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Date: November 26, 2019

For that Saturday, Janet worked in her latex uniform serving as a Maid. Camille with all of the housework and cooking. Camille and her Mistress had been in bed together. Soon, the uniform had molded itself to her figure. Remarkably, neither Dominant decided to use either slave during the day. Stephanie amused herself with Camille. Finally, Dinner came and Camille cooked and Janet served. Camille had told her to, and it seemed to go all right. When the dining room was cleared both Dominants rose and left for the library. Camille and Janet in unison. Janet eyed Camille silently. What was going to happen tonight? Janet as she did what she was instructed. Stephanie removed the instruments of a Dominant. City and purchased cuffs and heels that she wore at night. Hesitantly, Janet reached out and grasped the leather handle. Doing as she was told, Janet imitated Stephanie’s motions with the crop. Janet was struck speechless.

Did he just pass out? Sam stood and quickly found her dagger, she racked her brains for a spell. Abby saw Brian, and her heroic pose melted. She rushed over and knelt at his side. Sam tried to speak a spell and yell at Abby to pay attention at the same time, her words came out garbled. Fuck, Sebastian was getting back up from the floor. Abby used one of her new tentacles as a tourniquet, and wrapped the other around the wooden bolt in Brian’s leg. Was she really playing medic now? Sam finally managed to get out a spell, a localized version of their wet dream enchantment. Maybe she could put Sebastian to sleep. But before she got a chance to try, a sharp hissing sound stole her attention. Sebastian had thrown something that looked like a large, white, plastic grenade into the middle of the room, and it was rapidly leaking white vapor.

Daniel shifted his hips trying to get John to move his hands inward to his straining manhood and ‘womanhood’. John smiled at Daniel’s torment and his hands retraced their way upward past Daniel’s jerking and oozing erection to his rigid, tingling nipples. John smiled and again his hands re-started its loving downward trek. Again, he deliberately grazed John’s hardness with his wrists. He felt the throbbing pulses of Daniel’s hard, engorged penis. His hands slipped further downward and neared Daniel’s bloated balls. Daniel again shifted his hips in a desperate attempt get John’s loving hands onto his enflamed sex. This time, John didn’t disappoint Daniel. He lifted Daniel’s heavy testicles with a slow and wonderful massaging motion. Daniel’s hips jerked upward and his head lay back gasping as his jerking erection began oozing its precum. The right hand slipped further downward between the spread cheeks of Daniel’s buttocks and his fingers traced around Daniel’s eager anal opening. Daniel began twisting his hips in joy. Slowly, John nudged a single finger inward, twisting and turning. Daniel gasped as jolts of joy shot throughout his spasming rectal sheath and his erection jumped wildly.

By now its around 9 to 10pm and dark outside. He asks if I want to smoke another joint. I say sure and he rolls it up. We don’t bothered getting dressed, head out to the deck with a joint and beer in hand. After we finished the joint and beer we head back inside. I go to get dressed when he says not yet. Have to stay naked until he leaves and he drank to much to drive home yet. So neither of us have eaten in a while so we go toss a pizza in the oven, smoke another joint and go watch TV until the pizza is ready. He starts going thru the channels and come across the porn channel. This was back in the day when dad had a black box we called it that unlocked all the channels. We start watching 2 girls enjoy 1 guy when the oven goes off. I go grab the pizza, another beer each and bring it to the TV room.

Then mom told me to put my cock in her mouth and that she would get me hard again. I did get hard and I fucked her for a second time and then for a third time too. I was going to release mom but she pleaded with me to leave her like that all night. I couldn’t sleep in my own bed with her there so I slept in her bed that night and then released her in the morning. Every night until school let out for the summer I would just tie mom up wherever I wanted to and she never once objected. I fucked her a couple of times every night and then again in the morning before I untied her. I got good at satisfying myself and eventually I got good at satisfying her too. A week before school let out for the summer mom told me that we were moving. I really didn’t care…honestly. She told me that she was farming me out for stud service.

