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Date: November 26, 2019

She licked his ear slowly and seductively and wiggled her hips grinding her covered sex into his hand. He sat frozen, but realized he would do anything for this woman now. His lack of experience with women did not help him with this situation. Nor help him realize he held the “upper hand” and not her. He reluctantly pulled his hand from between her legs and found a small vial and filled it with the foul smelling liquid she so desired. When he unstopped the beaker, his mother inhaled hugely and then sighed content. She immediately dropped to her knees before him and pressed her face downwards his cock sunk to the root inside her mouth. She moaned even as her face began to move up and down, sucking him hungrily. David gasped surprised, and excited beyond belief. A part of him felt this was wrong, that it was not his mother sucking his cock, but his experiment that had somehow altered her actions.

I thrusted upwards jamming my rod into his ass. I couldnt get enough of his boiling hot internals, and pumped harder with every one. After maybe 30 hard pumps i knew i could hold no longer, and flooded his ass with my seed. He sat on me for a few minutes, both of us mellowing after our experimentation. Another few minutes passed and he got up off me, and walked over to his clothes. We both dressed and walked to his house once more, dropping strate to sleep once we got into his room. We discussed that nite only once after the event itself, and decided that we shouldnt do it again.. Story was 100% true, no lies or tailes involved.. Continue to write your stories and add the ages of any boys in the near future! Randy much the same way we were 16 and ove sexed but my parents were gone the whole weekend and for first timmer and being over sexed teen boys we fucked and sucked each other for 2 days. This story brouht back some memories that were fun. God I wish I could do that. Great sexy story. Please write more and give even more details.

The cheeky bitch, who had bizarre tiger stripes painted on her face and the parts not covered by her revealing gown, gave Angella a huge smile, and held forward her fist, with her thumb turned down. Enraged, Angella swung back toward her foe, just in time to see that the assertive Jewish bitch had taken the initiative, and had her gorgeous legs raised for a high kick. Angella’s only defense was to twist, and the blow aimed at her face came down along the inside of her raised arm, slicing her to the bone from her elbow to her armpit. Angella lashed out with a high sideways kick. When Angella’s legs dropped, she swung backward. Screaming like a banshee through her extended tongue, the enraged Rachael lifted both her legs high to go for Angella’s face. Angella thrust her pelvis forward, which pulled her face back briefly, jerking painfully on her nose, tongue and nipples. The defensive move saved her face from the blades for the moment, but the vicious heel spurs came down instead into the tops of her magnificently bulged breasts.

“Uh…excuse me Ms, Sawyer.” Manny said sliding past her into the living room. “Oh, yeah, sorry, I thought…I saw a centipede.” Nicole lied. “I put out I bug traps today, I swear! ” Daniel bemoaned from afar. “Okay…” She replied from a fog. Nicole waited for the pizza, the pizza came, the boys ate, then the boys passed out from all the food. The entire time Nicole drank wine. It was late night now and still hot. Nicole was awake laying spread eagle on her bed in only an old tshirt and pair of blue stripped panties. The room was vibrating only slightly. Or maybe that was her head. She had hoped the wine would allow her mind to drift elsewhere but it was exclusively repeating a montage of Manny’s bulge swaying and bouncing down the stairs. She had attempted to masturbate several times, but guilt and disgust would creep back into her head. Suddenly a small electric shock rippled through her pussy and Nicole become very aware of the fact Manny was below her, not more than twelve feet away.

No way. I don’t care if I get pregnant; I just want it my pussy so bad! I smiled, then Sara said “okay, I am ready, do you want to do the work of shall I ride you myself? Sara smiled, motioned for me to lean back, then climbed on top of me, lined herself up then slowly pushed down. I would imagine that she would be tight but wow, was she ever! This felt amazing, her pussy was very wet, and her tight lips were so soft! I felt really tempted to push my cock in but I said she could do it so with much effort I kept my word. She started moaning when I wasn’t even halfway in and started pulling out a bit then pushing down more and more until her cunt was completely impaled by my cock. She moaned “Oh Ryan, your cock is so big; it just fills me right up! ” She started to rock back and forth, slowly gaining speed. Even though I came so much a few minutes earlier, I felt the feeling come back too soon, her pussy just felt so good! When this orgasm started to calm down she started begging “Ryan I don’t think I can handle another orgasm, I might faint from pleasure! I looked back at the clock and it was just about 5:00 am. So I walked to the bathroom and got a wash cloth to clean her pussy up because I didn’t want to end up walking up with semen everywhere. I walked back and closed my door, cleaned her soft pussy as much as I could, then threw the cloth into the laundry hamper and crawled back into bed.

