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Date: November 24, 2019

That’s when Nick remembered Stacy had told him about a party that Mari was having tomorrow night. Now that he had some random girl texting him, he wanted to march right up to his bedroom and convince Stacy to go to a movie or something instead of going to the party. That way he wouldn’t be tempted. His phone buzzed again. Don’t you dare think about not coming tomorrow. I’ll tell Stacy what you did. Tiffany. It couldn’t have been anyone else. Even though Nick had only had sex with her once, he knew that wasn’t her ass in the photograph. Clearly she was up to something. He suddenly felt the urge for more sexual release fill the pit of his stomach. His cock was rock hard in his boxer briefs and he noticed his breathing ramp up to near hyperventilation. He felt a hand touch his butt that caused him to nearly jump out of his skin. Stacy emerged behind him, cackling with glee in seeing Nick’s reaction. “Wow, I got you pretty good,” she said.

However she wasn’t asked to strip but was told by Anton to try on some clothes and Olga skilfully applied make-up on her face. They were the most beautiful clothes Kristina had ever worn. She was puzzled but posed as requested as he took hundreds of shots. Again she was dismissed but three days later was invited to return. “Kristina,” said Anton, “my directors have had a look at your test. Kristina nodded. She wouldn’t mind with Anton again. Two tall and powerfully built men came into the room. They were good looking and smiled at her. Boris kissed her cheek. “Hi Kristina, Anton said you are a stunner. Anton continued. “We want you to do a double play with Boris and Joseph. Both at the same time. Kristina felt a chill in her stomach. “Now this time also we need camera men to get the quality we need.” He directed her into the bedroom where three camera men were with their cameras and lights. They smiled at her in a friendly manner.

Trish had mentioned she wanted to fuck, so Joey happily complied. He was sure Scooter and Mick hadn’t gone any further than what I had seen, but Joey thought Jerry and Dana had gone all the way on the chair. I peeked in Jerry’s head and found they sorta did. His dick had worked its head inside her, and they let it continue to slip in. But when it reached her hymen, they stopped their movements and held each other for a minute before he pulled it out. By the time everyone was ready to get cleaned up and dressed, Rita had fallen asleep in Paul’s arms. Joey said Paul must have been very uncomfortable on the floor holding her like that, but Paul wouldn’t wake her up until Joey said it was time to leave. Scooter told me later he had told Gina his feelings for her after dinner, and choked up when he told her about Paul’s earlier remarks.

After I came I did glance at the navigation display, it now said 10 minutes to the destination, where it had started at 20, so 10 minutes of pure bliss. I just lay there, totally wrecked, while Dee smiled at me, and said, “Happy Birthday.” I’m not sure I said anything, she even made me forget my manners, not thanking her. She hugged me for the rest of the ride to the palms, then we tidied ourselves up for our arrival. Dee was already checked in, so didn’t need to stop at the desk, and just lead me up to the room. It was a pretty big room, there was a living room and separate bedroom, and a big balcony with a hot tub. Perfect for a party. To which she responded, “Pity, the girls love a man in uniform, you look so sexy in it.” I didn’t respond, what she had in mind sounded disrespectful to the uniform, even if it were only my JROTC uniform. But, she took my mind off that by reaching up and unbuttoning my shirt.

Hi, I’m just getting ready to start my freshman year in high school, and will be turning fifteen shortly after that. I’m still a virgin, but have just recently discovered what a rush I get, turning a guy on just by letting him look at me. P.S. – There’s going to be an adult (XXX) movie mentioned in this, and the next couple of chapters. I grabbed my tee shirt off the floor and pulled in on over my head. I followed Ricky to his room and watched while he opened one of the drawers in his dresser. After rummaging through it for a moment, he turned, holding out a DVD. I mentally filed that bit of information away for future reference, as well as the location of the drawer he kept them in. I returned to my room, already anticipating what I was sure would be a wonderful masturbation session later that afternoon. I retrieved my panties from the hamper, still wet from our earlier “session”, and dried my pussy again. I put them back in the hamper, and tried to sort out the rest of my day.

She had an expression that was both plea and demand at the same time, but I could see the beginnings of tears in the corners of her slightly tilted eyes. “Motherfucking fuck it.” And as if my speaking broke some kind of spell, I pulled her panties to one side. She was fully erect, uncut, and the same size as me. She curved up at a sharp angle, her head almost touching her lower abdomen. Her balls were of a size with her cock. I reached up and wrapped my thumb and two fingers around her cock, and as I touched her she shivered, and a huge glob of pre-cum leaked out of her. I hesitated for a moment, then licked it off. She moaned loudly. I opened my mouth and she leaned forward slightly, expectantly. I took all of her into my mouth. I gently sucked then moved my head up and down.

Every morning in the coming days, Jeremy used to measure his cock before showering and proceeding his way to work. Whenever at work, he convinced himself his was the biggest cock in Las Vegas. He surfed all the porn sites featuring Las Vegas based porn kings and tried to see if he came anywhere close to their penis’ sizes. Fortunately enough, he did. In no time, the news concerning that ad had scattered everywhere. He overheard his workmates chattering about it. Pete scratched his head, musing in silence. Kane laughed at him. Pete was struck with instant shock. Pete seemed a bit disturbed. If Jeremy happened to wash in the shower with cold water, and his Willie shrunk small in the process, he would become restless with himself. He wished to see it in its natural hugeness every second. He often touched it to check if it was still there–safe and sound, even while seated inside a public bus on his way to work.