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After a few moments the five just laid on the floor, breathing hard and trying to recuperate. Josh got up and went to the bar and asked if any one wanted beer, wine, or water. All four said water, which he pulled out of the fridge. Barb came over and helped him deliver the cool beverage to his guests. Amy asked how everyone was feeling. All said great. Then she asked Brian, “So Babe…… How have you enjoyed your threesome tonight? “Loved it………. Were you for real when you said we can do more of these? “Hell yeah…….. Especially if I can have two cocks to play with……. That made all of them laugh. Then Amy suggested they all head up to the master bedroom, where it would be more comfortable on a bed. She didn’t want to get rug burns on her ass, knees, or back. Ronnie second that motion.

Katie’s sounds of intense pleasure signaled how close Katie was to orgasm. Finally her body tensed in one powerful contraction her back arching slightly. Katie fell back into the bed, breathy moaning in orgasm. I was amused by the proud, almost smug look on Kristen’s face as she watched Katie Slowly come down off her orgasm. But I liked how Kristen was actually getting paid to have sex with Katie. That the weed she bought and shared with friends was obtained by having orgasms. So Kristen was getting off while earning money to support her weed habit. Which is why I believe Katie was annoyed with her and called her a spoiled little brat. But there was even more to this than I had thought. When one of the dvd’s opened with yet another woman with Kristen and Katie. I was shocked when I immediately recognized her as my next door neighbor. Susan was married, 44 yrs old with two college age kids.

Sarah, of course, knew what this increase activity meant and whispered to her husband, “Are you ready to cum darling? “He’s cumming in me right now,” Sarah moaned. “Oh god, he is filling me up! Please, darling, cum for me . With a grunt and a mighty thrust, Jim felt sperm surge up the shaft of his dick and gush into his wife’s waiting womb. Feeling his release, Sarah experienced another intense orgasm. The muscles of her ass and vagina clutched hungrily at the solid shafts filling her body as she convulsed with waves of intense pleasure. Both men held their positions, each seeking to force themselves even deeper into her receptive body. After a minute or so, Carl withdrew his softening cock from her ass, leaving a thick string of his cum to drip down onto the shaft of Jim’s cock. With that as an opening act, Sarah’s weekend was off to a breathtaking start. Over the course of the next two days and nights, she was almost constantly engaged in sex. At any point in the future, Sarah would continue to give Dr. Henry’s therapy all the credit for her successful pregnancy. But in point of fact, it was pure dumb luck. And given that she would have sex with Rafe, William, Carl, Mike, Dr. Henry, and her own husband over the course of the weekend, Sarah never knew for sure who the father of her child was. She suspected Mike was probably the father, because the orgasm she experience with him surpassed any other she had that evening, but while that was in point of fact an accurate guess, she had no evidence to support her theory.

She now moved behind him and pressed her body tight against his trying to get him warm as she rubbed her tits up and down his back. Using them to massage his sore and aching muscles and drive out the cold that was in them. Diane now squeezed more shower gel onto her breasts. She also put some onto her hands which she wrapped around his front and used them to massage his chest and lower body area. She was still pressing her big breasts into his back as she also massaged his front with her hands. Danny could not help but to start to moan as his mother’s hands and the hot water on his body were making him feel wonderful. His muscles were also less painful now as she skilfully massaged him under the hot water. Diane was massaging his front her hands kept bumping into his large hardon which was sticking straight out in front of him. Diane now pressed her breasts tighter against his back making Danny moan a little louder.

I kissed her again, and then she started to help me pack. We just started to pack at a good time, since her parents opened the door and walked in. Me and Britt just looked at each other and smiled. It was time for me to leave. Brittney walked me out to my truck, and we said our good byes. Her sobbing was hard on me, because I loved this woman. I know she loved me too. As I got into my truck, she walked up and kissed me. She shut my door and I left to go home. My shift started early, so I needed to get home. That month was to be the longest month of my life, however, I knew that it was all going to be worth it. I couldn’t wait till she moved in and we could start our lives together. And I hoped it would be forever. That girl was a big part of me and I missed her. To make things worse, is that we made no contact because of the whole plan we had for when she moved in. I jerked off many times thinking of ways I could tease her, and make her wet. I also wondered what she had in store for me.

“Yes, fuck his ass. “I thought you were going to do it? Angela saw Sangeeta walking over, and knew what was going to happen, so she pulled the man’s buttocks apart. Sangeeta got behind him, lined up on her target, grabbed his hips and drove straight in, giving the man six inches in the first thrust. He flinched and yelled when the dildo drove into him, so Sangeeta gave him two more inches. “Yes,” his wife replied. “It’s all part of your special birthday present. You knew about the two women, and this is something else I came up with. Sangeeta started fucking him with long strokes so that the tip of the dildo nearly came out, then plunging back into his ass, giving him all of the length of the dildo. She felt him relax, and so started to fuck him faster. His wife insisted on re-arranging them, pulling his cock out of Angela so she could get him onto his back, getting him to turn on Sangeeta’s dildo as if he was on a roasting spit. He ended up with his legs over Sangeeta’s shoulders, and she restarted her pounding of his ass.

After graduation I came back to the city of my youth, where I found employment at the company I currently work for. I became a trainee in the IT department and began my career. I met Linda in a bookstore. Linda graduated from High School and chose not go to college so she became shop assistant at the bookstore I frequented. I liked reading paperbacks, preferring them to e-books, which were of course at that time still in their infancy. She was a tall brown haired gray-eyed girl with nice C cup breasts. She helped me on numerous occasions to find books and we talked a little. As time progressed, I got the nerve up and asked her for a date. To my great pleasure, she said yes and a relationship soon formed that led to us enjoying an intimate relationship in my bed. We were compatible. She still lived at her parents’ home, but soon after we began sex she moved into my condo. We were living together for almost half year, when I asked her with a beautiful ring to become my wife.

Gradually I began to realise what we had done – I said to daddy kiss me please – I want you to make love to me for my first time. Mommy was frantically rubbing herself – masturbating. He lowered his body down onto mine but didn’t squash me hard. He held himself off me a bit on his elbows. The feeling of him laying on me was great, he was my Daddy but I loved him more than I could ever say. Then he turned his head to me and I kissed him on the cheek. It was a wonderful moment. He asked me how it was feeling and if I wanted him to start. I said yes – I am ready now. The pain had just about gone and I could not believe how big he felt inside me. It was a strange feeling – I could feel his penis deep inside me and my vagina was stretched tightly around it. Then he began to move his cock inside me and everything suddenly began to feel so good, I was quite wet inside me or it felt wet.

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