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Date: November 21, 2019

Lillian talked next telling us that Mom wanted a family gangbang and that the three of us would get to have sex with Mom all morning trying to make her orgasm to death. Lillian said that she would join in too if we started to wear out. Then after lunch on Friday Mom was going to give me a blowjob and let me have anal sex with her. It was no secret that that was what Dad got on his birthday and that Mom did not enjoy it. Lillian continued and told us that hurting Mom was just his way of dealing with the fact he actually loved his girlfriend more. She also said that Mom needed some good memories of sucking a cock and having one in her ass. That was where I came in besides Lillian had been helping Mom learn more about both during their sex lessons. Then after dinner on Friday I was to take Denise’s virginity. That made Denise smile. Seeing her smile made me smile too. We were both looking forward to Friday evening.

Oh, and the school didn’t close down for the summer either. We ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner at school, we did all of our homework in class, and we had exercise classes too. The meals were not great but not bad either, they were healthy and good for us. Our classes were long enough to read a chapter out loud in class, to discuss it toughly, and to get tested on the mater as well. At the end of that twelve hours Brenda and I were both tired and just wanted to go home and go to bed. Brenda noticed that half of us guys were sporting erections most of the day and she felt sorry for me. I certainly noticed that most of the girls were dressed to excite the hell out of us boys. Most of the girls wore string bikini panties and skimpy bras if they wore one at all.

I got all cleaned up and shaved and even trimmed up my pubes in case I got lucky. Mike said there would probably be some girls there my age or if anything no older than he was. He called me up and gave me directions to a trailer park on the other side of town. I’m not one to judge though, so I drove on over. His place wasn’t actually a trailer, to my surprise. It was a small house on the edge of the trailer park. He met me outside and told me to come on in and do some pre-drinking before his buddy called him about the party. I noticed he was still wearing the same sweat pants and t-shirt he had been wearing the previous day, but again, I’m not one to judge. I followed him in and sat down in the living room on a small love seat (the only place to sit) and Mike handed me a beer.

We then heard Dad and Jennifer behind us. They also were reserving their clothing optional rights by being naked. “ We just came down to find Jason, I was wanting 2 dicks at once.” Jennifer said. “ Go have fun Jason we have to go and get ready anyway.” Mallory said. Yesterday Jennifer had told dad that we had a girls day planned for today and that we would not be back until around 5 area. Today was Labor Day and so Dad was off. So he and Jason planned a day hanging out. We arrived at the club at noon. We wanted to talk to John and to go through what we had planned. We also had to get changed and get it all set up. John went over everything with us and we got ready. It was time, 1pm and we were ready to have fun. All of the guy’s came into the VIP Room after they had been down stairs with the other girls for the past hour.

I start sucking him fast while jacking him off when his legs stiffen up and he starts to cum. Spurt after spurt of his hot cum floods my mouth as I swallow it all up. We clean up and head upstairs back to the TV room where we lay on the couch. As we are laying there naked together, chatting away he asks me if we want to play a game. I say sure what kind. He says lets get off in every room of my parents house. I said no way as too much work to get him off in every room and he says at least one of us gets off. He says we have already tried the kitchen, shower and sauna. After thinking it over I said sure but my parents room was off limits. We head to the kitchen to get some food and drinks for lunch before we start this.

Ronja mumbled with a stiff tone in her voice. Ronja departed for class and wondered what to do. She would not like pictures of her being nude be spread over the school, but she did not trust Mikaela? On the other had she had to admit she was curious about how a threesome with Mikaela would play out. Still getting Maria dragged into becoming a possible black mail target seemed terrible. Could she trust on Mikaela to not black mail Maria in secret? When Ronja arrived to the room for mathematical class she found a notice that the class was canceled since the teacher had an family emergency. The note further instructed the students a number of exercises to do in the meantime. Inside there was only two students, most of the class had elected to do the exercises in some other location, or more probably at some later time.

I hear from behind me Chris saying to come on up, that he’s got her warmed up. I suddenly realise what he means as one guy walks into my view of the mirror and climbs onto the bed. Without a word he lines up and shoves his cock in my pussy, and I’m DPed for the first time ever. I’m in part shock, and part ecstasy at feeling so full and the different strokes of Chris and my mystery sex partner. I feel the bed shifting as guys come closer and suddenly there are hands everywhere. My breasts are being grabbed and pawed by two different guys, and I have someone’s hands grabbing my ass. I’m just in a sea of sensations, feelings and can’t keep track of who is doing what to me where. My head rolls back as I give into this assault of sex and I only become aware of the man squatting over my face when his cock presses against my lips. I’ve no resistance to what is happening to me, I’m becoming a porn star in my head, and I open my mouth.