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Date: November 26, 2019

They were spectacular, and the audience was anxious to see what damage they would do to each other. A pair of well built teen-aged girls wearing jeans, white frilly blouses and high heeled shoes were brought onto the stage. Suddenly the audience realized that the women would not fight each other, but instead these two were going to be the human targets for the whips in the brutal competition. Jennifer was startled to see that one of them was the French girl who had been on stage with the little girls. The two girls stripped down naked, leaving on only the high heeled shoes. Jennifer was struck by how much more sexual Jennine’s naked figure was than she remembered in that tight silver dress she had worn the night before. She also noted how similar the two girls were in build. This close balance in the amount of living girl-meat would make the brutal girl-whipping experiment valid.

Kimberly held my back tightly to her. I let my hands travel back down her back to her firm butt then up under her nightie as I brought them back up her body. She was not stopping me. My cock was rock hard and throbbing. Then Kimberly said, “Jeremy told me to do whatever it took to get you to that party on Friday.” Then she patted my erection, backed up, and pulled that nightie up over her head dropping it to the floor. “Is this what it will take? ” Then Kimberly held one of her breasts in one hand and her pussy in the other hand. I could not speak. I was so astounded by her naked beauty that words escaped me. Her skin was flawless, her nipples were hard, and her areolas were all crinkled. Her tummy was flat, her ass was rounded, and her pussy was a boy’s dream.

I was scared that Jim wasn’t really serious in his permissiveness and that this would ruin our marriage. I struggled with the self imposed guilt of giving myself to another man. I worried what others might think, especially my family should they ever discover it. And I often worried if I was really that desirable to a such an attractive man, ten years younger than me! I have few regrets and lots of smiles looking back. Erotic sex needs a component of something new, something naughty, something dangerous, something “illegal” or something outrageous. It just does and I don’t think anyone can really get around that fact. There are other types of good legitimate sex. But none of that is quite in the category of white hot erotic sex. I didn’t really want to admit that because in doing so it felt like it made the sex Jim and I shared for twenty years seem rather second rate. It also took me awhile to realize that the human psyche needs eroticism like a body needs vitamins. Ignore that at your own peril and maybe the destruction of your own marriage. Thankfully Jim and I worked through this together.

He smashed against the hardwood floor. He heard Abby scream on the other side of the room. He had to help her. Had to get up. But he couldn’t. He couldn’t move, he couldn’t use magic, couldn’t talk. He could only remain on the floor as pain crawled across his skin and the sounds of Abby’s struggle attacked his ears. Not even Siren’s Call would work. The baton had paralysed him. He heard a thump. No more screams from Abby. He could see four feet underneath the futon. Two were being dragged away. He tried to yell that she was innocent. Scream that the man should be taking him, not her. But only an unintelligible groan came out. The feet disappeared around the corner. The sound of heavy footsteps faded from earshot soon after. How had the man found them? Where was their Demon protector? This couldn’t be happening. It couldn’t be. Abby was gone and it was all his fault.

There was something really magical about that sex session, I wasn’t sure if I could ever have better sex honestly, but it was just gonna be a one time thing though. “Do you mind if we sleep together too sis? “You wanna sleep with me too? “Yes, if you don’t mind, I just wanna be close to the woman I love most,” Mitch replied. “You better stop saying that shit, or I may have to chain you down so you can’t go tomorrow,” I said. “Well that would be bad, I don’t think they’d like that very much sis, but don’t worry, I’ll be counting down the days until I get to come back, I’ll be back before you know it,” Mitch replied. “You better, I’m serious, there will be hell to pay if you don’t, if you don’t believe me then try and see what happens,” I said. “I’ll take your word for it Midge, I love you,” Mitch replied.

Mary hadn’t worn them for more than a few seconds but he could still smell her scent in the crotch. ” Cap asked, sliding out of the bed to look for his jeans so he could stuff the panties in one of his pockets. “Well get back here, then, because I can’t wait for your cock,” Mary said, sitting up above her bed. As Mary sat up her breasts quivered enticingly, catching Caps undivided attention. “I think I do,” Captain Marvel said with a grin. “Sure I do,” Mary said, juggling her tits in her hands. “I gain several years when I turn into Mary Marvel and it shows in my breasts as well as other areas. “That’s true,” Cap said with a shrug. “But I was wondering, have you ever heard of a tit fuck? “Why yes I have,” Mary said, juggling her tits even harder than before. “And now that you mention it my tits are a good size for a tit fuck when I’m Mary Marvel instead of Mary Batson.

She was an excellent student, and learned to use sexual manipulations, contrived bizarre fantasies, tricks and methods that gave her enormous control over the men she serviced. This made her a valuable assistant in obtaining lucrative contracts. When she was not entertaining the penises of visiting VIP’s, she kept in practice in the lavish bed on the company’s executive jet, providing the kind of comfort to her boss that his wife could not. Some of the acts she saw were more than obscene. A beautiful naked woman in her forties was gagged, hooded, and forced to kneel, knees spread, on a rough work bench. Her arms were strapped from the elbows to the wrists tightly with straps nailed to the bench. Her legs were spread and similarly strapped from the knees to her ankles to the bench’s heavy planks. For more than an hour, the big sobbing bitch was tortured with long needles thrust into her meat and hot branding irons searing her flesh, including her breasts, nipples, cuntlips, feet and back.