked fun at her outfit. “Hey, I had to look the part! ” Mom scoffed back. “Hi Adam.” She gave me a knowing smile that made me blush. “Hi.” I stared down at my feet. We went in and sat on the couch. It was big and deep and very nice. The room was dark except for lit candles around the place. Lyla and my mom drank some wine and caught up a bit. Then their conversation turned to me. “So Adam, are you nervous at all? ” Lyla asked me. I nodded. “What exactly are you nervous about? Being naked in front of a girl? “Oh he has, I made him cum in the car on the way over here.” Mom interjected, quite proudly. Lyla raised her eyebrows and grinned, I blushed and looked down again. It was strange to hear her admit to someone that she was sucking her son’s cock. “Well in that case”, Lyla continued, “being able to control how fast you cum during sex just comes with practice, as does being able to make the girl cum.