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Date: November 26, 2019

She was very reluctant at first, but I assured her that he wouldn’t have any idea what was up, and that if nothing developed there was nothing ventured nothing gained. She said OK, and was visibly nervous, but that was all the permission I needed. I didn’t tell her, but I called Brad, and asked him if we could talk a minute. When he said he was in the neighborhood and could come by, I said that would be a good time to discuss what I had on my mind. After a little small talk, I asked Brad if he thought Kari was hot, and when he said hell yea, I told him what she said about it not being easy to get into her bedroom! He laughed, and I told him if he wanted a shot at her I would help him set something in motion. He was rubbing his hands together and said he was all over it!

” He thrust into me and grunted. A huge smile burst across my lips. Hot, salty cum pumped into my body. Incestuous seed filled my pussy. I groaned, a tingle of delight racing through me. My orgasm died down to a buzzing bliss as I wiggled, savoring his spurting dick. He shuddered, cock sliding in and out a final time then withdrew. And dropped a silver dollar coin on the table. My pay. If I acted like a whore, then he would treat me like one. I snagged it as it danced on the table, clutching it in my hand as I heard Daddy zip up behind me. I savored the cold feel of the coin in my palm as his seed leaked out of me. His hand smacked my ass before walking to the head of the table. “Thank you, Daddy,” I panted as I sat up. I reached down and pulled my skirt up my thighs as my mother backed through the door, holding breakfast. My heart thudded faster, fear striking cold.

But now things were different. It would always play out the same way. Eventually I felt sorry enough for the poor bastard that at one point, I exited my room after the telltale “Okay.” I opened my door to see a visibly annoyed Chris. I motioned for us to go upstairs, and silently upstairs we went. ” I finally asked. “Yeah.” he sighed. “No. Maybe. Just… things are rough and it sucks watching a friendship disappear in front of your eyes on top of that. “Yeah.” I mumbled. “Can I ask a blunt question? “Yeah, go ahead, sweetie.” Chris replied, sitting down at the kitchen table. “Do you blame me for her attitude shift? I expected Chris to be taken aback by the question, but he wasn’t. He just shrugged. “Not you. Your past actions, maybe. “By most accounts I really shouldn’t have forgiven you. I guess it’s in my nature.” he added.

Her flesh started to melt and flare up with odd protrusions. A vaguely humanoid frame began to pull itself out of her churning skin. A very familiar humanoid frame. Before long, a perfect clone of Phoebe stood before her. Well, almost perfect. There was one large difference. A thick cock hung from the clone’s crotch in place of female genitalia. The clone wasn’t sentient. That would have been a disaster. Phoebe inhabited both bodies with a single mind. She saw with four sets of eyes and heard with four sets of ears. She felt both a hardening cock and a moistening pussy. Her male body began to stroke itself. She loved the feeling of a cock in her hands, loved knowing she could penetrate, knowing she could release a load deep inside another if she wanted to. Her female body wasted no time bending and spreading. She watched herself through her male eyes as she pulled back round cheeks and offered up a puffy pink slit. She grabbed her own ass and rubbed her hard dick against her wetness. Waves of complementary sensations spread through the twin bodies.

Dan and Dave embarrassingly put their hands in their laps trying to discreetly mask their erections. Lori changed the focus by asking me how I got involved with Biff, Joannie and my own son Jerry. I explained to the group how I had spied on them. First I watched Jerry suck Biff’s cock and then I watched Biff fuck Jerry in the ass. After that I looked forward to spying on them. The next time I watched them Joannie was with them. I watched Joannie suck Jerry’s cock as he sucked Biff’s. Then they double fucked Joannie with Biff in her pussy and Jerry in her ass. Later Biff fucked Joannie in the ass while she sucked on Jerry’s cock. Finally Jerry fucked Joannie in the ass as Biff fucked him in the ass. I went on with the story and told everyone how Biff had seduced me poolside. Then I told them how Joannie had joined Biff and I in my bedroom and how she introduced me to female sex. I told everyone how Joannie had walked me through my first anal sex with Biff’s big dick stretching me to new proportions.

Instead he just innocently sniffed around at her legs and began exploring around the bedroom. Once Sheppy got around to the bed, Robert felt the whole atmosphere change. Sheppy jumps up on the bed and begins excitedly sniffing around. The scent of sex was probably all over the sheets. Sheppy sniffed, snorted and actually started licking the sheets. As he did so, Jessica saw that Sheppy’s big, red cock was fully erect and hanging down. As it could clearly be seen even with Sheepy’s thick fur. She then approaches, but as she’s reaching for it. He jumps off the bed and circles around her. He then starts acting exactly like Bully. He sits down right in front of her and began sniffing the crotch of her panties. He was a large dog, so even sitting his snout was directly opposite her crotch. Jessica was clearly used to this sought of behavior. However unlike with Bully, she didn’t waste time teasing him.

Then her circle of friends changed. She started going to parties and coming home smelling of cigarettes and booze, her hair was messed up, and at times her clothes were in disarray. When I tried to say something to her she just snapped at me. She told me to shut to fuck up and if I ever said a word to anyone that she would kill me. I hadn’t done anything to result in that kind of a tongue-lashing. So for the next couple of weeks I kept clear of her. Then one night after I had been sent to bed, I heard a light tapping on my bedroom door. It was Kimberly. She was in a sexy little nightie. She came into my room closing the door behind her. I asked, “Why me? I asked, “Why, so he can beat me up or something? Kimberly said, “I don’t think he is going to beat you up. I’m not really sure what is going to happen. All I know is that he told me to bring you. I asked, “Or else what?