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Date: December 2, 2019

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Danny stopped at the refreshment table to grab water for him and Lizzy, as he had promised. By the time he forced his way through the crowd to find Lizzy again, he couldn’t help but be amazed by her radiant beauty. Her gold glitter dress sparkled like diamonds amidst a sea of darkness. “Thanks for the water,” Lizzy said as she took the plastic cup from Danny and took a drink. “What were you talking about with Jake and Trent over there? What do you think about that? Danny made his way close to Lizzy and pressed the front of his body against hers before whispering in her ear. He felt Lizzy’s petite hand graze the front of his white slacks. She began to massage his impressive length back and forth, paying special attention to his head, which had made its way out of his underwear down the middle of his right thigh.

But the sounds of “YEAH, that’s right, fuck my cunt!, Fuck!, My!, Cunt!” kept coming from the speakers. After a while, I started to hear a slow rhythmic panting on top of the scratchy pornographic screams coming from the computer speakers. Ever so gently, I turned and peeked out with one eye from behind the filing cabinet to see a most incredible sight. There she was, my Mother, splayed out and arching her back over the computer chair. The buttons of her tight office work shirt were undone, leaving her flat, toned, stomach and perky round D-cup bra visible. But the most shocking thing was the fact that she had one hand down lower and was ploughing herself relentlessly in her dripping Gash with a gigantic black dildo. I jerked my head back around, breathing hard and my heart racing, only to find my cock harder than ever before. Staring helplessly, it slowly dawned on me that I was hard from seeing my Mother getting herself off.

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I crumple onto the bed; man I love fucking. I feel Dee’s hand reaching for mine, I held it and looked across to her. She’d turned, so that her legs are hanging off the bed. Kiki is between her legs slurping away at her (now cream filled) pussy. Kiki liked being fucked in the ass, she likes anything I, or anyone else does do to her. Kennedy on the other hand always hated it, so we never did it. If you haven’t read the previous parts, Kennedy and Kiki are the same person, she just doesn’t act like she is. I find the lube and condoms in the nightstand; porn stars always have those handy. I slip on a condom and lube up, then ram myself up Kiki’s ass. Kiki likes a rough ass fucking, well, that’s redundant, as I said, Kiki likes anything I do to her. So lets rephrase that, Kiki really seemed to like her ass fuckings rough.

You are so sexy I am more than ready. We stopped talking and kissed some more as my hand roamed down to her crotch. One finger slid easily into a juicy hole. She rolled onto her back and parted her legs as I rolled on top. We kissed some more while I kept lightly pushing my cock forward trying to find her hole. I raised up a little to allow her hand to go down between our bodies to grasp my cock. She said in awe, “Your are very hard. I slowly eased in and I could hear her lightly moan in pleasure. I hoped it was pleasure because it felt so good to me. She pulsated on my cock and I said, “Wow! We took our time and often kissed. We were sharing a long open mouth kiss as we approached orgasms, but broke the kiss in order to breath when we both exploded.

Eventually, they regained their composure and Adam managed to keep his eyes open. Taking his first look into those expressive brown eyes which he loved so much, Harry asked, “So why do you giggle at me first thing every morning? “Ah, you know me babe, always giggling at something” Adam smiled. “Hmmm,” Harry agreed, “That’s why I love you”. “What because I laugh at you every morning? ” he asked glancing wearily over at the man he loved, still struggling to keep his eyes open. ” Harry grinned, “because you’re always happy! “What do you mean? ” Harry asked curiously. Adam leaned over onto his side so that he could face Harry properly. Gazing into his tired green eyes he asked, “What’s with the philosophical mood this morning? Usually I just get a cuddle” He smiled. “Hmm,” Harry answered, “no reason, I just want to talk to my boyfriend for a while” he smiled back.

Me and Dad made a agreement that morning. I would move into his room and sleep with him at night, taking care of him often in the bed. Fix him a few good meals a week, and pamper him on occasion. Dad went to work and I laid back down in his bed, I realized that I was now free in the house to do what-ever I wanted sex wise. I mean Dad and Jason both had already fucked me and I knew both would happen again soon. I only had one problem, I was horny as hell from sucking dad’s big dick and I had no-one to help me with my issue. I said what the hell and took off the pajama’s that I had but on after the shower and laid on the bed and spread my legs. I would rather have someone else take care of me I thought, but no-one was home so I started rubbing my wet little pussy.

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