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Geo had about twelve employees and several million contributors. I doubt they made any attempt at all to manually search for rule breakers. About the only thing they did was offer an e-mail drop box for viewers to report violations. Whether anyone bothered is doubtful. But at least it looked like they were trying to keep the sites clean. If you want to host a hidden porno site or anything you want to keep private, you use blind references, burried pages that aren’t accessible from visible html pointers on the public pages. Anyway, the worst thing a provider ever does is erase the site. Most people have a mirror copy of everything somewhere else anyhow, so no big deal. You get a free page, but also a lot of spam. Free e-mail works the same way. In 1995, geocities wasn’t the only provider, and five years later they had hundreds of competitors, maybe thousands. These people want your business and don’t go out of their way to alienate you.

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Sirius and Amelia had only gotten closer in the last couple of months. Harry was starting to expect that he would soon be hearing about Sirius moving out of McGonagall Castle and into the Bones Estate. He wondered where that would leave him, should Sirius move. He loved living with Aunt Minerva, but he wanted to live with his godfather as well. The six friends spent the next couple of hours discussing the situation, and putting together a plan to help Harry with the significant disadvantage he found himself with. Hermione’s schedule was methodical, and would cover the most important hexes, jinxes, charms, transfigurations, and defensive spells from fourth and fifth year. They would move on to sixth year if they finished, but Harry wasn’t sure if they would. It was quite a comprehensive list. As they were packing up to head to dinner, Harry coughed, drawing their attention. He took Ginny’s hand and looked at her questioningly. She seemed confused only for a moment before she smiled her understanding, and nodded.

She walked the few blocks to the designated location arriving a few minutes before 10:30. Traffic was fairly light on the four lane street at that time. Her mind was filled with trepidation and doubt but her sexual curiosity was burning for the unknown. This was the most blind, risky and sexually charged chance she had taken among many reckless forays over the past three or four years. It had all started with her being pimped out at a vacation hotel four years previously by one of the hotel employees. She’d allowed that to happen over the course of the week and she had come to know that she didn’t regret a minute of the experience. She heard the approaching Harley long before it came into view down the boulevard. It pulled up to the curb mounted by its massive rider. He grinned at her and handed her a black helmet to put on.

Fiona felt her mother’s breasts pressed against her back, and her arms around her waist. She wondered if her mother had realised that she had fucked Sammy that night. They’d always had a fairly frank and open relationship, sharing details of her sexual encounters she’d had, even the ones where she hadn’t even known the name of the guy. She’d encouraged her boyfriends to have sex with her mother too – she liked to help her mother out when she got the chance, and getting guys to fuck her seemed like a cheap and easy option. She’d organise for them to come by and pick her up, then tell them her flight had been cancelled and she wouldn’t be home that night. Florence would make a pass, and the guys always agreed- the mother and daughter thing turned them on. Little did they know that Florence told Fiona everything about their trysts.