I can feel it inside me. Can’t we just go again? “It doesn’t work that way. I’m not eighteen anymore. We’ll have to wait a little while for me to recover. “First I want to taste your cum.” Michelle slipped her hand between her legs and rubbed at her pussy. It’s leaking out.” She rubbed her fingers in the cum dribbling around my cock then put them in her mouth and sucked. She slipped her hand back onto her cunt and lifted herself off my cock. She cupped her hand and caught the cum that gushed out and let my cock flop against my belly. I watched while she scooped her fingers along her pussy lips to retrieve as much of our cum as possible and brought her hand to her mouth. She looked at my cock and dropped off the couch and swallowed me in one gulp. I could feel her tongue rolling me around and getting all the juice off. When she had enough she slipped her lips off my cock and held it to see if she’d missed any.

My eyes will meet yours as I stand smiling naughtily before you, holding my skirt high with both hands, exposed, naked, haughty and beautiful. A woman is born a trophy wife and wanton slut. Samantha needed sex on a daily basis, and if her husband was too tired to perform his duty she sought the aid of her toys and put on such a show for him that he inevitably jumped on her. She would never go out not wearing fully fashion nylon stockings and the most refined lingerie. For the trophy wife dressing is a ritual. She would spend an hour or so in the morning getting ready for the day. Being a lady of leisure, time was not a problem for her. She sought one thing: to be perfect and desirable for her husband. A true trophy wife is confident and submissive, haughty and sweetly lascivious. A trophy wife is a whore deep down, which means you must gratify her with sex or money, better if with both.

Chloe didn’t even want Horse’s advances most of the time, so why was she so wet sometimes? And without any reason! It made her feel dirty and a little horny all at the same time. After lunch, Chloe’s mother slipped into avoidance mode and disappeared to do the weekly food shopping. Things had been a bit awkward around the house and her mother didn’t know why; or what to do. That left Chloe all alone with Horse. It had been almost a week since he’d had enjoyed her lamb meat. She started to wonder – hope – that he might have even lost interest. She was snapped out of her day dreaming when an order was barked at her from the bathroom, “Chloe, come in here”. Clearly, he hadn’t lost interest. Minutes later, Chloe lay still on a big white towel on the bathroom floor. Horse spread shaving cream over the patches of prickly regrowth around Chloe’s pubic area. He started by shaving the sparse stubble above her lips, before shaving Chloe’s bikini line.

I said, “I’m Rob. A natural blond, I thought. I pumped her cunt and one finger slid down between her lips. I pushed my fingertip completely into her waiting asshole. It felt so great I almost came along with her. I could have easily blown my load into the pool. I love to give women screaming orgasms! I quietly asked, “What about your husband? “Oh no problem,” she said. And it has been way more than fun. I’m tingling all over. ’s growing by the day. “Amen to horny little minks,” I replied. “I guess I’ll have to get that,” she laughed. The foaming water felt so wonderful on the head. Ben and the kids as long as no one stood up. “I’m very close,” I said breathlessly. She looked at me and said, “Don’t worry, Rob. “Now…right now,” I panted. I was drained, literally. When I suck his dick, he cums in about 10 seconds. ’ll eat my pussy for hours. “That’s my speciality,” I answered. “Really,” she squeaked. “That would be a first for me. ’d go for eating my ass. Suddenly, my cock began to twitch with that revelation. “Um, what is this I see? I showered and toweled off then went up to my room. ’t gone down from the hope that I’d get a threesome tonight. ’t know their situation well enough to ask. ’t sick, but that might open a whole can of worms. Especially since it may be the first time for her. So, I just said, “It would have been excellent, but I understand. “I’m looking forward to both,” I smiled. “See you here next week? “Yep. Here’s our Portland phone number. Loved tonight, Rob. Bye,” she said.

Miles asked, “Did you discuss with her what happened at Disney World or that you were a part of a special family? Kristen said, “No. I didn’t want to go and see her. The only person I ever trusted was my Pap-Pap and the next time when I was with my Pap-Pap, I asked him if I should tell this doctor everything about us. My Pap-Pap told me, ‘that if I told the doctor what we do as a special family then everyone who is over eighteen would go to jail.’ That made me very scared I didn’t want people to go to jail. I didn’t want to get anyone in trouble. Kristen sat quietly thinking by herself for several minutes and then said, “Well the police may think that it is wrong but in our family we don’t feel that way! ” She then crossed her arms and gave Miles a hard stare. Miles looked back at her and said, “Well, I think that we covered a great many things today.