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Date: November 30, 2019

Her name was Taylor Jane They found out that she was from Texas and was 19 years old. Her mother had married her step-father at the age of 2. Her mother died when she was 4 from a car accident. Her step-father was a nice guy, but he liked little girls a lot and started molesting Taylor when he and her mom first got together. She had been touching him, and he her, for so long that she really didn’t know it was even wrong. She grew up sexually with them always naked at home and them always touching and getting each other off. She started to realize when she got older that it wasn’t normal. She tried to stop, but he sank into such a depression that she decided to just do what-ever she could to make him happy. She didn’t dislike their time together, it just seemed weird to her now. She started to live for him and not herself. He started to treat her like a slave and she liked that too.

But he could certainly feel her wet and warm cunt, ready and waiting for him to slide his cock in. Then, with a rough low growl, he drove forward again. This time driving the full length in with a single forceful thrust. Katie was pushed forward a bit and she griped tighter to the sheets as he began to quickly build his rhythm. Her moans grew higher and higher in unison with each thrust. Katie’s eyes were closed. Her hands clenching the bed as she took his wonderful pounding. Her breasts bounced wildly. Her moans became louder, and her breathing faster. His large head was resting between her neck and shoulder. His mouth open and panting loudly. Rogue is panting, yelping and grunting.Both of them vocalizing their pleasure from this frenzied sex. Katie’s vagina actively milking every ounce of his seed out of him. Driving him to fuck more relentlessly, searching for his own release. The sounds of their copulation was truly amazing. The bed thumping, Katie’s moans and breaths mixed with Rogue yelps and grunts. Rogues head pressing up against and into the side of her face.

Horse wasted no time. His quick movements took the teen by surprise. Within moments he was leaning over the bed and the blankets were pulled down. Like every other night, Chloe was wearing only a t-shirt and pair of plain cotton panties to bed. Her small pubic mound stared invitingly up at Horse. Horse reached down with both hands and peeled the girl’s underpants from underneath her hips. “No…no…please…no…” was all that Chloe could manage. The protests had no effect and the panties were quickly peeled down her thighs. It all happened so quickly that there was no time for evasive action or self defence from the startled girl. She had no idea what to do. Mild shock had set in. When he had said they would have sex when she “was ready”, Chloe imagined they’d have a strange conversation one day, or that they’d talk it over. She’d even rehearsed some lines to politely decline him when the moment came, to tell him that she was “very flattered, but that it wouldn’t be right”.

James started to undress but Chrystal was on the case she had his shirt and tie off first then his trouser shorts and socks. James was completely naked and Chrystal was on her knees in front of him. She looked up admiring his gorgeous 8 inch cock standing to attention right in front of her face, she grabbed it with both hands and started to lick it from the tip to James balls. Chrystal loved the way James was bald she hated pubic hair on men. Chrystal knelt before James looking up at him she guided his cock into her mouth, caressing the very tip with her tongue before taking it in inch by inch. She gagged as it hit the back of her throat and James tried to pull his cock out of her mouth he was afraid of hurting her. Chrystal held on tight sucking and licking him until she could feel him tensing and his breath was coming in short rasps.

In the breakfast room they noticed another couple in the corner. Both wore tee shirts from “Kent’s Erotic Photography.” The lady had a “J” on her purse. “I think that’s them,” Bridget whispered. “Don’t look anymore than you have to. I could be wrong. “What’s to check out? They appear to be pretty cool,” Dewayne said. “Shit, let’s go for it. As the parties eyed each other, Dewayne spoke up. “Bridget, will you get me a knife from the counter. I forgot to get one while I was there.” Taking the hint she said. When she got back to the table the other lady said, “Excuse me, did I talk to you on the phone last night? Janelle appeared to be only 2 or 3 years older than Bridget. She had very long bleached-blonde hair as compared to Bridget’s shoulder length sandy blonde curls. Bridget noticed the tongue ring in Janelle’s mouth and some ink on her biceps and on ankles.

Sometimes during a sports game or concert you can sneak in a little action. Oral sex or masturbation is easiest to perform in these situations. Unless you are certain you won’t go to jail, I wouldn’t suggest having sex in one of these places. Wouldn’t it be embarrassing if you were getting a blow job at a football game and you seen yourself on the big screen television? Most men fantasize about having sex with the secretary. Having sex in the office can be great. This is my favorite place to have sex. I can’t even begin to count how many times I have gotten laid in the office. For the most part, if you are careful you won’t get caught. Make sure that if you are bagging her in the office the door is locked. If you are lucky enough to be able to bag a lot of women at work, this can make the work day a blast.

A note to the admins that the checkered blocks used in this fanfic is part of it, and is not spam. It contains strong language, and very mature and graphical scenes such as detailed death descriptions; sexual torture; sexual organ distortions; incest; necrophilia; trans-sexuality; internal and external fluid splashing; and deceased female fertilization. If you are OK with these themes, then proceed to read. You should be at least 18 years old when reading this fanfic, and It is your responsibility if you e-mail, post, or direct this story to anyone outside of the original website that it was posted in. If you re-post it, please only do so in an adult forum complete with all of this text and the disclaimer. None of this fanfic should be butchered up into pieces, and submitted throughout the internet without the legal warning, and all of the text that is included in here. “Josh, I’m a bit scared. Are you sure it was a good idea to come here without backup?

She would be startled at how devastating they could be in the hands of these powerful women. These women, who appeared to be in their mid-twenties, could easily have been world body building champions, they were so well developed. Their muscles had been shot full of steroids and they had built huge muscles with incredible form and definition. The only difference between these fine specimens and real competition body builders was that their breasts had also been pumped up, either with silicone or with some natural tissue builder. They both sported huge well developed round and erect breasts, with stout firm nipples pushing out through the nipple holes in the very brief halters they wore, rather than having the flat chests common with female body builders. The engorged clits pushed through the flesh folds at the top of the exposed cunts and stood erect and rigid like slick little boys’penises.

“I forgot to tell you that I was on the swim team my last three years in high school.” With that, she splashed me in the face and dove for the other end of the pool. I watched in admiration while she cut effortlessly through the water. Reaching the shallow end, she climbed the concrete steps and got out of the pool. I stared at her ass, her tiny bikini riding all the way up into her crack. She may as well have had nothing on at all. She made no attempt to rearrange the bottoms, and reaching her chair, bent over to get her towel. My cock threatened to split my shorts wide open. She turned and looked at me. “Aren’t you getting out? My face flushed again, and I just shook my head dumbly. I couldn’t get out with this boner. She’d see it sure as the world, and then I’d really be busted.

Here Minerva stopped, taking in the boy’s wide and disbelieving eyes. She saw some hope there, which made her so happy, and hoped that he would be somewhat amenable to what she suggested next. Harry stared. His professor looked so nervous, it wasn’t something he was used to seeing from his stern and serious head of house. She also seemed so sure of her idea. She really seemed to want him. That wasn’t something Harry was used to, so he looked over at his godfather. Sirius looked like he was on board with this plan, though he also seemed disappointed that he couldn’t publically take over the guardianship of his godson. Looking back at the Transfiguration Professor, Harry swallowed again. Even with no more elaboration, Minerva knew exactly what he was asking, and it broke her heart that he wouldn’t understand why someone wanted to take care of him. She shifted forward slightly and rested a hand on his shoulder.