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“You are you, if there were three of you, I wouldn’t be giving you so much attention,” he said running his fingers down the sides of her belly. Bentlee looked half excited, half scared. His fingers dropped further and further until I saw them lift a bit and his thumbs dip into her shortest of shorts. She exhaled harshly. She was holding her breadth for his fingers’ whole journey down her sides. Slowly, he pushed more and more, dropping her shorts and panties further down her hips. All I could do was bask in the indescribably scared shitless face on that little girl. He pushed harder and harder until the fabric was forced under her sitting butt cheeks. After that, he had smooth access up her legs and past her socks to the ground. Bentlee was a doll in his arms as he pulled her feet back to slowly peel off her socks. Soon enough, she was completely naked.

He worshiped my young budding body, he kissed me all over, and he made love to me much better than the younger boy had and much better than he even does to his own wife. I told her things that he had done to me that he had never done to her before. I could feel her jealousy. That summer each week I had a different son, husband, or neighbor make love to me but never the same man twice. The women in my ‘Stitch and Bitch Club’ wanted me to get experiences that they themselves had never experienced. I had small cocks and I had big cocks, I had thin men and I had heavy men, and I had short men and I had tall men too. I even learned to enjoy gentle anal sex. I had sex with mostly white men but I did have sex with a black man once and with three women that had paid to have sex with me. When school started that fall I had plenty of money for clothes, makeup, and to get my hair done. Quickly I was a huge hit around school. The other girls in my freshman class could hardly believe it when I was asked to go to the ‘Fall Festival Dance’ by a senior boy. His older brother was the one that took my virginity.

All lust sated, we discussed the next step. Were they up for more in a long-term relationship with us? It was a very definite, yes. Then we would like to exchange full names addresses. We found that they lived just over 10 miles away from us; they were a real find. We told them that we were quite happy to pay their travelling costs for this weekend as they had had to travel fifty miles to ensure their anonymity in this first meeting. We would also like to take them to our home and ensure one day of complete privacy, and anything goes with anyone. We were offering sexual freedom without having to worry about noise, or clothes. They could then really appreciate what we were about to offer them in terms of sexual experiences. They agreed. We managed a short sleep and then we took them home and indulged in a good fuck-fest, Brian even managed to enjoy both Pat and Jean, but I knew he wanted to do all three.

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Here is some more of my story. Alicia is 17 and a virgin. She said, “Cheryl I finger myself every night and dream that it is you doing it. Will you do it for me for real? ” I said, “Alicia I have fantasized sex with you ever since I met you. I didn’t know then that I was bisexual. I will suck your cunt for me.” Alicia asked, “Cheryl can I try to suck your cunt first? I want to see what your cunt tastes like.” I didn’t answer when she sucked me. After she gave me an orgasm we hugged and kissed in bed with our fingers in each other’s vagina finger fucking to another orgasm. It seems I have many orgasms. I rarely have an orgasm when John and I have sex, about once a month. I always have one with a girl. John almost never has an orgasm when I suck his prick.

He grinned at her look of consternation and distress. “How did you get over here? What happened to my clothes? ” she asked. “Andy, what’s going on? “It worked,” he said simply. “Yeah, but my clothes? ” she asked, sounding near to tears. “What else did you make me do? “I didn’t make you do anything, Ashley. You’re still a virgin, I promise. We didn’t even kiss. I just asked you some questions, and you answered them. “How long was I out? ” she asked, then looked at the clock. It was less than five minutes. “Oh yes, it would have been much longer,” he smiled. “Several hours, at least. With someone as sexy as you are, I would have definitely taken more time and enjoyed myself! “You think I’m sexy? ” Ashley asked, grinning. “Nobody has ever told me that before! ” She was still hiding her near nudity behind her arms, but she relaxed a little. “Ashley, if you weren’t my sister, you would not be a virgin right now,” he said truthfully. “It wouldn’t have been rape,” she whispered, blushing.

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He started thrusting the full length of the pole in me now. He would pull out till just the head was in me and then thrust forward. With each passing minute he was moving faster, just as I had done to my previous girlfriends. I was playing with my cock a little, but it felt so good even without that stimulation. He pulled out of me. I started to protest and tell him I wanted more when he laid down next to me. “Get on top now” he demanded. “I know you are really my bitch when you do the work yourself! I quickly straddled him and reached behind myself for his dick and guided it to my hole. I pushed myself down on it and the whole 9 inches went inside of me. I was possessed now. I wanted him in me as deep as possible. I kept bouncing on his cock for another 10 minutes and I loved every second of it.

“Oh you feel good,” were the only words Steve could force through his clenched lips. “Hold it deep for a minute before you start to fuck me,” Beth responded. For several seconds, neither Steve nor Beth moved. Finally the churning in Steve’s balls could no longer be ignored. “I’ve got cum,” he said. “Hold on.” Steve began to fuck deeply into Beth’s ass, his cock coming completely out of her anal chute before he plunged back in, burying it to the hilt. Heather was overwhelmed by the sight and had unconsciously moved her hand down to her clitoris and was slowly massaging the tender bud through the material of her clothes. Her pussy was wet and she when she realized what was happening, she quickly stopped her masturbation to devote her attention to the spectacular scene playing out before her eyes. Beth’s body was rocking in counter motion to Steve, meeting each of his pounding thrusts.

There was no denying that the aura of the magic cock had left her wet but like always there was no help for the monstrous size of the demon cock. She literally felt every inch that invaded her and I could not help thinking that it was not just the magic, most probably I was actually raping a virgin. The joy if the sex was disturbed as I heard a person entering the other half of the confession box. Somebody had come to take Lady Netter’s confession! I was buried deep inside her with her upper body hanging down dangling since I held her by the hips as I humped her sex. Cecile herself was thus looking upside down at the window between the two confession boxes opening. “I am sister Elenore that have come to hear your confession since the father is occupied,” I heard Elenore say. I felt a wave of relief. The soldiers must have became impatient and went looking for the priest.