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Date: December 1, 2019

I went on a downward spiral and it was insisted by both my son and his wife I come live here until I felt like meeting the world again. Stubbornly I accepted on condition it would not be long, here I was 4 years later. Now I had decided I needed company, these sites were not for love, it was pure sex. I had tried women more my age, and even had a date with one, she had buried 3 husbands already, I did not intend to be the fourth. Most of the others ignored me too, so I just looked at other sites, I came across the young/old site by chance. Deciding to make a profile I sent off for my free trial, if this failed then I would accept I was no longer datable and get back to reality. Mary had I hoped been my salvation, something to look forward too and now that hope was gone, Sophie had a lot of explaining to do.

My body fell towards the hard concrete floor, still motionless. The succubus behind me pulled out from my anus, and a stream of hot glowing green cum was connected from my anal entrance to the tip of her dick. After the stream slowly fell towards the ground, a large amount of her cum came out of my anal entrance, dripped fast down my crotch, and onto the cement ground. The cum that landed on the floor had hot steam coming from it, but it wasn’t hot enough to injure someone’s internal or external body parts. She knelt down on her knees watching this while cum droplets continued to flow from the entrance of her dick, and onto the ground with steam as well before she stood up. The succubus with her dick in my mouth pulled all the way out, and a stream of green cum was connected from my mouth to the tip of her dick.

She had such joy in her flushed cheeks, her blue eyes shining. I rushed around the car, climbed into the driver seat, and started the engine. She whooped in delight as I backed out of the space, her ass shoved right at me. Her jeans clung to it. The denim was in the way, hiding the truly delicious parts about her. I placed my hand on her rump as I drove through the parking lot. I squeezed her ass, feeling her butt-cheeks flex through the denim as she wiggled. She would look so beautiful with her tail. I couldn’t wait to buy it for her. I had driven by the Adult Playhouse so many times. It had a sleazy look about it, the XXX flashing in red about the silhouette of a naked woman. All the windows were blacked out. The place promised to sell adult novelties. It promised such wicked delights inside. I got out of my car and headed around the car to Jane’s side. I opened her door and immediately snapped on the leash.

I was so fired up, there was no time or room for gentleness or subtlety here, indeed barely anything in the way of foreplay at all – and what there was, was solely driven by my needs. I guess that since my lesbian sexual awakening I had somehow managed to suppress from my conscious thoughts the luscious attractiveness of Diane’s curvaceous figure, and especially her bulging all-natural 32-E cup breasts above her trim narrow waist. Now I made up for lost time, rubbing them and pinching them and yanking and tweaking her tits. She began to jerk beneath me – not with any effort to get free, but from the nerve flashes that speared from her abused boobs straight to her soaking slit. ‘Oh my God, fucking fuck me, fuck me! ’ wailed Diane, as she lost all of her inhibitions and any last shreds of self-control. I relinquished her breasts, reached down to her waist and tugged her blue denim mini-skirt up above her hips.

Her feet were pale, skinny, and really small. They were really cute with the red toenails and looked very clean since she just took a shower. I tapped my sisters shoulders and gave her my hand-held camera so she can record as I massaged her. I began to massage her right foot first. I held the bottom of her right foot with both hands, the I began rubbing the top of her foot as I worked my way to the sole. I rubbed it very gently and carefully not to hurt my sister. I finished off with shaking and pulling her toes until I heard the crack. My sister moaned as I cracked each one but also started laughing. Once done, I moved on to her left foot. I did the same exact process. But this time, I spit on my hands, then rubbed them together. I massaged her foot again this time with saliva which helped somewhat. I pulled her toes and my sister moaned again as I did. Now I wasn’t sure of what to do. I went on my stomach and leaned my face beside my sisters feet.

He refuses to have any mercy on my throat. Master continues to force his cock down my throat. Master buries his massive cock so far down my throat that my nose is forced into his belly and his balls are resting on my chin. Master holds me there. Not letting me go. Not letting me breathe. When I am about to pass out, he pulls his cock out and lets me gasp for a couple of breaths, then slams his cock back into my throat! Master finally let’s go of my throat and then punches me hard on the back of my head with his fist! “You are learning how to take a good throat fucking, cunt! So good I am about to cum. I guess you have finally earned a good fucking of your sissy cunt now, fuck boi. Get up off your knees and crawl up on the bed. Face down, ass up and come to the side of the bed so I can stand behind you and fuck your ass!

Her speech is nearly incoherent as her flight of ecstasy is thwarted. Slowly, ever so slowly, she returns to the here and now. And with her return to reality, her body returns to a state of desperate lust and unfulfilled arousal. Wretched wails burst forth from deep inside her; so monstrous is her frustration at being denied; having her orgasm literally ripped from her loins. “You bastard. What the fuck is wrong with you? Why can’t I cum? What did I do to displease you? What do you want me to do? Silence hangs heavily for the few seconds it takes her to realize her mistake. A shudder courses through her body, quaking even as she stands rigid and defiant. Her brain struggles to figure out how she can fix this. Ultimately, her mind knows that she screwed up, broke one of his rules, actually several. The first signs of her building dread begin, her skin becomes prickly and icy cold shocks rocket up and down her spine.

Our life proceeded, putting up with the Minnesota winters until we could no longer tolerate those cold, snowy days. Therefore, I found a new job in the sunny southwest. Here we settled in, kids in new schools, and we establishing new friends. My lady too settled into a new job where she met another very pleasant and attractive women who just happened to be a social nudist. Unknowingly, we were about to make a major change in our life, all for the good. For years, I had tried to get my lady to go to the local nudist resort but with no success. It wasn’t until her friend and I concocted an afternoon ride for my lady and her friends new husband. It just so happened our ride ended at the nudist resort that her friend belonged to and that I had been trying to get my lady to visit for twenty years. From this initial day at the nudist resort, my lady became the motivating force for our return visits, she becoming very attracted and active in the nudist lifestyle. I, of course, objected violently (no way) but finally went along with her desires.

She got out of the Rodeo, totally naked not even noticing our down stairs neighbor outside smoking on his front porch and walked up three flights of stairs as Greg and I walked behind her. While I was fumbling for the keys, Greg had Teresa pinned up against the wall outside feeling her up and kissing on her neck. Once I had the door open I stood there and watched them for a little bit before they broke their kiss and came in. Teresa ran in and grabbed the blanket that was on the bed and brought it back out to the floor in the living room. Greg and I grabbed a beer, but they never even got opened. Teresa had other ideas. She lay down on her back and Greg went right between her legs and started to eat her out. Along with having one of the best looking pussies I have ever seen, it also tastes as good as it looks.

“Thanks Ms. Sawyer…” She said softly. “Its no problem hun. And if you have any other concerns feel free to ask me. You can trust me.” Jaci nodded with a smile of approval. The dildo in Nicole’s cunt made her ask the next question. “But out of curiosity Jaci…just how big are we talking? ” Jaci looked up but before a response of any kind, Manny burst in through the door. “So I didn’t beat him up. Guess it was a mistake. “Yeah. Yeah, I’m all good. Ms. Sawyer cleaned me up.” Jaci smiled then quickly left them for the party. “Alright I guess. Thanks Ms. Sawyer.” Manny said moving to follow Jaci. Nicole absentmindedly followed as well. She stopped at the top of the stairs and called down to Manny, who was halfway down. “Be more careful okay. You’re almost adults. And…and be careful with Jaci. She’s a small girl so don’t…force her to do anything she doesn’t want to..” Nicole spouted aimlessly.