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Date: December 1, 2019

This time she wasn’t in a hurry, though I did have thoughts I should get out of their before I expire from the heat. They recommend only 15 minutes at a time in a sauna, all saunas have clocks to help you there. So I know, twelve minutes later I come in Kiki’s mouth, I was quite relaxed about it this time, no holding and choking her. I flop back against the birch panelling behind me, then sit back up in a hurry when I get burnt by the panelling. Next we had reservations in the tea lounge up in the sky lobby on the 23rd floor. The lounge had great views of the strip, but was a bit messed up. Like I said, the hotel has an oriental theme, the tea lounge was decorated all oriental, but served English tea. Usually, I’ll drink coffee, but the tea made a change, along with the scones and pastries and sandwiches.

I gagged, chocked, and spat some back out over him, which earned me a slap. Some of it had gone on the edge of the bowl, and I was told to lick it up, which I did, while he pissed a slow stream in my hair and over my head. I dried myself off and walked back into the bedroom to find him sitting on the bed with a 12 inch, thick black dildo in his hand, covered in lube. He told me to lie on my back and pull me legs up, and slowly started inserting it into my ass. When it was about half way up he climbed up beside me and pulled my mouth onto his dick, fucking my mouth while he worked the dildo further and further into my ass. After a few minutes I was being fucked from both ends and the dildo was as far as it could go in my ass, with about an inch and a half sticking out the bottom.

Moan was starting to let it show a bit, intentionally, but he’d already been blinded by first impressions. The truth is I didn’t know they hadn’t had sex yet. I couldn’t have even imagined my horny brother not fucking her the minute she said ok, which her body language obviously did. It was almost enough to make me change my marriage status. But I was safe there. There is only one Mona and my brother had her. Oh so I thought. I never dreamed she was about to leave off this hopeless non-affair. When I walked in the TV room there was no light on other than the screen. I could see her beautiful features in the blue light. Without thought I stood behind her looking down at her beauty. She kept watching the TV and I mistakenly assumed that a man’s presence was of little importance to her. She must assume I’m Sal because she wasn’t turning around. I moved foward against her so that the back of her head pressed against my stomach. I put my hands on her shoulder, then slid them down the front of her blouse, cupping her breasts.

I lasted 2 more thrusts before exploding in her arse for the second time tonight. Laura stepped back and looked at Michelle. “Was it really that good? ” as she started to rub her tits through her top. “No” replied Michelle, “it was better.” Laura moved in and literally shoved me out of the way. She then got downs on her knees and started to eat Michelle’s sopping pussy. As Michelle approached release again Laura looked at me and said “you must be good. I’ve never known her pussy to be this wet or juicy” then went back to licking Michelle’s pussy. A few slurps later Michelle came again. She was totally spent. Laura got up and looked down at Michelle. “My turn now. Move your arse” she said. “Give me a couple of minutes to recover first” panted Michelle. Laura looked at me and my semi rigid cock. “Then you’ll have eat my while she recovers” said Laura as she lay back on my desk. “Well come on, get on with it” ordered Laura.

It’s sort of SF, but mostly sex. Jenny is a horny human female. She is also a figment of Marni’s dreams. Marni is a female trying to get pregnant. But for her it requires the ultimate in female delight, getting DP’d by two men, one of each type. The story is about both women, and more about the girl telling the story than about Jenny. Kemish enters the lobby and asks for me. There are two girls seated there who were knitting. The older has only been awake as an adult for five weeks. Neither young woman can ignore the presence of a male. For that matter, what woman can? Both girls sigh in adoration. Their nipples and clits harden, their orifices soften and self lubricate. It is possible they might even faint with pleasure if he were to turn and smile at them. They are young, barely out of metamorphasis, and have only had sex one time each during which they both fainted during first penetration. It takes about a year of maturity and experience before a girl can avoid swooning long before the male ejaculates in her fanny.

Vinny was ready to explode and could not resist anymore so without warning Davine, he literally exploded in her mouth. Davine felt the cock tensing and suddenly a salty warm substance started to flood the back of her throat. She tried to pull out but Vinny had his hand resting and pushing down on Davine’s face so she had to contain the all of the cum shower that came out of his balls. Eventually Vinny released the pressure on Davine’s head so that she could pull out. She had drips of cum running down the side of her mouth but for the big part of it she had to swallow it or she would have chocked on the cock. Vinny looked at her with a smirk on his face and said: “well you see at least that will have kept you busy for a while, I am sure that you enjoyed it more than just watching porn pictures”. Davine looked back at him and just about managed to return his smile.

He said how was the water? We saw you from up on the hill. My girlfriend looked at me and gave me the I wonder if they saw us look. His girl said I hope you won’t mind . I said no problem we will be getting dressed and going shortly. They said don’t worry – oh and by the way what was it like in the water – we saw that too and now my girlfriend wants to have ago like that too. It looked good from where were. My girl said – from my point of view it was great. His girl said we know that – we heard you – I hope I can cum off like that myself. I looked at my girlfriend and she looked at me – there was no shame in these two – they made it perfectly well known they had seen us and were going to have sex like us in the river.

What if I tell dad that you were peeking at me and got a nasty hardon? I thought, oh shit! Dad will beat my ass. Her tits on my chest were awesome. I could see her cleavage inches from my face. She kept squeezing my hardon and smiling. “Do you dream about me being naked at night Conley? I couldn’t help it, I smiled. She grabbed my chin and said: “What are you looking at? …are you looking at my cleavage? ” Then she smiled and said: “Would you like to touch them Conley? I figured I was already in trouble so I nodded my head ’Yes’. I’ll never forget that look in her eyes. It was like a crazy woman or something. “I’m going to have to teach a naughty boy a lesson. ” She started kissing me with her wet tongue. Ewww, kissing your sister….except….it was kind of a sexy feeling…I liked it as she kept feeling my hardon get harder. “You’ll do as I say Conley, or you’ll be in big trouble.

Now let us focus on the actual smell of the cloud of exhaled smoke. For one thing, there is certainly a difference in the smell of exhaled smoke as compared to the smell of uninhaled smoke. There are certain kinds of secondhand smoke. There’s smoke that rises off the end of the cigarette. There is the smoke that’s drawn in orally into the oral cavity and if not inhaled into the lungs, but blown out, is heavier and smells different than inhaled smoke. On the other hand, when the smoke is drawn in, and inhaled into the lungs and blown out into the air, it certainly has different properties and a different smell. The smell is different than any other smell of the cigarette. I challenge anyone to have someone light a cigarette somewhere, and smell the smoke that comes from one end, and then smell the smoke that is inhaled and blown into the air.

Angelica occassionally gets paid to model. At this point in her career she’s only had sex in “public” at a party where most of the girls there also took turns doing it. Laura is in her fifties and describes the one affair she’s had in recent years. Her lover isn’t as young as he once was, so there’s not as much gymnastics as she’d like. Jenny’s a wanna-be. She’s probably a lot more attractive than me, but not up there with the first two. She’s the one who volunteers to pose for free for a photo club with herself getting gang banged – thus the title. I have this outfit a guy bought me to wear for him. But we soon broke up and I decided to wear it to my next costume party to celebrate our seperation. He’d tried to be possessive which I wouldn’t tolerate. Anyhow, wearing the thing was a way of proving that I’m free to display myself to anyone I want. Of course, Frank didn’t even know the girl hosting the party, so no one there other than me knew there was anything special about the outfit other than it being rather fancy.