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She bunched up the covers of the bed in her hands as he penetrated her. It was the best pussy he’d ever felt, not that he had the biggest data set. The perfect combination of tight pressure, slippery wetness, texture, and warmth. Not only that, it took his full 11” monster without a hitch. He was beginning to develop a bit of a fetish for how deep he could get inside a woman, and he was completely buried in this one. Her thin, pink patch was right above his dick, paralleling its path inside her. His fat balls were snug against her curvy ass and thighs. “What are you waiting for Brian? ” she twirled her hair with one hand and lightly slapped her clit with the other, seemingly nonplussed by the skewering taking place. Oh, was he boring her? Fine, he’d give her something to react to. He pulled back, ready to go all out, and his body didn’t respond. He couldn’t move away, his dick was completely stuck. Phoebe laughed, “gotcha.” Then her pussy began doing the fucking. It was hard to explain, but powerful vaginal muscles were somehow pushing and pulling his dick and his entire body.

Graduated, but with no career path planned out. So I simply drifted from job to job. Mostly working retail. My best job without doubt was working at a Victoria’s secret store in a local mall. As I got to flirt with a lot of females. One of those married moms I hooked up with was a customer. But things eventually took a turn for the better when I got reacquainted with Lisa, my best friend growing up. Lisa shocked me when she joined the Navy after HS. I constantly made fun of her for it. But Lisa knew exactly what she was doing. Lisa had recently got back to town and looked me up. So here I was, living paycheck to paycheck. Occasionally having to ask my parents to help out with my rent or car payment. While Lisa was working full time as network administrator. Driving a better car and living in a much nicer apartment.

After giving this event much thought, the twins had come to the conclusion that Margie? That was the only plausible explanation for her sudden change in behavior. And, of course, if they were correct in their conclusion, that meant that their cum was an aphrodisiac to their sensational looking cousin, and always would be. Gratified by that thought, they immediately wondered if, by extrapolation, their cum would also have the same effect on Margie? Mona was not only beautiful and stacked beyond belief; she was a pure prick teaser who just oozed sex. Just hearing her name always gave them hardons. The twins had coveted her body and dreamed about having sex with her ever since they could remember. This fortuitous near carnal cum drugging event with Margie, and its possible extension to include Aunt Mona, had their brains working overtime. It was also keeping their cocks rock hard as they thought endlessly about getting to double team Mona and fuck her day and night for five straight days, in every conceivable dirty way possible.

The girls lined up to pee and wash their hands. We guys were too hard to pee or at least I knew that I was. The others cheered for her. They were going to wait until I had stuck my cock into my sister’s pussy before they fucked their sisters. Brenda and I were the center of attention. Without any further ado she got on her back, lifted her knees, and beckoned me to her. I got between her legs and stopped not knowing exactly what to do. My cock was so hard that it was practically glued to my belly button. Brenda pulled me closer, pushed my cock down, and lined it up with her opening. When she said push, I did and I entered her pussy for the very first time. She was wet and I slipped right in. I asked her if I was hurting her and she smiled.

You look the prefect slut! You wonderful man” she growled through her panting “I never came so hard as I did on the journey home! OK slut. There is only one rule in this house. You are to please me, and that means do anything I want. In return I shall give you what you need. Doc” she whispered “when these new tits bang like this, it is really sore, and then when they swing my pussy goes wild. Yes sir, yes I am, oh God punish me! Oh god that was good” she said. “I wanted to scream and talk so many times,but thought you’d take your cock away. Look Doc” she said and squeezed her nipples. A trickle of white fluid leaked out. “Why I am producing milk? Ah thought this might happen. I do have a solution in place that is bith humiliating and degrading if you want it?

I must have swallowed a quart of it, and pushed out another quart with my tongue! You guys, I know it may sound gross and disgusting to you, sucking off a horse’s cock, but I was pretty impressed with myself that I did this, and that I even took it in my mouth and swallowed some! By the time Charlie finished ejaculating, it was all over me. I just rubbed it all over my tits and stomach, and more on my face again, then I licked my fingers and hands like before. I was charged, I wanted to masturbate as quick as I could, so I just laid down right there and stripped off my bottoms and used Charlie’s come for lubrication. It took me about thirty seconds and I had my second orgasm ever. I felt like I knew all about sex now. I could jack off a two-foot long penis and even suck it down.

Amy smiled, “Great minds think alike Bro…….. I wanted to tell you… I really did….. Then after seeing how it turned out, I thought the same thing………. I’m sure you two can work together…… She has a pretty dead end job, working for that furniture store….. Her talents are so wasted there……… But if we do bring her on, and yes, we can afford it………. Well, you know.” she said with a laugh. “I know…. Keep my dick in my pants…… Yeah. Yeah. Yeah………… Speaking of that…. Would you please quit heading out to Brian’s site at lunch………. Amy just giggled and ignored his request. He knew his sister has a voracious sexual appetite. He’s known that all these years. Hell, even his father had made comments in the past about her and Brian fucking on company time. Sets a bad example for the others, he used to say. “Speaking of sex……. Next weekend……….. You and me, for sure are doing it again…….

“Push those boobs together,” said John. He then fucked the tits until there was no going back and he stood up and cummed all over her. The first 3 shots hit her face and covered it then the last 5 flew onto the two globes. Monica then came over and sucked John’s flaccid cock clean before licking the cum off Devon’s face. She let Devon suck the cum of her own tits before John heard the car pull up. He went into the bathroom to clean himself off then he went back into Mat’s room and played the video games. “So everything was all right? ” asked Mat as he entered the room. “So Devon how was it? ” asked Mat’s mom as she entered the sex smelling room. “It was so great his cock his so huge,” said Devon. “Yeah but I bet he enjoyed those tits,” said Mat’s mom. “Well his girlfriend has the same size and plus she is extremely hot,” said Monica. “Oh well that’s too bad cause he is quite a caught,” said Mat’s mom.

Rafe and Sarah turned to face each other, a movement that put them squarely opposite the sofa Jim and Laura were sitting on. Jim realized that from this angle, he would be able to see every little detail of what was about to happen. Sarah, still wrapped in her terry cloth robe, turned slightly and putting her hand to her mouth, blew a kiss in Jim’s direction. Suddenly, Rafe took Sarah’s hand and placed it on his cock. Jim stopped breathing as he realized what had just happened. He shifted nervously on the sofa as he watched Sarah grasp the cock and begin to move her hand up and down the shaft. Her actions resulted in the rapid growth of the organ. Every stroke of her hand caused the cock to stiffen until it was fully erect and pointing menacingly at Sarah. Jim was no judge of other men’s cocks, but he knew this one was big and he began to grow concerned that Sarah could not handle Rafe without pain or discomfort. “Laura,” he whispered leaning toward her, “he’s too big for her.

After a while my cock worked its way along her slit with this movement and her labia were becoming moist. This now felt great as my cock was now surrounded by her slit – the second time in my life when my cock was against a cunt. I now moved my hands to her butt cheeks to help with this back and forward movement, lifting her a little as I pulled her in so my cock head was rubbing on her clitoris. Then I noticed Monica was lifting herself each time she move forward so that my cock head was moving back on the slit and nearer her vagina. Monica said,”I am a virgin and do not know what to do. Could you help me and tell me what we can do as this is the first time I have been near a man.” Even now I feel the excitement thinking about this encounter. I asked her,”Are your sure you want to go further as I will not be able to stop soon?