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Date: November 21, 2019

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A multi-millionaire who wanted a high class woman would lower himself to save a little bit of money to fuck a girl off of Craig’s List. This pissed me off so I started talking to her by email to find out who she was. We traded twitter Id’s then Facebook accounts and we fast became friends once she knew that I was doing the same things she was. Tom said, “So what happened at this meeting? Farah said, “Well, it was kinda cool actually. We both seemed to come from very similar backgrounds other than she was a run away. She told me she had a system of actually drugging her John’s and then video-taping them pretending to have sex with her so she could blackmail them later. It was kinda ingenious you know Agent Murphy. It was much better than the way I was blackmailing my sugar daddies that’s for sure.

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Nice way to begin the weekend, she thought. Later that afternoon Mark had Joan dress in her little short sundress sans thong this time and they went out for an early dinner at a local beach bar. Sunday’s in late season were somewhat slow with most customers either older couples or golfing groups in the resort for a few days. Joan was one of the few younger women there and her revealingly clad body garnered plenty of attention from others. Mark enjoyed showing her off and he knew that Joan got aroused by her state of nakedness and the lascivious attention she received from the mostly male crowd. Sunday arrived with bright sun and a gentle breeze. Mark served a light breakfast of croissants and fresh fruit on the balcony with both of them seated naked at the small patio table. Neighbors were about and some walked nearby on the way to the beach but no one seemed to notice or mind the nude couple seated on the beach house balcony..

Mike: He is much older than me, in his early 40’s and it just kinda led up to it over a long time. How far have you gone with him? Mike stopped typing and stared out of the window for a minute. Me: Sorry, that’s too personal, you don’t have to answer that. Mike: It’s OK, I really like the guy but I guess it went further than it should with him. We did everything. First he gave me the most amazing BJ and then I returned the favour and over quite a few times and after quite a bit of drink, I let him fuck me. I’m not gonna say I didn’t enjoy it, cos I did, and we have done it a few times since, but I suppose I shouldn’t have really gone that far with him. Me: Cos of his age? Mike: You could say that yes!

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