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Date: November 28, 2019

Just Daddy parking before our house. “Come on, harlot,” Daddy said. “Mmm, I hope dinner is ready. I giggled, patting my belly. “It was delicious but not very filling. I could use more.” I arched an eyebrow. “Care to top me off, Daddy? He shook his head. He climbed out of the car and headed for the front door. I followed, beaming with satisfaction. Dinner was just being finished when we walked in, Mother wearing her apron over her dress, a huge smile on her lips. “There they are. How did the mission work go? “Well,” I beamed. “I think we helped a lot of men out. I heard so many praises today.” All those men gasping God and Lord as they came in my mouth. “That’s wonderful.” Mother gave me a quick kiss on both cheeks. She had no idea they had cum on them only an hour ago. I did. And I couldn’t wait to keep sinning with my preacher daddy. What else did he have in store? Dancing at the “Live Nude Go Go Dancers” burlesque? Or maybe he wanted to see me sin with another woman? Like Donna. That would be hot.

Later that day I thought about it and it got me so horny that he said that. I jacked off that day of that thought and pretty much everyday we hung out after wards. I was growing more and more attracted to him. I think he was becoming more and more attracted to me. But I didn’t want to ruin our friendship by making it sexual. Then another day we got on the subject of porn, jacking off and boners. He showed me his ‘secret stash’ of magazines, which sucked because it wasn’t even real porn. I asked him if he jacked off to it and he hesitated on answering then asked me if I jack off to porn and I said yes. He then immediately replied yes as well and told me that he jacks off about everyday. I had a raging boner at the time and wanted to jack off right then and there. I caught a glance at his pants and saw a bulge when he wasn’t looking at me.

We stayed up until 1am watching a porn movie together, I was surprised that even after having two intense orgasms I was still horny. We went to bed and fucked again. I lay on my back as he filled my pussy. He was thrusting hard, making my tits wobble as I rubbed them. He leaned in and we kissed, our tongues fighting in our mouths, my legs wrapped round his waist holding him deep inside me. “I wanna fuck you from behind” he whispered in my ear, I giggled in response. I got on all fours, my face buried in a pillow and ass held high. My pussy was wet and begging for him to stretch it. He inserted himself forcefully and I let out a shriek of delight as he began pounding me doggy style. “Fuck me , fuck me” I said into the pillow as pleasure washed over me. His cock felt great inside me, I couldn’t get enough.

Tony smiled, and picked up his stiff braided leather riding crop. He would begin her training by testing the resilience of her tender meat and the pitch of her screams under the affliction of this stinging weapon. Angella watched quietly and pensively, chained to her post alongside the others, naked and part of the decoration of the nearly empty sex show lounge. It was nearly noon, and most of the passengers were just arising for the third day of astoundingly bizarre entertainment. The dining deck was serving brunch, and only a few of the wealthy patrons were up to drinking at this early hour. The nine year old girl in the sexy high heeled shoes with her head tilted back, and the large burning candle held firmly in her mouth, walked between the mostly empty tables in the cruise ship’s upper show lounge. The slender naked child moved carefully in the spike heeled shoes, not wanting to spill any of the hot wax dripping down the thick shaft onto her bare flesh. The pretty young girl moved directly over to the big German industrialist to offer her hairless little cunt to him, with the gold string dangling from it.

Huge nations Like the U.S.A. Russia, Germany, China, Japan and so on simply buy the rights to dump their waste in third world countries. Take a sandbox and start dropping paint or dye in one corner. Just a drop a day and after a while the entire sandbox is going to be colored. Whats the difference to dropping nuclear waste in third world countries? Back to the transport question the ion propulsion system seems very promising. Rocket engines generally work by pushing propellant away from the craft. This pushes the craft in the opposite direction. It’s just like what causes a balloon to rush around as the air is allowed to escape. In effect the air pushes the balloon as it leaves. Ion engines use the same principle, only much more efficient. Xenon (which is a gas like helium or neon, but heavier) flows into the ion engine, where it is given an electrical charge. Charged atoms are called ions.

