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There were 200 couples all under 30 and in top physical and sexual condition who accepted. In order to insure that the test would be good and the people could sustain the required sexual activity for the desired length of time, a building was specifically selected to be the place for qualifying sexual activity longevity. There was a standby list of another 100 couples who would replace any that couldnt cut it. The 200 subjects and volunteers came into the building at 0800 hours. They went through nominal vital sign tests, since they were all flight qualified anyway. The real test was the sexual durability. So we shall follow Tom and Jane through the test procedures. All of the volunteers were asked to strip completely except for the paper footies they were given. The men were asked to stand shoulder to shoulder in a line while the women were asked to fondle them to maximum erections. Timekeepers were standing by and checking out the erection to full for each man, and also using an instrument to measure penile blood pressure which is an indication of hardness.

I couldn’t help moaning through my tears again, the pulsing vibrations offering some relief to feeling like I was being torn apart. I hear bob say from behind me. I felt troy yank my face up by my pigtails until I was looking him in the eye. My head swam as my oxygen was deprived, keeping his cock firmly lodged in my throat I heard him tell me to moan around it. I heard a low hiss come from between his teeth as I continued to suck and gag. I heard Bob grunt “I’m not waiting any longer to feel this little cock sleeve wrapped around my dick, I don’t care what you have to say about waiting”. I looked up scared at troy but he just grinned down wickedly and forced my head to continue bobbing on his cock. I heard pants hit the floor and felt bob line up his cock with my little hole perfectly presented before him. I started to struggle more violently and felt the cracks rain down on my ass quickly, “Struggle all you like slut” I heard Bob hiss “it turns me on even more”.

He is hesitant, and does not wish to leave Lady Jane, who is now almost in shear panic alone unattended and dressed in almost nothing only the suit and a beach robe! The girls feeling his reluctance have quickly tired of it and have both bounded off towards a group of young men playing ball along the surf! Lady Jane’s fair white skinned body, needs protection badly, but she is reluctant to ask, Lwando takes the lead, by encouraging her towards a more secluded area of sand and rock farther down the almost deserted beach? Then helps her remove the robe, lays out a big beach mat ,and has her quickly laying down, so he can lavish her almost virgin like white full figured body, and protect her with lotion! For Jane her thoughts and feelings have slowly changed and are no longer so lady like! At first he is most gentlemanly as the sun lotion is carefully applied, her back first followed by her calves and lower thighs!

I don’t know why, but it didn’t stop me. Her tight, virgin ass felt so exsquisite to me, I thought I would cum inside of her in a moment or two. I actually hoped that I would orgasm quickly so that I could have my wish so fast that it wouldn’t hurt her too much to want to try again some day. But, my heart knew that her pleasure wasn’t the same as mine. It was like trying to get a kiss on the cheek from a girl I knew didn’t want me to kiss her at all. But, I was already inside of her. My cock was half-deep inside an ass I had wanted to fuck for months. I would never have a chance to try again. I grabbed her hips, and pushed against them until I felt my hips against her buns. She winsed, and tensed up. At this point, I knew her body was no longer as willing to accomodate her love for me as her mind was a few minutes earlier. Again, I was already inside of her.

Moments later, with his rock hard cock in his hand, again, Pablo looked at her and said, “Now, as you can see, the small size of this men’s room severely limits our fucking options. We want to squat fuck you from behind, because that gives us the best way to really nail you good and deep, like we do common whores. With her over-stimulated vagina aching for cockmeat, she listened to the lead Mex’s speculations, wishing that he would just shut up and get on with fucking her, whatever way he wanted to do it. Pablo pondered the situation for another minute then stepped over to where she was, still on her hands and knees, and right in front of the toilet, with her chin now resting on the front edge of the seat. Then he pushed down on the back of her neck, firmly, forcing her upper body down until it was pressed right down on top of the dirty toilet seat.

She told he was really good and she would fuck him every day. She told him to be ready the next day. Hari was waiting for his fuck and he had a huge hard on. Priya came , she had worn a new saree and applied perfume. She told him that she would complete the work and then they could fuck. Hari told her that they should fuck first. Hari pulled Priya and gave her a wet kiss. His hands roamed from her hed ,to her back , her ass , her belly and then to her breasts. He kissed her her forehead , her cheeks, throat and chest. Priya removed her blouse. Hari started removing her saree. He stripped her naked. He started kissing her from head to toe.He was enjoying the smooth feel of her body. He felt her pussy and ass. It was soaking wet. He teased her nipples and bit them.

This was my worst nightmare realized. Katie cheating on me with other women was on thing, but a man was a another matter! Yeah I knew Katie was bi and had sexual relationships with men. I knew Katie identified as “pansexual” But as I mentioned earlier. All of my lesbian friends warned me not to get involved with a bi female. How bi females could never really give up men and would invariably leave me for some guy. Stereotypes yeah, but now I realized my lesbian friends were right nonetheless. So with my guts tied up in a knot and with shaking hands. I picked up one of the dvd’s with the double XX’s in red magic marker. Wondering who exactly this guy was. Some guy from work? Or maybe one of my “supposed” friends from my softball team. The 4 or 5 seconds it took for the dvd to load seemed like eternity.