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She stood up, holding back the tears that were sure to come. She rushed to the kitchen door, wanting to escape his cold gaze. As she opened it Fauna looked back, glaring at him. “My family did not sell me. I refused my boyfriend a blow job and he broke up with me. I ran off, and was kidnapped.” With those last words she turned away, leaving the room and never looking back. If Lotus wanted to kick himself in the ass before, he really wanted to bust his face against the marble counter now. He really fucked up this time, and he wasn’t sure there was any way Fauna would ever forgive him for it. Winter’s physical seemed to drawl on and on. The doctor asked him numerous questions and had a variety of tests performed. He even took two vials of blood. Winter hadn’t realized it until he arrived at the clinic, but this was no normal physician. By the look of the patients in the waiting room, they were all slaves as well. Each had a master or mistress with them, were dressed in skimpy clothing, and cuffed.

Esther gasped and reached back to feel it. “It’s inside me.” She uttered the obvious statement with wonder. The shiny black disc covered the spot where her scrunchy asshole used to be. Sam took the opportunity to suck on her own plug, then slip it inside. Her hole didn’t need quite as much coaxing. She wasn’t the biggest fan of anal, but she loved having her ass filled with a toy. The problem was, her other holes were feeling left out. Her gaze shifted towards the large cock in the room. Then the guy attached to it cast a spell. “Somnium deambulatio,” he spoke, and blasted a young woman who was asleep on top of a mystery novel with a swirl of sandy smoke. Oh yeah, she’d completely forgotten about the second part of the plan. She beckoned to Esther as the sleeping woman rose up and blinked open her eyes. She took in the naked threesome without a hint of concern.

Give her a kiss, boy. Wymer: Suck the nipple, sir. Headmaster: Good. Good. Good, well done, Wymer. Duckworth: Stroking the thighs, sir. Headmaster: Yes, I suppose so. Another: Bite the neck. Headmaster: Good. Nibbling the ear. Watson: Yes sir. Sorry sir. What’s the belly button for? Putting your gum in on the way down! One thing that I highly recommend however, is a sexy look. Take time to stop, look up and smile devilishly. Watch it, some women are very ticklish here! Kiss her legs and inner thighs with gentle kisses. Now move to her cotton (silk? lace? latex?) covered sex. Removing the underwear is again a matter of choice. It is not unusual for your partner’s lips to be closed together. A very excited woman’s lips may be slightly spread already (“pouting”). Do not inflate your partner! This can be very dangerous! Some women are much more sensitive than others however. Tiring, maybe. But it’s worth it! Tongue the ABC’s. No seriously! Talk to your partner, ask her what she likes.

Oh, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, aungh . Elaine stopped jacking my cock, and slide off of me onto the mattress. She leaned forward and began to kiss Karen’s lips forcefully. Karen quickly responded and soon their tongues were a swirl of exchanged passion. Karen’s recovery from her long-overdue climax was astounding. I watched in awe as Elaine rolled to her back and pulled Karen on top of her. The still impaled double-dickey bouncing wildly as she maneuvered into position. Karen quickly straddled Elaine’s legs and rode upward toward the glistening knob of the latex prick. She raised herself upward and using two fingers guided the dildo into her dripping lips. As she lowered herself onto the cock, her eyes rolled back and she moaned in absolute pleasure. With the rubber buried between two hot cunts, Karen lay forward until her tits were mashed against Elaine’s, their nipples coupling in sync with their fucking.

I had never thought about that, Dad would love to have some fun with Jennifer. Jennifer then started talked about not having gotten pregnant yet. She asked if Jason would come over and service her on a consistent basis. I said that he probably would but I had another idea first. “ I want for you to hook up with my dad. I think that he would really enjoy you.” I said. “ Michael is in Israel right now on business. Do you think he could come over tonight? I told her that I would check on it. We stayed and chatted till about 3pm talking mostly about our new gig at the strip club. Jennifer was excited about it. I really didn’t care as much about the money as the sex but then again I liked the thought of having so much money. We talked about what we was going to do with the money. I thought it funny that me and Mallory both wanted the same thing. We wanted to save most of it and get us a car and then a house.

Greg could tell that I was super hard at this point and stayed beside her as he asked me if I wanted to fuck her. I was more than happy to let him go ahead and fuck the shit out of her as she desperately needed and wanted, but I wasn’t about to pass up on this pussy that was screaming for dick. Greg held open her legs as I moved in between them and placed my dick inside of her eager pussy. He moved up to the recliner and watched as I fucked her hard and fast, and came as fast, obviously not fulfilling all of her needs. Once we were finished and Greg noticed she was still horny and wet, he called for Teresa and she responded quickly as I lay on the floor beside her wet spot. I lay on the floor and watched them kiss. He continued to whisper in her ear and she responded very positively. Greg then asked me if I had any porn that Teresa liked. I got up and found a DVD that Teresa and I most recently purchased from our local porn shop.

I was about 8 and I was having a lot more of those feelings when I wanted to take my pants down and touch myself and I often put my finger into my vagina. One day I did it and it felt great and just kept rubbing my finger in to me. By then I realised what I was doing with my parents was not what other kids did with their parents and even some of the older girls said they would never let a boy fuck them. I knew what a fuck was – that’s what Mommy and Daddy did but they never called it that very often. A day or so after I had what I thought was going to be an orgasm Daddy and I were in my bedroom and I had just finished sucking him. I really liked that and so did he – he never said no to me if I asked him if I could. I told him what had happened and if it was alright for me to do it and go that far on my own.

“Sit where you were,” he said as he sat at the other end. “But, I’m dripping wet. I’ll make a spot on the couch,” I said. I rushed to the bathroom and got two bath towels out of a cabinet. As I positioned myself like he had, I realized how exposed my pussy was with my knees spread so far apart. “Mm that looks so pretty,” Bobby said. I looked at him and saw he was staring directly at my pussy which tingled with excitement. I looked at his peter and realized how large his balls looked. I had never actually looked at them before. They were resting with apparent comfort on the white towel. He wrapped his right hand around his peter and began stroking deliberately up and down. I dipped all four fingers of my right hand into the moisture within the lips of my pussy and watching Bobby I attempted to match him, stroke for stroke.

Barbara walked into the store where the books were sold and hanging on the wall was an assortment of sex toys including various sizes and shapes of dildos. After a few minutes deciding what to buy and feeling the eyes behind the counter fixed on her, Barbara chose a long twelve inch black rubber dick. She brought it up to the counter to pay. Barbara didn’t say a word. There was a moment of silence. Again Barbara said nothing. Ray stood there waiting to see what Barbara was going to do next as George keep teasing her. George replied. “Mine is a big as that, and looking at you is making it grow.” George walked around in front of the counter while Barbara finally spoke up to him. Barbara asked. Now George stood right next to Barbara. Barbara remain dead silent again. George placed his rough hands on Barbara’s shoulders staring directing into her eyes.

Still biting my lip nervously, I slowly looked up, to see him now leant toward me, a caveman like grin on his face, his eyes wide and licking his lips. Hi, my name is Lucy.’ I quietly stammered. His eyes slowly worked their way up my legs, over my naval and paused momentarily on my boobs. Without even thinking, like when you do something stupid, but only realise how silly it was after you’ve done it. ‘ Ello Lucy. You are a tasty bit’ a muff, aren’t you! Thank you.’ I squeaked, through a forced smile to show I accepted his compliment. ‘Are you a model? ’ He said, not taking his eyes off my legs. ‘No, but I would love to be. People have said I’m pretty enough, but I’m not tall enough for the catwalk, so I’d have to do glamour. ‘You just gota get on the net and start replying to ads.