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At home we did our homework and were waiting when Mom came home. The girls treated Mom like a queen. They fixed her a nice bubble bath and even bathed her. We were all in the bathroom with her as she retold the story. She even rushed to the mall to get a third T-shirt just to piss the Principle off and it worked out nicely. She especially liked the part where she told the girls to get back to their classes. After they left she told the Principle that her pregnant girls were going to dress for comfort and if that meant braless, pantyless, or even topless that he had better get used to it or she would be back. After dinner we went out shopping again but that time for maternity tops. Mom suggested that they get them big enough to grow into. She let the girls pick out five that they thought were pretty and then she bought three of each. Mom told the girls to start wearing them to school and see if the Principle would give them any hassle. She also bought a few miniskirts with an elastic belly for them all to wear.

As my view went lower I saw my first hair-covered pussy. In porn videos most of the women have very little to no hair at all. Hers was a full patch of hair in a upside down triangle. I liked it even more. At this point my dick was so hard it hurt from just looking at her. This whole time she was checking me out as well and I could tell by the look in her eyes she was a little nervous. I told her we didn’t have to do this if she didn’t want to, but she assured me she was okay. Not knowing how to move forward and get things going I suggested we get on my bed. We both climbed on my bed facing each other on our knees sitting back on our feet. Again I noticed she looked nervous and I asked her if everything was okay. At that point she said she was a little shocked I was so big. I knew I was big just measuring less than 8 inches and I was thick.

You ability to differentiate that is incredibly powerful. By saying that we are social creatures, you’re dooming yourself to be a pawn that is subject to the power and influence of someone who is higher than you in the now social power game and hierarchy. And when you’re a pawn at the low end of this social hierarchy, you don’t have much power or choice when you play that game. It’s similar to the tax advantages an employee has; hardly any because you’re stuck in a relationship which you’re not clearly aware of. Any woman with no true character can now become a soft porn clone. She can dress, act, look, accentuate, talk and behave like her high social status role models. Doing this means she’ll have instant attention from men because she is leveraging this social power to be the ‘stimulus’ for men who have been conditioned to automatically respond to this exploitation of women. So when it comes to succeeding with these women for physical relationships or dating, if a man is acknowledging the social hierarchy that she is above him, he doesn’t stand a chance except fools mate.

She hastily stripped out of her tight jeans and panties, throwing them across the room. Nicole fell on her bed and with simple guidance penetrated her wet pussy. The sudden stretching expansion of her walls caused Nicole to arch and moan in ecstasy. Like a car going from 0-60 she started thrusting. Eventually in an almost manic state she reached under her shirt and torn away at her bra freeing her heaving breasts. Without thinking she tossed the bright green bra at her window. It landed on the sill, half in and half outside. Nicole was too deep to notice. She was fast approaching her first orgasm when the music outside abruptly cutout. The laughter too was absent. Nicole, still a mother, opened her eyes and slowed her penetrating pace. Something other than sexual bliss was happening. On cue her son called out. ” Daniel called from the shore with slight panic.

Boy was it ever something to see, a vision of taboo interracial sex as back in those days it was not the norm nor was it at all acceptable! Damion finally moved up and was sucking almost all of her breast into his mouth, his cock was also big and and very hard. Ben pulled his cock from her mouth as Damion laid down on top of her. Leigh looked so small and helpless under his muscular black body. She halfheartedly in a whisper said several times, stop, oh! But her voice was neither urgent or convincing! As she submissively opened her legs even wider! Ben and Leigh’s husband Jack watched in Aw! At what was happening between Damion’s strong black thighs and saw the gigantic head of his big cock push into the wetness of her tight white juicy folds! Then he slowly forced more and more of him into her, You could see her small white hands with her sharp brightly painted red finger nails,.. This was followed by then trying helplessly to push him away!

I was only 17 at the time, a senior in high school. Mom was going to say. I grinned sheepishly. I know I was blushing red as a fire truck. She sat down on the sofa and helped herself to a handful of my popcorn. I was all tense and nervous. I exclaimed and just sat there in shock, like a statue. Mom gave another little trill of soft laughter. I just sat there stupidly. Mom laughed softly again and moved over closer to me. What an amazing development! She smiled warmly at me. She really knew just how to do it. I could tell from her smile and her cheerful little laugh. Mom was making me feel like a porn star. Finally I lay back, spent for the moment. She looked at me and smiled broadly again. Her mouth was still wet and sticky looking. She was right–it didn’t taste bad!

I know. Not all men are like this. Why do we keep meeting the bad guys for the most part, Angel face? Well, it seems like we both have the same technique of dealing with ‘cheating’ men. We stab them in the back, like they knife us in the first place. Like you, I got cheated on by my first man. In his case, he was pursuing the four of us at the same time, and we all said, ‘Yes,’ at once, not knowing what he was determinedly doing behind our backs. Having messed up the other girls, he settled on getting serious with me. I hadn’t learnt to easily forgive at that time. Thus I left him in un-drying tears. Julie, tell me about your stepson, Lucas, whom you said seems to be lusting after you these days. You are almost as young as my age, 25, and wed to a 41 year old man, who has a 22-year-old son; one that is born out of wedlock—outside his second marriage which is.

I didn’t want to get off Shelly, she just felt too good. We spent the whole night feeling our bodies. I loved to lick her tits and nipples, then go down and lick her pussy and make her squirm. She licked me all over and got my nipples so hard again. She loved to lick my pussy, tease my clit and then suck on my dick….we then fucked again and again. It was the night of nights for us. We talked about her boyfriend Chad. She wanted to have us all have a threesome. I had only dreamed about fucking a girl while being fucked in my pussy. The ultimate double cum sex for me. I was floating in arousement over the possibility of that happening. That next week at work, Shelly came up to me and whispered: (“…this Friday night, Chad is a ’go’ for it.”) I smiled, nodded my head and headed to the lady’s room to put my hardon under my strap.

He said I thought so as he opened the back door and helped me out, said again anything? I nodded obediently, and he said good we have an understanding. What have I done I thought? In his hand he had a roll of silver duct tape a leather collar, and a leash? He placed it around my neck and buckled it tight, then ripped some tape off and stuck it over my eyes! Followed by snapping the leash onto the collar and with little hesitation, forcefully led me off into the bushes? Scared to death still naked and cuffed with my heart pounding harder than ever, and with wet feelings of perverted sex I never knew existed earlier that day? Barely being able to keep up in heels as he half dragged me along stumbling! I had no idea what he would do, only that some sort of even more sinful sex was surely in store for me? But the feeling of being naked cuffed on a leash and led out into the woods, by this black pervert, had awakened my hidden aroused appeal for sex like this? I’m sure I was a sticky muddy wretched looking mess?

Like Judas, I kissed Jesus one moment and then betrayed Him the next. I would proclaim my love for Him during worship on Sunday mornings, and then fall down before the evil goddess of lust from Monday through Saturday. Every porn binge and act of adultery was a betrayal of my relationship with the Lord. How does our adultery affect Him? Have you ever noticed how God often describes the nation of Israels unfaithfulness to Him as adultery? If you say in your heart, ‘Why have these things happened to me? Because of the magnitude of your iniquity your skirts have been removed and your heels have been exposed. Can the Ethiopian change his skin or the leopard his spots? Then you also can do good who are accustomed to doing evil. Therefore I will scatter them like drifting straw to the desert wind. This is your lot, the portion measured to you from Me, declares the Lord, Because you have forgotten Me and trusted in falsehood.