Quickly using it as a small cock, she helped Kerry achieve her orgasm only a few seconds later. Kerry lay panting upon the table, regaining her strength. She ignored his brother’ girlfriend and the finger, but hoped David enjoyed the show he had commanded. Since he controlled the flow of “Toilet Water”, it was only his opinion that mattered. When the exhausted teen finally stopped spasming and groaning out, Virginia retrieved her finger. Thinking no one was around, she quickly slipped it into her mouth to taste the juices coating it. David noticed and was amused. Virginia blushed but didn’t react any other way. He already guessed his girlfriend was sexually inclined towards other women. He motioned for his mom to climb up upon his lap. Smiling, the middle-aged woman quickly complied. She straddled her son’s lap, facing away from him and then with his cock pointing out of his pants, lowered herself upon him. She complied, though she did it slowly. A large part of her was sickened by these actions, another was extremely excited. She had hoped her boyfriend would command her to eat out his sister Kerry.

Where did you get those porn magazines? What turns you on when you jerk off? Are you having sex with a girlfriend? As nervous as I am, I answer her questions as calmly as she asked them. About a year. Five-six time a week. A friend at school got them for me. Big tits really get me hard, so I like looking at pictures of huge boobs. No mom, no girl friend yet. Busted big time and waiting for the hammer to drop. Then she starts in on the bra. What ever made you start jacking off and squirting your load in my bras? I hesitate with the answer. I decide right there and then I can’t let her know about overhearing the Wednesday conversations. They turn me on a hell of a lot more than the bra. As I fumble around for a response I finally said I noticed you were wearing a light blouse and I could see that sexy bra and your dark nipples very clearly.

“Sorry, um… I’m Brian.” Betsy let go of his hand, and finally broke eye contact. He didn’t know what to say next. “I just realized that my phone is out of battery, and I really have to text someone. ” Her voice was low and smooth. It had an almost musical meter to it. “Oh, yeah no problem,” he handed over his phone in a daze. He had never felt anything like her touch. He couldn’t think of a word to describe it but eldritch, like something humans were not meant to feel. He was still trying to figure it out when she gave his phone back. She leaned in as she did so; she smelled intoxicating. “Thanks,” she whispered. And with that she was on her way. Betsy was the only thing in Brian’s mind for the rest of the day. His classes breezed by as he recounted their meeting. His wonder about the strange sensation was quickly usurped by the draw he felt towards the girl in the hat. He imagined that after she had handed back his phone he had confidently asked her on a date.

The sexual part of out life is on hold for the moment. We still talk almost every day – the most I see her of her now is the texts that she sends me of her in bikini’s, underwear and naked. We still like a little bit of naughtiness. My Dad and his girlfriend are still together. I still fuck her when I get the chance. I’ve actually grown to like her a little bit more. She’s a genuinely nice girl just trying to get out in front of life. Paul and his Mom are still in touch with me. Sister who has recently split from her boyfriend. I’m kinda seeing someone at the moment, and I haven’t broached that part of my life with her yet. She’s a nice girl and we have a lot in common. I had met her before but she had lost my number and changed phones. I don’t mean to brag but she’s a little bit famous. Have you seen the movie ‘Fly Away’?

But Monday rolled away again and Dad had work to do and so he left us alone again. As soon as Dad was out of the house, I went to James. “ Did I do something wrong by kissing you ? ” I asked. “ No I just have never done that before and I felt kind-of bad when dad came home and we were doing that. I mean what would he think if he saw us doing that ? He was right about that, but I wanted more and I was sure that he did too. “ James, dad just left and isn’t going to be back for a while, lets go to the tree-house and do it again. It felt really good.” James smiled, I now think that maybe he was ashamed and didn’t know what I thought about him. But my suggestion must have let him know that I really liked it.