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Date: November 27, 2019

He clicked on the Latest Videos tab and the screen changed to his choice. In the past few days there were over 300 new videos added, too many to check individually but on the right side of the screen there were filter buttons that would reduce the amount to a more personal choice. He clicked on the Teens, fucking, amateur and slim. Tom hated fat girls, they made his stomach churn if he saw them naked. The choice was reduced to just 50 and ranged in length from less than a minute to about 15 minutes. He clicked on the first video, it was a brief 30 second clip of some drunk slut sucking cock in an alleyway behind a night club. The slut was working that cock and soon Tom’s cock got hard and he spread the lube over his cock slowly and methodically. Tom knew that 9999 times out of a 10000, these vids were bullshit.

We termed Johnny as our medical director. He would give them a baseline medical exam, and then inject them with our cocktail. If there were any actual medical concerns, we would ask our physician followers to provide an opinion. We identified any problem girls at the initial screen, at which point the Dudley’s would take them to the punishment barn. After which, they would be caged in a small kennel in isolation. After this, it would be rare for the girl to continue to be a problem. Kayleigh would lead the live-stock through their morning exercise routine in the fields early each morning. The girls that were then fully trained would help with upkeep in the barns and farm, as well as help make slut chow, and take care of various other odd jobs. The girls that were fresher in their training, would remain locked up in their stalls. I liked spending time with the fresh girls.

“No no, not bad, not bad at all and don’t be sorry, it’s just, oh my god, it’s just that like, it’s kind of a sexy little fantasy of mine.” She sighed like she was trying to not go crazy. “What, me and dad having sex? ” I asked making her bite her lip and get a look like she was about to cry. “Yes, yes.” She gasped like crazy because now she couldn’t talk. “So you’d be ok with daddy having sex with me? ” I asked making mom make her eyebrows slant and while she bit her lip. “Perfectly, I wanna watch you guys though.” She sighed like she was going to cum like she did with dad. “Well, why can’t you just like, play with us, we can all have sex together at the same time.” I whimpered while I squeezed my legs together really tight. “Fuck, I’m cumming.” She said with the quietest little cry while I watched her face. She kept playing with my boobs while she shook and jerked a little, then she opened her eyes and looked in mine.

Remember they may quit and leave you without resources. If the person you are working with cannot point you in the direction of a set training format, move on. This is where the definition of sponsor is most important. The “thing” that your sponsor takes responsibility for is your training. You have to show up for it, but there must be a training program in place. Ask yourself if you can duplicate what the person you are working with is doing. You must be honest with yourself here. If your sponsor works leads, can you work them? Will you want to spend and hour or two per day 5 days a week doing it? Do you need to work with a group with your warm market? Though your sponsor works leads, can she support you as you work with your warm market or can she put you with a local group? If not move on. A worthy sponsor will have some and should not be afraid to share them. If they don’t have any, you are dealing with a recruiter who is looking to post the numbers while looking for someone who will “do it without them”. Generally, the longer the better. During your due diligence phase you should have found a company to be with long term. If your sponsor has been with a company less than a year that is okay, but you must be sure to meet other members of the team. Learn to separate the hype from the substance. When you are looking at a company, sponsor or team you are looking for a good fit. Do you like what you see, do you like the culture and feel? Use the questions to separate the wheat from the chaff, do an honest self inventory about your honest intentions when getting started, then get started. The rewards of network marketing are there and are there for you!

I mean they were still their kids. We didn’t tell them about Ray and I or about our parents, we thought that would be overkill. Eventually we left with our parents but their parents stayed with them. So we didn’t get to have a big reception, but it wasn’t like we planned anything fancy. We still had some cake at our house and our parents took pictures of us. “So how does it feel to be married now? “Amazing, because we love each other to no end,” I replied. Then Ray felt my stomach as we were standing in front of the cake. “So you really just got her pregnant when she just wanted you to? ” Jim asked Ray. “Yes pretty much, but I have no regrets though,” Ray replied. I gave Ray a big hug and then our parents joined in as well for a group hug. Eventually they left a couple hours later and we got a call from Bill. He let us know their baby boy was doing good and their parents were OK with it for the time being, but by then it was about 9:00 and I was just exhausted.