I was in seventh heaven. I could see CJ sucking on my cock. While Jasmin was licking, and fingering my anal hole. Pretty quick she had her finger buried deep in my ass, and she was rubbing on the spot where my prostate gland is close to. Anyway it was a very intensive feeling, like my nuts were going to blow through my shaft and out my slanted eye. Finally they stopped and both wanted to be fucked. CJ got on top first and rode my cock to her orgasm. Then Jasmin got aboard, and she rode me also, till I cum deep inside of her. She blew her orgasm all over my nuts also. They both licked me clean. CJ and I went back to Las Vegas. I quit my job at the casino. CJ’s model agency got her a job with the LA branch. We cleaned the apartment out and moved back in the beach house with Jasmin. I got a job with the same modeling agency as their accountant. CJ and I from time to time did some guest spots with Jasmin in her porn vids. It was exciting to watch CJ get fuck by some stud porn star, while I was fucking Jasmin. Eventually we settled down and had a couple of children. Jasmin retired from the porn industry, got married and moved back to Jamaica.

She pressed the tip inside her cunt and began to push inside, gasping in pleasure as her lips spread around the deeply textured prick. I’d rolled on my side watching her and began to slowly stroke my cock, using my thumb on top with my first two fingers on the underside to make the best contact against my glans. Elaine pushed the rubbery dick as far inside as it would go and moaned in pleasure as she began to work it in and out of her hot, wet twat. The other end bobbed wildly as she jacked herself off. It looked a little comical seeing her hold the cock like a real prick and pound it that way. She tilted her head back and continued to stroke her pussy. It wouldn’t have taken her long to cum, but she stopped and leaned forward taking my penis into her mouth, sucking up and down my length a few times. “Didn’t want you to think I’d forgotten you,” she said, raising back on her toes and knees.

The movie had ended and the other couples had left except for two black men, that seemed to be in no hurry to leave. One was named Ben and had the nick name of big Ben, Leigh would find out later what this nick name really meant! The other man was named Damion. They lived in one of several apartment buildings next to Leigh & Jack, and also worked in one the small factories. They had all been watching this TV show on their new color television. Leigh was wearing a very short pink pleated skirt, with a loose fitting white blouse that buttoned up the front! It was a warm evening and she had neglected to button several at the top! This had left a lot of her young white cleavage exposed and of course was wearing no bra. What really showed was the outline of her sweet pink little cunt lips that was easily visible through the thin damp fabric.

From then on a new rule got posted outside the tub. Guess what it was? Here’s the thing about this unusual type of massage. No money clock is running. There are no time limits. Both people are giving and receiving the massage as strangers or at least someone outside their marriage. And if it went sexual, it was only after all the nervousness was gone from being with someone new. The sex part seemed to naturally be woven throughout the extended session as the two of you took turns giving and receiving. It was the perfect entree into the lifestyle. This type of massage is virtually unknown in the public arena. This type tends to feel “timeless” and you literally enter into a form of mutual hypnosis. While there, you experience two types of naturally induced altered states. The receiver of the massage gets flooded with a brain chemical called endorphins.

I try to pull away but she keeps an iron grip on it and won’t let me. She pulls me back and starts to stroke it. She winks at me all seductively. I let her keep on stroking now that it’s already happened and what could go wrong. She strokes for a few more minutes before asking, “What else gets a guy aroused?” I look down at her debating whether I should tell her about blowjobs or not, knowing that she’ll want to try it. Before I can tell her though, she puts my cock in her mouth quickly and pulls it back out. She asks as she puts my cock back in her mouth for a little longer this time. I can’t believe this is happening. I look down at her sucking on my cock and feel my cock getting a little harder. She looks up with her eyes as she keeps sucking my cock, moaning a little bit as she’s doing it. She stops sucking my cock for a quick second and says, “Well I think it’s arousing for me too because my thong is really wet.” She puts my cock in her mouth again and keeps sucking.