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For a little, far-fetched while, he removes his massive and fully-jammed and replete penis out of me to stroke and caress it adequately and tenderly just before my not-yet-fully-pleased-and-made-happy vulva itself. It is an eye-catching and spectacular thing indeed. He jerks and yanks his big John Thomas with his own hands before my very own private eyes, staring gravely and acutely at his oversize dong while slinking a glance at me every little once in a while. Then he tells me, “Set your vagina far and wide ajar. I want to gorge and fill it up with my own cum and jism. Do it before I come. I do like I am ordered and charged to; I position my fingers on my sex and open its rims and flanges broadly and far more extensively and widely apart. Deep inside it, it is all flushed pink and roseate and to some faded extent reddish. It is all so drenched and dripping and bathed and doused with Stian’s cum itself.

” Elenore asked with a playful tone in her voice. That settled it, I pushed dildo into me as quickly as I could. The metal was cold as it entered me, or maybe not as cold as usual. Could it be true that I was close enough for the sword to detect the presence of Carmen Elisa? When I got enough of the dildo inside me it became animated. The metal dildo twisting in a fashion impossible for any real cock that ever have entered my sex. I enjoyed the feeling as I pushed more and more of the dildo into me. It seemed impossible that my poor little pussy would fit the metal dildo, but by now I trusted the magic and kept pushing more of it into me even if it felt like I would tear apart. Finally I took all of it into me and felt the strange sensation as the sword turned into magic cock.

Jim takes Kathy back to the sex shop. AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a continuing sexual story. It may have some rough sex and should not be read by people not into that type of sex. It’s not for everyone, pain, humiliation and other sex acts used to degrade a person it not for everyone. If this turns you on I’m happy but please don’t try any of this on unwilling partners. With the help of Frank and his wife Sue I had come up with a plan to get my wife into a compromising position so I could get a divorce. Little did I realize that my wife Kathy, had come up with her own plan to show me how wrong I was about her. With Frank and Sue’s help she had actually set me up not only proving to me she loved me but was more than happy to be more than a sex toy like Sue was to Frank.

Sometimes, maybe once a week, he would take a dump on me too. I cleaned up, went home and nobody noticed anything. After a while, Danny seemed to become bored with the “standard procedure” and he became experimental. First, he told me to address him as “Master”. I felt unsure about that, but after all, it was just the way it was, so I did. From now on, every time he told me to do something, I had to reply with “Yes, Master”. Every time he pissed on me I had to reply with “Thank You, Master”, and every time I dared to ask something, I first had to go down on my knees and kiss his feet. Maybe that would be humiliating, but after you have been used as a human toilet you don’t have any problem with kissing someone’s feet. He actually had nice feet. My master’s experiments usually circled around the “shit-department”. He didn’t shit directly on my face anymore, he took a dump on the bathroom floor and I had to eat it without using my hands. Or he dumped his shit into a bowl and I had to eat it like a dog.

They were well used too since I had been thinking of nothing else that day myself. They were soaked with my own cum and even the crusty stuff was dissolving in my saliva and sliding down my throat. He sat on my hips and slapped the shit out of my tits until I was sobbing constantly. He had never treated me like that before and it scared me and it excited me all at the same time. I felt completely helpless and his mercy. He untied my feet from the posts at the bottom of the bed and retied them over my head. Then he fucked my asshole for the very first time and it hurt like hell. It hurt worse than when he first took my original virginity. He was too big and he tore me enough to cause pain, some bleeding, and to make it sting for several days afterwards.

With no windows and a second closed door, it was pretty clean. There it was….a big bed. We found some candles and lit two. We found a blanket in a drawer that was all clean and spread it on the bed. ….My sisters giggled and attack me. I of course, didn’t resist much. Off came our clothes and they started playing with my dick. We now had a place to get naked and play our sex games. I loved to feel their little tits and suck on them. They turned and put their pussy’s by my face for me to lick them. ‘699’ we called it. This was the most secret fun we had so far. We didn’t really have to be quiet and we all talked hot sex talk to arouse us all. My sisters were pretty wild and liked to hold me down and take turns rubbing their clits in my face. I was their personal fuck toy….but we didn’t fuck….yet. It was playing, orgasms and jack offs for now. …Did I want to fuck my two sisters? ….of course I did. Did they want to fuck me?

We returned from our honey moon after a long three weeks time and my husband went to Delhi after a week on our return. For your information, he works there in a MNC as marketing head. I spent most of my time with my in-laws and never felt any time that I am new in this home. You all know that I am a very sexy girl (now married woman) and I can not myself away from sex for a long time. My days were busy with my in-laws but nights were very long without my husband. I was away from my husband for about two weeks and we used to speak over phone daily in the night for hours. We used to talk very sexy and we used to make each other hot and horny over phone that some time we both have satisfied ourselves at different ends by using our hands.

But now that I thought of it, I was hungry. That settled the matter, it was lunch time. However, that was when I noticed Kiki was splattered in chocolate. Her ass was covered in it, and there were traces, probably finger marks, all over her. Once you looked closely, you could also see that Jade was also lightly glazed, but it didn’t show so much with her coloring. Lesbian scenes usually generate much less mess than straight scenes, no cum to splatter over the girls. It looks like the director wanted to make up for that in this scene. I looked at some chocolaty hand prints on Kiki’s boobs and licked my lips. She offered me the chance to lick it up, but said she really had to be getting into the shower, so I couldn’t take long doing it. If I’d done that much longer, I might have changed my idea of the priorities of sex vs food. I should have licked it off her pussy as well, but then we’d never have got lunch.

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´t realize that, i think. I felt a bit bad later that i looked so frozen at him. As soon as the first underwear hit the floor, he went after it and started collecting up my lingerie. I was a bit shamed that i looked that way at him and could not say “please stop collecting” to him. He packed it in the box as he saw the outstanding thong which grabbed his attention. It was very embarrassing for me, this moment. Just reached for the last lingerie as Mr.Lenz came down. Weeks passed by and i came from the first stress in a new flat finally to rest. In this time i acquainted Robert better. He always lived at his parents apartment and helped his dad doing his job. But has an incredibel willing to work. 46 years old and still collecting lego (this is no joke). Very courteous even not very smart but a very nice man. But what he can´t keep his eyes off, are my breast.