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“Gina…oh Gina”….I said as she day dreamed looking out my window into space…”Tell Becky what your hiding in that little head of yours….come on now.” She smiled with a blush, but said nothing. ….OK..I decided to tell her my naughty secret…but…only if she would tell me hers afterwards. …..”Gina…I have a top secret I’m dying to tell someone. That snapped her right out of her daydream. …oh tell me, your secret will be safe with me.” she said. “Ok…but YOU have to tell me yours when I finish…deal? She said: “Well…..oh my god….well.. …you must keep it secret, I could get in a lot of trouble if it ever got out….deal? ” We agreed to not share our stories with anyone. I too could get in real trouble also if mine got out. ….We scooted our chairs close and talked low. ….I quietly started in telling her…. …..It started out as a sex game my husband and I began to play for fun.

Unlike me, Danny never seemed to be offended, he always made jokes about it himself. Actually Danny was a really nice guy; I wasn’t sure if he really was gay or not, but I was sure didn’t want to find out. I even sleep just on the edge of the bed, so I didn’t get to close to him. He thought that my behaviour was terribly funny (and I it sure was), and he always made jokes like “Don’t you want to pick up the soap? ” or “Do you want to be the woman first? ”, because he know I would freak out. Apart from the sexual harassment and the usual bullying I had a great time in Italy. The sun was shining, the beach was just a few steps away, the Italians were friendly and we would get drunk on red wine every evening. At the end of the first week, at one early evening, I had just finished a bottle of wine and wanted to use the toilet in my hotel room.

And on top of the pile of notes was a personal letter from Petrovsky. Lotus picked it up, gently running a finger underneath the fold and ripping the envelope open. Have the slaves up, washed, and fed by eleven. They need to be in the meeting room by eleven fifteen. Any tardies and you will be held accountable, Lotus. Lotus quickly rushed upstairs, waking each slave one by one. Basil and Rusty took it the hardest, seeing as they were up half the night playing billiards. However, by eleven the eight slaves were in the meeting room, their appointment books sitting on the individual desks in front of them. Winter looked around, wondering if this was a normal occurrence or something special because he had joined the house. Little did he know that the rest were as perplexed as he. “One last chance..” Jack said with a smile, rolling in the cart of toys and torture devices.

Now she could see the action, despite that she was facing away from the adjoining room. “Fuck yeah. That’s it. I love watching you fuck my cunt. I love watching your cock go in and out of my twat. I love seeing that fucking dick fuck my dirty pussy. Keep fucking my nasty pussy. I’m getting ready to cum. Make my pussy cum. Make my fucking pussy fucking cum. My fucking pussy wants to fucking cum. Seeing you fuck my pussy is so fucking hot. I love watching my pussy fuck. Suddenly she felt her inner most tighten. The hardness that pounded her began throbbing even more as its internal warmth grew. She arched her back and felt a new wetness inside her womanhood. The feeling of climax shuttered throughout her entire body but she was yet to be fully satisfied. “Go pussy to mouth again bitch. Don’t let my cock go soft.

It has really been a great pleasure for me to know you more intimately than ever.” He continued. “I too enjoy our physical moments. And I love you for that.” I said. ” With a sudden shock he stood up, wore his pants and went out of the room. For a second there I didn’t realize what I said to make him upset, then it hit me. The ‘L’ word. Why did I say that? ” I hit myself on head blaming for what I did. Wearing a robe adjacent to the bed, I went looking for him. Raj was standing in the balcony staring into the darkness of the sky. ” I asked whispering in his ear while hugging him from behind. He pulled me to the side holding my hand and looked at me. “Why did you say that, the ‘L’ word? ” He asked, in a disturbed upset voice.

Then he and his mate Bryson have bailed her up and taken Mich out into the bush, much like he has done before, only this time she is blindfolded something he has done only several times in the past? Mich is so excited she is beside herself, and has no idea where she is being taken or, what is going to happen? This only adds to her anticipation and makes her wetter than ever! Mike this time is in the back of the Land Rover playing with her and has encouraged her to do what ever she is told! This new sort of sex play much like a slave girl of being told what to do has left Mich hotter and more excited than ever. Mike has made sure it has been well over a week since her last encounter with the big bull and even longer since she has had his or his mates dicks!

After that we got to hang curtains, drapes, and make the bed. Then the girls started to fill their drawers with everything that mom had purchased for them. They took over most of my closet saying that my T-shirts and blue jeans needed to be folded and put in a drawer. When Mom came home she brought a big sheet pizza with her, several dozen wings, and a six-pack of soda. While we ate she went up to admire her handy work. Shopping was not as bad as I had dreaded. I didn’t have to buy anything pink. In fact I liked the way my new clothes felt. I thanked Mom for them and she told me to give my old clothes to the Salvation Army Thrift Store. The girls moved in and started sleeping and eating at our house. Candice went to school in the morning and then we would go see their mothers in the afternoons.

He saw sound stages set up, all looked fairly cheap. He saw a few makeshift rooms resembling bedrooms, kitchens, and so on. Then he saw a line of several interns he recognized. The line extended into a hallway with offices. Gerald walked past the line, arriving at closed door. He turned and looked around, wondering what the guys in line were waiting for. The door opened, a woman popped out. Gerald, startled, turned to face her. The woman pulled him into the room and closed the door. Gerald replied. He watched the two people whisper amongst themselves right in front of him. The casting director shushed him. A moment later, he spoke up. Gerald realized what was happening. The line outside were people wanting to audition for a role. The woman mistakenly pulled him into the room, thinking he was next in line. His forehead started beading up, he got scared, the two people watching, waiting with emotionless expressions. His eyes darted around, he cleared his throat. They talked amongst themselves again, Gerald wanted to leave to get back to wandering around.

When he started seducing the ladies his own age, his success about equalled mine. But after a while he lost complete interest in me, so I kicked him out. It wasn’t that I wasn’t getting plenty on the side. But most nights I slept in the bed next to him. And it’s frustrating being that close to a man who doesn’t want to touch you. What really clinched it was when he started spending too many evenings with Carol Burke. She was a divorcee, a few years older than me, not nearly as sexy looking, and according to one mutual lover, not nearly as good in bed. But she wasn’t me, and Bert only wanted variety, any piece of tail as long as she wasn’t me! So I told him it was time to split. Angie and her sisters were grown up by then, so why maintain the fiction? So he moved to an apartment, then got himself dead. It was a simple car accident and it wasn’t even his fault. When I went to the funeral, I realized I still loved the guy.

“Ooh, ooh, it’s so shiny. Can I have that? “You don’t need a shiny dog bowl,” I said, tugging her away. “You’re such a wonderful brother,” she said. “I love you so much.” Her head darted up so her tongue could lick my cheek. I shuddered at it. So hot, a warm tongue. We walked down the aisles, looking for what we needed. We passed chew toys, pet food, accessories for birds, fish tanks, and then we got to the collars. I passed the ones for cats’, heading for the dogs’. There were so many of them. I looked around them, my gaze flicking right and left. There were some that were made of rough, canvas-like material while others were made of smooth leather. A sturdy material. Long lasting. Some were thick, but that didn’t seem to fit my sister-bitch. She was a petite thing. She needed something dainty. When I laid eyes on the narrow black collar studded with shiny rivets, I knew it was perfect for her.