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Date: November 29, 2019

“That’s so wonderful. I’m so glad to have a friend I can talk to about this. Then I asked, “And we’re friends? “Of course we’re friends,” Alicia said. “We just shared our deepest secrets. That totally makes us friends.” She bounced against me with all the excitement of a little girl. “I am so glad I had to work on homework during lunch. And you must be starving. ” I asked. “Does your brother like to eat your ass out? ” Then she gave me a wicked look, her brown eyes twinkling. “You should eat his out. I shivered, excited to have made a new friend. She knew so much about sex. I bet I could learn so many naughty things to try with James. ” I asked my daughter as she stepped out of the laundry room. “I should make you do the laundry,” I said. ” she gasped in absolute innocence, made more so by her pink hair band holding back her brown hair. “I would never. And I had an amazing day.

I said what’s the mater my E Mary? Oh shut up my husband. Jean said, “What’s that all about. Mary spread her pubic hair exposing the scar. Jean hung her head and with fear in her voice she said, “Yes master.” The steak was done and the potatoes we forked from the embers. We all had a great meal and we were sitting around the fire the sky was beautiful millions of stars. I had one arm around Mary and the other around Mom. We talked about my childhood and all that I remembered while asleep and how hard it must have been. Jean said, “It is so fantastic master what did you think happened,” slap she hit her own arm and killed a mosquito. Once inside the screens were in and we had solar powered led lights. We sat down at the table Mom sat on the bed she said she was feeling a bit off. Mary checked her temp and pulse everything seemed okay.

John wasn’t sure what to expect but it was almost anticlimactic. The facade was made of clean stone, maybe granite. It wasn’t grand but it was noticeably cleaner and in better repair than its neighbors. It was a location that didn’t draw undue attention. Nor did it make anyone uncomfortable to enter. After a contemplative pause John followed his new boss into the building. They entered a comfortably appointed reception area with several well cushioned couches and chairs. On either side was a slightly larger room with a cozy cocktail lounge appeal. But the real sight was directly in front. Standing under a double sided curved stairway were an even dozen examples of fantasy. On the left end stood two young elf women. Both demure specimens of submissive beauty. Long golden hair fell down their back. Each wore short and classy dresses. They had their hair pulled back in a simple ponytail.

We all watched her eyes roll into her head and her head fall back. She started having one massive orgasm after another, after another. She finally collapsed and fell to my left side. My cock slipped out of her as she fell, and Courtney didn’t waste any time at all. She immediately straddled me and grabbed my cock. Amanda crawled up and started to kiss Kylee as Gina crawled up and kissed me. I watched Allison crawl up and start licking Gina’s pussy as we kissed. I broke the kiss as Courtney pushed her way down onto my cock as deep as she could in one push downward. We both moaned as pleasure ripped through both of us. Gina forced my head her way and shoved her tongue into my mouth. We kissed hard as Courtney slid her tight pussy up and down on my shaft. I bent my knees and started to thrust making her moan. Gina broke the kiss only to have an orgasm as Allison fingered her pussy and licked her. I looked up at Courtney and grabbed her hips. I started to thrust my twitching cock in and out if her very tight pussy.

I pulled up my underwear and my pants, Tessa pulled on her panties, and handed Jill her panties. Instead of putting her panties on Jill shoved them into my pocket. Mom watched the whole scene in silence but then softly asked, “How long has this been going on? Mom then asked, “Do you three get together very often? Jill replied, “Not as often as I would like. Tessa said, “Mom, I’m a girl like Jill. Mom asked, “Who told you that I don’t like sex? Tessa replied, “No one had to tell me. Mom cried some more and said, “That’s because we always do it after we drop you two off at church for your church school classes. We come back home and have great sex. I am a screamer and I get very loud during my orgasms. Mom blushed and said, “We do, every Sunday morning now, ever since a neighbor called nine one one. She thought that my husband was killing me. Mom smiled and said, “I can do you one better. Tessa asked, “What about me? Mom said, “Hold on a minute.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have come forward today to right a grievous wrong. Almost thirteen years ago, our world was in turmoil. We all did things we weren’t proud of, but we needed to regain order. But that does not mean that the law can be ignored. I have just entered four memories into evidence. I have certified them myself as being completely true and unaltered. Wizards and Witches, what is the matter with you? Many of us were seated on this body thirteen years ago, and yet we all sat back and did nothing, as an innocent man was condemned to Azkaban without a trial. I assume you can contact Mr. Black? What is your name? Who was the Potter’s Secret Keeper? Why did you switch? We thought I would be the obvious choice. Voldemort -” there were some flinches there, “would come after me, but I wouldn’t be able to give him anything. What happened on November the First, 1981? I was angry, and sad, and beyond rational thought. I tracked Peter down to a muggle street, where he set me up by shouting for everyone to hear how I had betrayed Lily and James.

He laughed and of course teased me about how black cock was bigger than my white cock, but then he asked if I wanted to trade some pics and see eachother more. I said sure, and within minutes he sent multiple pictures of him, his abs, his sexy body and his gordeous fat black cock! We had chatted all night and by the afternoon, we were both about to pass out and fall asleep. We made plans to talk that night and throughout the week, and especially Friday! We said or goodbyes on chat and continued casually texting throughout the week, mostly talking about how sexy we found one another, and he of course teased me about being curious for his cock! Sending pics all throughout the day, asking what I wanted to do with it, and attempting to turn me on; and it would work of course! The week had progressed as expected: I had taken more pictures of my pale white body in sexy panties and sissy clothes, and in turn he showed me more of his big black cock and hard massive sexy body. He had instructed me to watch some “sissy hypno” videos. So I obeyed, and watched, oddly turned on by the racial undertones and rough hardcore sex. Initially I thought they were dumb, but as the days went by and I browsed more I found myself being turned on by the little things. Such as the videos talking about sexy alpha men, usually black men, sissy white boys, and beautiful curvy women, but as it all progressed all I could think about was Mr. Blacks hard body and his monster fat black cock!

‘No, Elayne, I was outside dumping the trash and ran in to answer the phone”, I lied. “Just as long as I did not interrupt you at it, nothing worse! “Doug’s at work and I would not have answered if he had been here and we were doing ‘it’! Elayne and I had grown up from childhood together, parting after we graduated from university and then meeting up again when we both moved to the same town after getting married. We had no secrets from each other but did not go into detail about some things though. We had double dated, gone to concerts together, holidayed together, roomed at university and experienced each other’s joys and sadnesses. “Can you make it to lunch earlier, that is why I am phoning. “No problem as I have just a few things to take care of and have a shower. I put the phone down and thought about this morning, it was not one of my usual mornings and I wondered what else would happen.

Startled, the boy turned around to face Mitch. Both the boy and Mitch jumped back in shock. “Dude, I’m tryin’ to fuck,” Trent said, condom-covered penis hanging in the air. Trent slammed the stall door and locked it before resuming sex with Mari. Hoping for more luck at the other stall, Mitch opened the door only to see his friend Jake with his pants around his ankles and his hard cock inside of Julie. “Sorry dude. I’m taking this girl to pound town,” Jake said before kicking the stall door closed. There was only one more stall left and Mitch really hoped it was unoccupied because he really needed to hurl. The combination of something he ate disagreeing with him and the possibility of Lizzy being Danny’s secret homecoming date had him feeling sicker than he ever felt at any other point in his life. Fortunately, this stall was empty. Before he even bothered closing the door, he collapsed on his knees in front of the toilet, not caring if his white suit pants were covered in piss, and started blowing chunks. “Oh yuck,” Mari said from the other stall.