He took a cold shower and avoided his mother – too embarrassed about all of this. He was getting more and more afraid. He was wishing more and more he never watched clips of her and talked to her about them. Gia was in her shower later that evening, also avoiding Gerald. Thoughts of him penetrating her in real life, wondering what it’d be like, wondering if his face would look like it did that night in the scene if he was really ejaculating. She dried off, didn’t bother putting on pajamas, and thought about finishing this film and moving on. She held a pillow against her, wondering when they wrapped up shooting, if things would ever be the same between her and her son again. The next day Gerald was sitting naked on a wooden chair. It was on a kitchen set. His erection was tucked uncomfortably under his thigh.

She was making a most unusual low moaning female noise of sex and lust, as Ben joined in. He began by unbuttoning her blouse and opening it, she broke the kiss and actually helped as he easily removed it, this had left her topless. Again she made no effort to stop him. Ben’s black hands were in stark contrast to her pale white breasts as he lovingly squeezed her soft tender treasures., while Damion kissed her again even deeper! Her husband watched these two black men, and Leigh his young horny wife on their old couch as she even more turned on now, passionately kissed Damion back. Ben got up and moved off to one side, Then Damion had easily picked Leigh up, as Ben slipped off her short pink skirt, followed by her wet panties, leaving her totally naked. With Damion easily holding her up in the, air Ben pushed her legs apart grabbed her bare bottom and french kissed her deeply right on her stimulated wet pussy,!

Wells, you have had sex with your father when you were 12? Mr. Wells (probably out of embarrassment and to keep his wife quiet) spoke suddenly giving his final answer, “We’ll do it! Mrs. Wells and I will constrain the twins on film until your son makes them pregnant and we’ll consent to the distribution of the movie! Dad immediately had Ms. Baker made the arrangements for the IRS to be paid in installments and when the third and final child was born a lump sum payment of the final amount was to be made. As always dad had his favorite lawyer draw up a contract for both parties to sign. The next month after Mrs. Wells was confirmed not to be pregnant by dad, I had sex with her in dad’s studio. At first I wore a condom but she ripped it off and I deposited my load in her womb. The new film was slated to be about pregnancy and rape. The rape part of the film was to be some of the best sex I have ever had.

Her scent all around him was intoxicating. He felt his cock growing hard again, felt it press against her leg, he knew she could feel it too. Somehow, his mouth was open. He felt the soft wetness of her tongue inside his mouth, gingerly probing into him. Tony had only ever seen this in movies, he could not remember how it was done, all he was conscious of was the overwhelming desire he felt. She came up for air. Tony nodded and turned towards the computer. She looked pointedly at his erection, then sat down on her bed, expectantly. It took all the affection he had for Manjula for Tony to overcome his fear. That wasn’t really true, of course. Male porn stars are chosen in no small part because of their size, and many is the man who feels inferior and self-conscious compared to them. But Tony also realized, that if disrobing would be scary for him, that was nothing compared to how frightening it would be for her. This was a girl who had only just shown her legs in public for the first time two days ago.

While in the shower I tried my hardest to avoid touching Judy out of respect for her lifestyle. However the shower was tight and when we switched places, I was going from the back to the front and Judy and I had to pass each other sideway’s face to face in a very tight shower space . As we passed each other, her very nice size boobs rubbed hard against my chest. I felt her hard nipple and her very pretty soft boobs against me, but that wasn’t all that rubbed, my dick rubbed hard against her pubic mound. We made eye contact as we past. It aroused me to no end and gave me a hard on. This has been somewhat of an introduction for those who didn’t read my last story. Judy is about five feet seven inches tall, she is very pretty with brown hair, blue eyes, fair skin with big boobs and a beautiful pussy with brown hair on it.