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I glanced at him, his face going blank. “You too,” I said and thrust open the door. Daylight flooded around us. It almost was a physical presence. I groaned as I let my little sister out. She let out a bark relief and darted towards the car. She gasped as the leash pulled her up short. She turned around to look at me, impatience painted across her face. I chuckled and hurried towards her. She nodded. I opened the car door, she scampered inside. When I unclipped her leash, she grabbed the hem of her belly shirt and pulled it up her body. She bared her small breasts, tossing the garment onto the car seat. I smiled at the side of her firm, little titties. Her nipples were hard. She giggled and growled. She nipped my hand with a playful bite. I petted her hair through the open window. “You’ll get to feel that a lot,” I told her.

Oh, and girls love it when you lick and suck on their nipples. These are my nipples,” she said pointing to the rock hard lumps on her breasts. Aiden nodded and his mouth went to her nipple and he started sucking on it. Haley moaned, it felt great. Parker started rubbing her other nipple twisting and flicking it. Gosh, they are really good at this Haley thought. Meanwhile, Haley started jacking off Landon. Landon’s dick was also a pretty good size for his age. She rubbed his balls and moved her hand up and down focusing on his head. He was groaning softly and after about five minutes he came hard all over her hand. “That felt awesome,” Landon said. “Is it my turn now? ” Aiden asked smiling sweetly. “Okay, sit here,” Haley said. She stuck her hand in his pants and started rubbing his smaller dick. He still was big for a ten year old though. She rubbed his head and slid her hand up and down lubing him with his pre- cum as she jacked him off. Meanwhile, Landon and Aiden were kissing and sucking all over her breasts.

Devin to look up at me sharply. “What are you doing? ” He asks carefully. “You said it can only be about sex.” I state flatly careful not to let any sort of emotion into my voice. “Oh god.” He says and closes his eyes to fight with his mind. “Kas-” He starts but it turns to a low groan as I slide down onto him taking all of him in on one fast move. I’m nearly mindless with the sudden feel of his cock inside me and I pause a moment just to feel it. He looks at me pained but his body works against him and he thrusts his hips up to me grinding our hips together. I decide treat this as ‘just sex’ and begin to move at a sensual pace taking him in and building on my forced arousal not really caring if he is really enjoying it.

I had accepted this annoying but not disastrous change to my plans, until my mum told me that she couldn’t give me a lift to the beach, ‘cause my stupid selfish brother had borrowed the car! So I would have to get the bus! It was nearly an hour bus ride and on such a hot day, I was convinced it would ruin my hair, and there with it my chances with Jay! I was so annoyed! So now I had no money and I had to survive the bloody bus! Things couldn’t get much worse. I wasn’t going to let my useless parents beat me! I was going to make things happen with Jay despite all odds! I left the house, slamming the door behind me! As I walked past Pete’s house I heard his front door open. ‘Lucy.’ He called out. I turned and walked toward Pete, he was standing at his front door, holding a twenty pound note above his shoulder, as if out of my reach. I walked right up to him and beamed up to him fluttering my eyelids, as he looked down on me from the height of his doorstep.

I tried to block it out and drifted in and out of sleep. My sleep was disturbed several times during night when Katie squealed, moaned or screamed while experiencing another incredible orgasm. I woke up around nine thirty the next morning and observed Katie and Reggie sleeping peaceably in each other’s arms. She was on her back and Reggie was on his left side facing her. They were covered from the waist down with only the top sheet and naked from the waist up. I slipped quietly out of bed and after hastily dressing went silently out the door to the dining room for breakfast. Katie woke up with a tingling in right breast. She opened one eye and observed Reggie nibbling on her nipples. She raised both arms over her head as she yawned and stretched. She shuddered as she felt a gentle wave of pleasure bath her whole body.

That’s twelve possible combinitions, and it seemed like they’d tried every one. But I certainly wasn’t keeping track. Most of the time I hardly knew which two of the four guys were fucking me and quickly didn’t care. As long as they kept using lube, I just enjoyed it! But that’s jumping to the end before I’ve savored some of the beautiful “opening” scenes. Shit, the best picture has to be one where I’m up in the air about waist high with so many guys holding so many parts of my body that I have no chance of falling. You can tell by my smile that I’m not even thinking about that or anything other than the fingers holding open my two orifices. Those fingers were supplied by four different men. But while I was very much aware of my much helped exposure, I can still remember the delightful feel of male hands touching me everywhere, thighs, breasts, buns, even arms, feet, calves, and some guy supporting my head.

Never before I had licked something so velvety and smooth. I could pass my tongue around John’s genitalia all night but I had different plans. I wanted to envelope it fully with my mouth and feel it’s hardness, warmth, pulsation in my mouth. I bent my head over it and tried to put in my mouth. After about a minute of useless attempts, I understood that it’s impossible to place John’s dick in the mouth while my friend is in a half laying position. I lifted my head up and wanted to tell my John about the problem, but I didn’t manage to convey my words in thoughts because a moment later he straightened the body. The groin got lower, so low that the huddled and enlarged scrotum touched the blue sheets of the bed. John’s red aroused knob emerged from between the legs. The purple and read head reminded me of police sirens, maybe due to its colour or the amount of attention it attracted. But I didn’t thought about it for too long. I plunged my head back into my friend crotch, and my mouth covered one quarter of John’s shaft. How did it felt?

I was 35-years-old, my son Craig was just 13. I’d recently split up with my husband and I was struggling to cope with my job and Craig, who, although not a tearaway, was nonetheless a bit of a handful. He’s an only child and didn’t have many friends as we’d recently moved house. One night he was getting frustrated with his school-studies and when I asked him if anything was bothering outside of school he just said that he was ‘frustrated’. It took a while to get it out of him but basically he admitted he felt ‘horny all the time’ but girls his own age were only interested in older lads. Things developed pretty quick. Before the week was out we were having full sex, then moved on to trying out new positions, oral-sex, anal-sex, facials, fisting. There’s a full account of this in the Files section of this forum, called “Jessica’s Beginnings”.

It had taken Harry talking with Hermione for her to realize what she had done, and she had immediately hurried off to apologize. Sirius and Remus had begun giving the students lessons on dueling, something they were all eager to learn. They focused more on using spells together, and how to fight, than on formal dueling, so that they could be prepared, should the situation arise where they needed to defend themselves. The last of the Marauders also began teaching them how to dodge, reasoning that the best offense was a good defense. Sometimes, the best way to block a spell was to not let it hit you. Harry was, unsurprisingly, the best at this new class. Defense had always been where he shined, and he was used to dodging. Sirius had taken both Neville and Ginny aside when he had noticed their struggles to perform some spells, and upon learning that they were both using family wands, he insisted that they go to Ollivanders to purchase their own.

Cum slowly leaking out of me as he walked. Walking across the carpark I felt the breeze hit my swollen little pussy and nipples. The outfit I had on doing little to stop the biting cold. My nipples instantly stiffened again and with each step I felt the enormous plug drive itself into my ass. Fucking me in its own right. The boy eating your sweet little cunny right now is King and you will address him as that or master, the young man keeping you pinned for his father is Prince. You know, you have gotten King all worked up you teasing little bitch, I was going to wait until after I had gotten to fuck you again, but it seems so cruel to make him wait when he’s this antsy. Are you ready to finally feel a doggy cock baby? I nodded and squeaked “yes sir” into the couch, turning my head slightly so I could see out of the corner of my eye him lining up Kings throbbing doggy dick with my tiny little pussy.