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I remember waking that next Saturday with a jump, my alarm sounded extra loud that morning or perhaps my senses were just more alert with what unknown the day held. Silencing the shrill noise, I sat up in bed. The covers slipping off, exposing my tired curvy little frame and allowing a cool breeze to wrap itself around me as I stretched, making my puffy little nipples stiffen. I quickly spied the outfit my mother had already picked out, laying across my desk by the door. I could already see it was the same hideous white turtle neck dress she liked to stuff me into when she wanted to present her version of a country club little girl. I groaned and let my legs drop to the side of the bed and onto the floor, not wanting to put on that scratchy dress until I had to, I decided to stay naked until I had no other choice.

They were already turned on from seeing the girls stripping. This time we had them sit in chairs that were side by side but 2 feet apart. We went out onto the stage for the first song. During the first song we were rubbing all over each other and even did some kissing. We looked out to see that we were defiantly starting to turn the guys on. The second song we started back doing some intense dirty dancing as we slowly stripped each others clothes off. By the end of the second song we were totally naked. We then started the third song. This song had us not only dirty dancing, but also doing some real dirty actions too. I started by kissing Jennifer hot and heavy as Mallory came up behind me, got to her knees, and started licking my ass hole. That was the first time she had ever done that to me and I was shocked and turned on.

I got hard almost instantly at that, I’ll explain why in a second. We were on a business trip, to Las Vegas, for the AVN show. 900/night the hotel charged while CES is in town. 900 is just for their cheap room, they had more expensive ones, but even their cheap room is about the nicest hotel room I’ve ever stayed in. We’ve stayed in a few nice ones traveling for Kiki’s business. 300. We were staying on for a romantic break. As Vegas hotels go, this was a weird one. It was very conveniently located on the center of the strip, just a monorail hop away from the convention center, but it’s non-smoking, and it has no casino. It’s like an oasis of sanity in the midst of the madness which is Vegas. Being a Californian, I never really appreciated “non-smoking” until I got to Vegas the first time.

She took me to big room which she uses as painting room..where she paints….. Me: Do you know to paint? Rani: Yep.This is not just the painting room …..Here is where I watch and do porn stuff….and all things I love..This room is prohibited for maiden and I clean this place myself. Hell it was. It had a big widescreen T.V, many pornography stuffs; porn toys, CDs,…..Wow…..a porn movie theatre in one’s own house….. Me: But Don’t your husband have any problems with this.? Rani: No…..I just told him this room would be used as my painting room…..and the CDs….I bought them myself…. Not asking anything else…..I forwarded to her…..Her back was turned towards me ….so I slowly kept my hand on her shoulders and before she could make any movement I forwarded and kissed her shoulder. But Just as I touched them ….She pushed me away.. Rani: Anand stop..I called you here to tell you my plan.

That was pretty hot, feeling Mel while watching a brother and sister get it on. I think she’ll keep quiet about this, but I better make sure. “What happens in this room…stay’s in this room, you understand Mel? ” I told her. The little shit kissed me on the cheek! Ewww…was my first reaction, but then I paused to take a good look at her. She was getting some nice tits and shape to her body now. Not a bad girl toy for me. I kissed her back on her cheek…damn…this is getting interesting. I’m turning her on. She’s pushing her tits into my chest and breathing hard. This could be a lot of fun. Mom yelled goodbye and we heard the door shut. Mel clamped herself on me and it felt pretty good. I was getting a boner over my sister. It was getting dark as we started doing like the brother and sister in the vid started out. Feeling us. It didn’t take much imagination for me to feel like I had a new very young girlfriend to play with. Well….it seems that Randy and Mel have discovered sexual thrills between them.

20 pounds apiece; I would have thought they looked great. Mom snapped out of the shock of being held and exposed. Matt held her tight, but continued to massage her boob. Then Chris stepped closer to her. With that, he took Moms breast away from Matt and pinched her nipple, not hard enough to make her scream, but playfully. Then he lowered his head and began to lick it until her nipple began to stiffen, then he started sucking it. Moms struggling had caused her other boob to come free of her robe, and now it was bouncing around. My cock was now straining against my under-shorts. Suddenly, Chris’s cock was out of his pants, and pointing straight at my Mom. Matt bends her arms and forced her to her knees. My mouth became dryer than it had ever been; I knew what was going to happen. Chris was going to make my Mom suck his cock. I could stand and watch my Mom be orally raped, or I could try to stop it, protect her. I have always blamed the pot, and the horniness, but I stood there and watched the live sex show in front of me.

The next day Kirk was in the kitchen and asked if I drank a lot, since he noticed I was naked when he woke up. I laughed, hugged him, and kissed his cheek. Every single day of the following week, Robert and I fucked at the office. We’d have a meeting, then have sex. We had lunch together, then had sex. Each day I was getting home later and later. Finally, on Friday, I made a call to Kirk. “Hey sweetie,” I said when he answered. Robert entered my office, whipped out his bug, donkey dick. “Listen, I need to stay later again. I have a HUGE problem to tend to,” I lied, while staring at a black man’s big cock. Kirk understood, saying he’d deal with the kids. I hung up, climbed up on my desk, ripped my top off and kissed Robert. He spun me around, bent me over my desk, and tore my married, white pussy apart!

I broke away from my shyness a little bit, but did not know how to react when a guy hit on me. Needless to say, one or two had tried to make advances on me (including a few of my brother’s friends) but I managed to brush them off. It was not like I didn’t like them or didn’t want sex, I just was scared. I knew all about sex by this time and about Sti’s and pregnancy and stuff like that. IT scared me a little, but that just pushed me into more masturbation. Rubbing my hairless pussy gave me great pleasure, but I still never managed to get off. Even now, I have a hard time getting off by just rubbing myself. One day my mom had left me home alone, as she went to town or somewhere (I lived on a farm, but the only animals were cats and a dog). Anyways I was alone for a few hours. I decided to go snooping in my parents’ room for the hell of it. First of all, I discovered a large box of porn and other magazines that my dad had amassed in their closet.

Then I slowly turned all the way around while commanding my penis to appear. I stood still as he first did a double take and then slowly reached out to feel first my penis and then my pussy. After convincing himself that both were for real, he asked me how he could help? Jenna and I told him how she had taken my male virginity yesterday and that I wanted him to take my female virginity today. That got his attention. His penis, which had mostly deflated while we were talking, suddenly sprang to its full 7 inch length. His penis was not only two inches longer than mine, it was at least twice as thick. I did not worry about that, my virgina had been stretched a lot during all of those examinations. Jenna and I both wanted to watch my official deflowering so we had Tom lay on his back. I climbed on top of him and started kissed him while I rubbed my tits on his chest and my pelvis against his. I was enjoying this whole new set of “girl feelings” as his penis rubbed around my crotch.

Diane gave me an amused look, and said that I certainly couldn’t turn up at home like this – that the smell of cunt-cum was all over me! She stood up and extended a hand down to me, helping me to my feet. Then she ushered me into her shower room, which – surprise, surprise – seemed to have been designed primarily with the aim of having room enough for two (or even more!) at the same time. She dropped her denim mini-skirt onto the bathroom floor, and I discarded my shoes and knee-high socks beside it. For the first time both of us were totally naked, and we took a moment to admire each others’ curves, before stepping into the shower cubicle and sliding closed its glass door. Diane turned on the gushing hot water and I stood under it, soaking in the warmth and luxuriating in its stinging massage of my head, shoulders, back and breasts.